How to Tell if Someone is Rich

Sometimes you just want to know if someone is rich or not.

How’s it going everybody this is peter bush today i’m going to talk about how you can tell if someone is rich or not most of the time you just kind of want to know you’re just a little bit nosy or maybe if you are a gold digger then yeah this might be helpful to find out today i’m going to go over 10 signs that may indicate their wealth keep in mind that not one

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Car a nice handbag or jewelry or watch or whatnot but most of these things could actually be purchased on credit even for a nice house you could be renting this so you don’t really really know for sure the more subtle signs that someone is rich could very well be if they have very clear skin very nice white teeth because after all you have to eat well and in order

To get nice white teeth or straight teeth you have to pay a lot to the dentist eating well is actually not that cheap all the organic stuff they’re quite expensive you know what’s cheap though is if you buy fast food it’s like a dollar or two and you fill up your stomach already they order appetizers and drinks all the time and when they go to a restaurant they


Don’t even look at the price this may indicate they are very wealthy because after all a meal may cost very little compared to their entire net worth they buy ski season passes have you seen how expensive they are you know what’s even more expensive if you stay at the ski resort at the ski place if they go to those yeah they’re pretty wealthy if they do leisurely

Activities during the weekday this is a really big indicator because most people have to work full time think of reading a book in the afternoon at a park or other leisurely activities like surfing during the weekday again this is an indicator it could also indicate they are unemployed so you have to take a bunch of these indicators together to see if they are

Really wealthy one thing i’ve noticed with wealthier people is that they tend to integrate more swearing into their vocabulary here’s a swearing versus income chart the lower income you are the more you tend to swear but then as you become more educated or like middle class educated then you tone down your swearing quite a bit if you get really wealthy you have

A disregard for swearing i guess you want to express yourself more express your anger you probably have to combine this with a choice of words so if you swear along with using high vocabulary then oh okay yeah this person definitely is rich if they spend money in order to save time i think this is a huge indicator why because the more you spend in order to save

Let’s say one hour of time the more you value your time usually however much you value your time corresponds to how much it really actually is worth or it’s going to be worth you’re willing to spend fifty dollars to save one hour of your time to maybe have someone mow the lawn instead but then you have this really wealthy person that goes okay i’m gonna spend 500

In order to save one hour of my time maybe they don’t want to spend one hour of their time hunting around for a cheaper flight because this one hour of time is more important to them they can use this one hour time to earn way more than 500 so why spend that time hunting around doing all these airfare tips and tricks type of thing poor people want to look rich and

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The way to do this is to buy luxury goods with a big fat logo on the front on the surface it probably works for most people if you wear brand name stuff other people recognize it and then treat you better accordingly because they think you’re rich but actual rich people are more subtle than this yes they can afford the luxury goods so they will buy the electric

Goods but they don’t want to flash it around so they’re gonna buy more subtle things that does not actually have the logo splayed everywhere if you are a rich person well first in certain brands then you’re gonna still recognize those items as luxury goods still even with all those logos hidden i would say rich people probably don’t want the attention they don’t

Want to get robbed if you forget paychecks this is a huge indicator as well because most people are living paycheck to paycheck if you are able to forget one or three paychecks they just kind of pile up in your drawer of course these days people don’t forget paychecks they just do direct deposit right but if you just don’t really keep track you’re just working there

Just for the fun of it then yeah you probably are pretty rich if a person ever gives any indication that they’re like oh what we’re getting paid they don’t keep track of when they get paid well this is a huge indicator they may be rich if you are never working it’s like you don’t know what they actually do they’re just on instagram they’re just having fun all the

Time throughout the year they are probably rich but you have to be careful of this because some people on instagram they would try to collect a bunch of photos from one single thing that they did on a weekend somewhere and then they slowly trickle out all these pictures making it seem like they are on vacation non-stop so you really have to observe whatever they do

They are locationally different from week to week indicating that they are indeed going from one place to another doing this takes a lot of money so if they’re able to do this then okay well they’re probably pretty well off sometimes you might hang out with other people and you might be doing something very expensive to you so it might be kind of like a special

Occasion type thing if you’re eating king crab caviar kobe beef or whatnot and they are not just floored by how good it tastes in other words they’ve had it multiple times before that’s another indicator that they may be very wealthy another one is if you have no case on your phone are you a no case type of person it’s either that you are crazy you like to live

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Life on the edge or you are rich you might really want to use a particular phone with its original design intent because when you add a case to it it might just be a little bulkier you never see the two colors of how beautiful it is sometimes but for a really wealthy person you might just have this thing okay if it breaks it breaks you can just repair it for a

Couple hundred bucks it’s no big deal so if you have that kind of mentality yeah you’re probably rich you can afford a few hundred dollars just playing around another indicator is if you are almost excessively polite if you are poor you don’t have time you are rushing back and forth between work and you don’t have time to be polite but when you are rich and you

Have a lot of time you just kind of scroll around and everything is great of course you’re in a good mood but if you’re looking for your next paycheck you are in debt it’s kind of stressful and then it just kind of comes out that way perhaps this parasite movie quote explains it best when you’re rich it’s much easier to be generous i really think this is true of

Course on any single instance you could very well have someone that’s very nice they just happen to be in a very good mood but they’re not wealthy but all of this is always kind of like a generality it’s not always true but it’s generally true and if you add it in with all these other indicators then you can go oh yeah this person you know i’m like 99.9 sure they

Are pretty well off if you fly everywhere with very short notice especially maybe you have rich relatives and they do this on a dime maybe there’s a wedding funeral or something happen right and then they fly across the world if they look well rested that’s probably because they flew first class and they slept on the plane short notice airfare and especially first

Class short notice airfare are very expensive like 10 20k and if you can afford this yeah you are pretty wealthy i hope you guys enjoy this sometimes you just you’re just nosy you want to know if they are wealthy or not thank you for watching this video don’t forget to give me a like and subscribe for more you

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