How to start buying stocks

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How do you start investing in stocks that’s a question many people come across at some point in their life and so many people never do anything because they don’t know how to simply get started so i created this video as literally how do you start investing in stocks i want to share with you guys how you get started today has no subscribers thank you so much for

Joining me today on the financial education channel so today i’m doing a video which is how to start investing in stocks and this is literally how to start investing in stocks so i’m not going to talk about fundamentals and what you should look at and the p/e ratios balance sheets blah blah blah i’m not going to talk about that kind of stuff in this video i talked

A little bit about it and key to investing that video i did and i’m going to talk more into depth about things to look for when making an investment in a future video that i’m probably going to do at the end of this week so this video is about literally how do you start investing in stock specifically so step number one you need to do and how to start buying stocks

Step number one set up a brokerage account now you can set up a brokerage account through many different companies fidelity td ameritrade scottrade um charles schwab there’s tons of them out there online brokerages that charge you like seven dollars and 95 cents a trade so each time you buy a stock you pay seven dollars and ninety nine cents to them most companies

It’s that price now it doesn’t matter if you buy a thousand stocks or one stock you pay that seven ninety nine feet so you need to set up a brokerage account it’s similar to setting up like a bank account in that you’re going to need to provide them your social security number your full name your last name you know your birth date all that fun stuff and you’re going

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To link that with your checking account or savings account that way you can move money into your brokerage account from your checking account your savings account things like that or vice versa money out of your courage account that hopefully you made back into your checking or savings account that’s step number one step number two and i kind of didn’t include it

This all will just kind of say it’s step number one and a half think about big companies that you might be interested in investing in maybe you drink cocoa all the time you want to look into coca-cola stock or the company and buying stock in that maybe you eat a burrito at chipotle every day and you’re like i got out friggin check out this chipotle i want to buy

Stock in this because i spend so much money here all the time it’s packed so think about a company that you use a lot in your life it’s a big company and then go on to step number two and start researching about it in investor relations so you’ll actually go to their website like you know coca-cola calm or whatnot go scroll to the bottom of the page and there’ll

Be a link that says investor relations when you click on investor relations you’ll have a whole menu of things pop up there that say like webcast presentations or financial reports things like that you don’t want to click on the financial reports and you’re going to want to start reading the 10k which is a filing every huge corporation every public company i should

Say files every year and it’s going to describe the whole company their processes what they’re looking for in the upcoming year what they did the past year for revenue blah blah blah it’s going to talk about everything in that 10k that is the first thing you’re going to want to read and rate then in there when you’re reading through that 10k you will know if you’re

Cut out for investing or not because if you were just bored out of your mind and you’re just like i can’t read this investing is not for you because investing you need to read read read read read and research so write that in there you will know i’m made for this investing and it’s not just a dream or you know forget this crap so that’s the first thing read the 10k

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Next thing you’ll want to read is what’s called the 10 q and that’s going to be the you want to read the latest 10 q they publish the company so look at the dates and see which ones latest they published you want to want to read that because that’s going to talk about the last three months the company had and what they saw in their business and what they did for

Revenue all those kinds of things so you’re going to want to read that ten q after that after that you’re going to want to watch their last presentation they did to investors companies always are doing presentations for investors most companies do four or five presentations a year where they have slideshows and whatnot you want to click on that and watch that on

Your computer and listen to the ceo see how you trust him all those kinds of things and then lastly what you’re going to want to do is listen to the last conference call they had each company at the end of the quarter has a conference call and that’s going to be extremely important to listen to because when you listen to that you’re going to be able to pick up on

Natural human cues that you can’t really pick up on if you’re just reading from a piece of paper you’ll be able almost tell okay you know how optimistic are they things like that you’ll be able to pick up on those cues after that you will want to do more research now what you’re gonna want to research is going to run a research on google and you’re going to want to

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Type in you know cola or whatever company chipotle and you want to hit the news button on google and then just read all the latest type of news articles and whatnot that are written about that company you’re going to pick up on a lot of great stuff positive and negative and you’re going to want to research and look up what short-sellers so people that are negative

On that company what they’re saying it’s always important to listen to both sides and give both sides respect that way you know where both sides are coming from because if you’re just listening to a bunch of people that are pro that stock that think that stocks going to the moon then you’re doing it wrong you want to also listen to the short sellers and there’ll

Be to be a lot of short seller articles and they’re going to be more for other companies and certain companies so read into those google as much as you can read read read read read so that is literally how you start investing those three steps or what you’re going to take and in a later video like i said i’m going to get into details on what you should look for

In what makes a good investment a good investment a good you know projected investment at least you can say so i think you guys so much for watching this day i hope this was helpful leave a comment you know if this was very helpful to you and you’re thinking about starting to invest in stocks and that’s something you’re interested in and thumb it up if you really

Like this video if you haven’t subscribed you may want to we talked a lot about stocks about financial markets and ton about personal finance which today this video is kind of almost personal finance related and on fridays i always talk personal finance on fridays you never want to miss that thanks guys so much for watching and have a great day

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How to start buying stocks By Financial Education

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