How women in Afghanistan are learning to ski

Travel writer and videographer Tarquin Cooper reports from the mountains above Bamyan in Afghanistan to find out about a project teaching local women how to ski, and the annual Afghan Ski Challenge. The Taliban blew up the giant cliffside Buddhas of Bamyan in 2001.

I like iski guns afghanistan once risky cancer is very very difficult walk up but down my first time i have the job in several province in afghanistan but i like i’m very happy i can come in for a ski i’m working with 50 women in bamiyan and i’m making a woman shop in bamiyan buzzer and taliban in my shop in front of my shop on bicycle boom and moving up the

Mountains it’s ready scott yeah no but i like coming down with a ski i love it we have every year there is a little bit of a mixture so we have some beginners and some nukes also new girls and some girls from previous seasons they are very motivated and they have definitely improved in the last year the community has definitely become more supportive over time

At first you know we could really only take the girls hiking or walking through the mountains and then slowly slowly we were able to kind of introduce them to other sports but originally yes it was really difficult to kind of convince them to send their daughters their mothers their sisters out to do sports

Transcribed from video
How women in Afghanistan are learning to ski By Financial Times

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