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How to play the collect and win Monopoly game from Safeway/Albertsons/Vons/Pavillions with minimal effort. I show you which pieces are rare or semi-rare so you can just play it with minimal effort UNTIL you get a good piece. At that point, you should try very hard to get the other pieces to claim your prize.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today we’re going to talk about how to win at one of these collect and win monopoly games the way these things work is that you collect couple pieces for property and then if you match them all up you’ll win that prize various types of these games have gone on such as the ones from mcdonald’s where you buy fries or

Something and then you get up you get two pieces per large fry and then you collect maybe like two or three or four properties and then you win that prize thing is you can actually win in these games because i played this thing about four times this is the four time and the three other times from mcdonald’s and in that game i actually won a xbox game or something

I didn’t really want it was like madden 2000 something i just kind of sold it it was $80 that’s kind of like more than i ever ate at mcdonald’s for that year now let’s just talk about how to win at one of these for this incarnation of the for me so i go to safeway to get these game pieces this is played in the united states and there’s about 28 different prizes it

Goes from a through z and then the last two is the biggest prizes it’s a $1,000,000 and a half million dollar home so the reason i have to explain this is because i saw a lot of suspicious options on ebay and those things are going for like $1000 $10,000 for what they claim is a rare ticket now unless that’s the only ticket you don’t have you’re not gonna go around

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Buying that ticket i really suggest you don’t buy it unless that’s your really the last ticket that you need actually when i researched the ticket that they’re selling is actually the second to the last most rare to get so it’s not the actual ticket that would make you win so you may actually buy if you have all the other tickets including the rare as one which

They may only issue one or two of and you’re just missing that 70 rare piece which i don’t recommend you to buy right away because there’s planning of ways to get cheaper tickets for one you can actually buy them in bulk for 75 cents or so each but you really shouldn’t do that you can you can probably just buy a prada at safeway and get a ticket you can get them

For like 50 cents if you buy like some really low priced item so on forums online you can actually find out which pieces are the rarest just from based on the community of people saying oh i have these pieces i’m miss finding these and so if you take the intersection on all these people most likely the last missing piece is the rarest piece the interesting thing is

If you’re the company hosting this game you may not actually have to shell out all the money for every single prize because sometimes a prize may be given out somewhere and someone just didn’t claim it someone just grabbed this ticket they don’t really play this game and so maybe they toss it in the trash or something and then it never gets claimed so the actual

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Prize awarded could be a lot less than the total amount of the prizes that they’re really gonna give and i suspect that they may actually keep a small amount of the actual prize money to give away and the rest of it if it goes over a certain amount it would be insured by some company so how do you really win at this well i would just buy whatever you normally buy

And just collect it and play if you don’t play it you’re not gonna win yes it takes a little time to put all these little squares on here from me playing it seems to be paying off because me playing it you know this is my first time i did win something and it’s it’s kind of fun actually for me to collect these and i kind of enjoy doing this so if you happen to be

Playing this game let me just tell you which pieces are rare and semi rare okay so let’s just go from a to z and then i’ll show you which ones are rare and semi rare rare semi rare rare semi rare rare semi rare rare semi rare rare semi rare rare semi where you can see the owlery marked it the one with the dot here is the rare one and the one with the straight line

Of the semi rare rare this b the c one is rare the d1 is rare and the a1 is rare in this g 1c is rare l a is rare m b is rare nd is rare oc is rare pb is rare qc is rare ra is rare sa is rare tc is rare ud is rare v b is rare wc is rare xd is rare y a is rare zb is rare dollar sign h is the rarest so if you get this you want a million dollars dollar sign c is a

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Second rarest one so even if you get the h you still need to find the c and which might be quite hard question mark g is the super rare one if you get this you basically want a home and you just got a hunt for question mark d which will be quite hard to find as well so there you have it that’s the that’s a whole board game so the conclusion of this is that you need

To go and mark your game board and if you happen to find one of the rare pieces then you can make more effort to try and play the game otherwise just collect it as usual buy whatever you do normally and then collect it and if you happen to win great you just try to collect all the other non rare pieces so good luck playing this game i hope you win something let me

Know in the comments if you actually use this method to win anything don’t forget to leave me a comment down below and like this video and subscribe thanks for watching

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