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Sure you guys an example we’ll plan today but you have to have a discipline trading plan you have to have rules you have to have just like the gym you can’t go to the gym and workout and they go home and eat all the stuff that you know mr. goyal was talking about so checks out so one of the first things when it comes down to the psychology that you guys but they have

To understand is you have to be okay with losing right you got to realize this that you could lose two trades out of ten but if you’re winning the eight you’re still going to be profitable that’s right when it comes down to your trading where i’m going to be teaching you guys over the next day to is how to get very precise entry so when you win a trade you’re let’s

Say i’m gonna give you guys examples of risk reward when you win a trade you’re trading out a 1 to 8 right one day it means whatever you’re risking here to make 8 times that much money right does that make sense yes yes yes yeah and i’ll show you guys an example of this elbow going but when we’re trading at these high risk reward ratios you could be wrong 66% of

The time and you’ll still always be in profit because of the ratio right i’ll give you an example the first month all steady we lost three trades those three trades were 20 pips each right we want 40 trays those 14 trades were a minimum of 130 pips each right well so what i want you guys understand is you could lose and be fine with it but if you’re following your

Rules you’re always going to be able to make one right on your charts you guys need crazy charts right yeah you have 30 indicators you get what we call paralysis analysis one things telling you to sell one things telling you to buy it doesn’t work out right if you might have a great rate but if you let all these things clutter your charts it’s not gonna have a good

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Time right another thing overtraining you know most traders will never become successful or make profits in the long term because if they’re trading too much right when it comes down to over trading you should have set rules and guidelines how much money you want to make or how many pips you want to catch or whatever imma show you guys an example of mine when you

First come into trading you want to make money fast right you’re greedy you’re emotional you want to just make money now down now right you’re like a crackhead it’s funny girls laughing but it’s relatable right like they found it um you know you hop out of a train just make $2 right twenty dollars two hundred dollars whatever you make and then you’re right back into

The market for more right that’s the the wrong type of mindset right professional traders the best position you could be in when it comes down to trading is no position right because trade is all about protecting your capital when you’re gonna trade you’re not protecting your capital right it’s all about slow steady consistent growth a lot of us are in that getting

Rich quick type of mindset and the reason why is because we’re we’re looking for those quick trades right so a lot of us have scalped right losing scalping all right so what i’m going to tell you is that no professional trade no long-term successful trader is gonna be scalping because what happens is you’re gonna go on a little little run right you go on a little

Run yo i just made $500 scalping you know i took 50 trades blah blah blah and then that fifty first trade is i’m just gonna take you out right how’s that happen any of you guys right so and it hurts to talk about but you guys ought to be able to talk about it because this is how trading works you go at a certain point if you don’t master your discipline and have to

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Set guidelines and rules like on we teach you guys training can be a very dark mental emotional place right because you’re losing money then you get greedy and you get the i gotta make my money back mindset right revenge trading and yeah the gambling right so what you guys gotta realize is that gambling is just luck right what we’re doing is we’re doing calculated

Risk when it comes down to trade you should know every trade you take how much you’re risking and how much you’re gonna gain every trader i take i know exactly i have something i’m gonna lose or how much i’m gonna win right allah to you when you comes down with scalping there’s no there’s no risk you know you’re entering a trade you’re hoping for a couple pips

There’s no stop-loss which is you know the worst possible thing and then you know your account just blows up right i don’t know if you guys are watching the chart but you know there have been elections in london right the gbp pairs small spikes of movement a lot of people were selling those pairs and what do you think happens when you’re selling something you have

No stop-loss and it goes to the move you’re gonna lose majority of your money right so when he comes out to what i want you guys to understand is that you don’t want to have too much clutter right i know mr. novoa talked about flutter earlier some of you guys said your house their flood or whatever it is right you don’t want your charts to be cluttered right like

Looking at this there’s nothing on it the way we trade is we trade with nothing on it too many indicators to mean distractions i’ll tell you this indicators don’t work right they took how many times that you guys looked at the rsi or something and it says it’s over bob or oversold then you sell it or buy it it just keeps on going the other way right it’s it’s all

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Bs because whatever i watch you guys realize about the trading industry is is this you guys know the cashflow quadrant right there’s a capital project you got the employees you got the self-employed people yeah but then this order to send the investors right so you know that 95% of the people the population they live over here and they have my percent of the money

Right so on this side you know that 5% of the world’s population is over here they make 95% of all the money right the trading world works the same way you guys we are considered retail traders right retail traders and then you have any other guys who are like the banks and the institution and stuff like that right what you guys have to realize is that in this

World or this huge category we control barely any of the money in the market right six point six trillion dollars a day money being moved around you guys don’t necessarily control any of that neither do i right but the banks may have a 5% of the population they have all the money in rotation so what you got to realize is that the the basic forex education that’s out

There it’s a complete scam right and i’m gonna explain why the basic education is put out by the banks right and what you got to realize is that it’s a game then their goal is to make money to take your money right so what you gotta realize is that you have to learn how the five percenter training right because online all these courses they teach you how the 95%

Of the pekin training right 95% of people that trade forex never make any money and they don’t make any money because they’re not taught the proper way to trading right so when you stop trading the way everybody else is trading and you become coachable right you get to become this top 5% right and make top 5% money and i’m gonna show you guys i’m here a little bit

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