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What’s going on you guys so today we’re going to be unboxing the leger nano s and showing you how to set it up for the first time if you have a sizable amount of money invested in any cryptocurrencies i would highly recommend looking at a hardware wallet like the ledger nano s in order to protect yourself and keep your coins offline you also want to make sure that

The ledger nano s comes in a cellophane sealed package otherwise it may have been tampered with you will be controlling the legend nos with these two buttons on top did you notice there is no anti tampering sticker on this box a cryptographic mechanisms x the integrity of your ledger device internal software each time it is powered on the secure element chip

Prevents any interception or physical replacement attempt ledger devices are engineered to be tamper proof the first step is to go to start ledger wallet calm and follow the instructions to configure your new ledger nano s as part of this setup you will be recording a 24 word recovery phrase write down your recovery phrase on this sheet 24 words will be displayed

On your device when it is initialized make sure to copy each word below it is a full backup of your accounts and configuration it is very important to keep this offline do not scan a copy on to your computer do not take any photos of this and do not share this piece of paper with anyone keep it in a safe place and keep it offline the box also contains a usb cable

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And miscellaneous lanyards to hold on to the device you will need to connect the ledger nano s to your computer via the usb cable provided if the connection is successful you will be greeted with a welcome screen on the display you are going to want to configure the leger nano s as a new device so go ahead and select yes at this point you will enter a four digit

Pin code that you will confirm on the next screen again do not share this with anyone and do not store it on a computer if you store any of your secure information online it defeats the purpose of having an offline wallet for your cryptocurrencies at that point you might as well just leave your cryptocurrencies sitting inside the exchange at this point you’re going

To write down the 20 forward recovery phrase on the paper provided after confirming your phrase you will get a notification that your device is now ready by default you can store aetherium and bitcoin on the ledger wallet you can add other cryptocurrencies as well such as litecoin now we are going to finish the setup on your computer so navigate to the website

And select the ledger nano s from the product list we have already completed the first three steps step number four is to install ledger apps now you are going to open up the app select the cryptocurrency on the ledger nano s and double-click the buttons in order to allow the device to connect once the ledger has connected successfully you will have to select the


Etherium chain to use for most people this will be e th e theorem not to et c e theorem classic you can select e th and then check the box to remember my choice at this point your aetherium wallet is all setup and you can click the button to view your qr code or unique address to receive ethereum you are going to follow the same exact steps to set up your ledger

Wallet for bitcoin however this time you have to choose which bitcoin chain you want to use and for most of us this will be bitcoin not bitcoin cash now you have to choose your address type after your wallet synchronizes you will be brought to the page where you can send and receive bitcoin and your wallets are officially all set up you can now safely store your

Cryptocurrencies offline without worrying about anyone hacking or stealing them and remember if you guys are interested in purchasing a ledger nano s wallet i do have a link in the description below it is an affiliate link and your use of that link helps support the channel and my work thank you guys for watching this video and i hope you have a great rest of your day

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HOW TO STORE BITCOIN ON A LEDGER NANO S (Hardware Wallet) By Ryan Scribner

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