HPQ Silicon Issued U.S. Patent For PUREVAP(TM) Quartz Reduction Reactor Technology


Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and you too can join the club at richpixdaily.com where you can learn how to win and trade hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and richpixdaily.com rich tv dot io and we got a pick for you today we brought this pic we interviewed the ceo of this company august 14 2019

When it was at 8 cents this stock went to a dollar 67 was a 20 bagger for our community congratulations to investors and the stocks come back down to 29 cents in canada so it’s still way higher than we first started but we think it’s at a really good level and i’m gonna bring you a lot of reasons why i believe this is a company that everybody needs to put

On their radar everybody needs to put on their watch list in 2019 the price of silicone at that time was 2700 per megaton now the price for one megaton of silicone is ten thousand dollars u.s so i believe everyone needs to put hpq silicone on their radar on their watch list right here right now hpq in canada hpq ff in america put on your radar put on your

Watches we think it could be a big winner and let’s talk about why right here right now exclusively with your boy rich from rich tv live make sure you subscribe now let’s take a look shall we so this is the chart of hpq silicone and you can see here i’m going to mark it up and i’m going to show you the low low and the high high and you can see this thing has

Been as high as 167 and right now it’s sitting right now at the low low that it’s been at for the lowest it’s been in quite some time the lowest it’s been since september of 2020 wow so you can see this is the lowest it’s been since september of 2020 so that’s why we think it’s a good time now to put them on your radar put them on your watch list you can

See the last time it was at the zones and then you can see where it’s at right now and then you can see their high which they actually hit on february 25 of 2021 february 16th of 2021 so let’s just say 13 months ago it hit its high of a dollar 67. it’s right now at 29 cents and the lowest it’s been since september of 2020 so hpq in canada and hpq ff in

America you can see it’s really i believe in a good zone lower than where we even would consider the buy zone it’s it’s at a bottom so we believe that this is a zone that everyone should be aware of and you should put hpq ff on your radar on your watch list in america and hpq in canada we believe this is a very good entry point based on the chart analysis now

Let’s take a look at some other factors including their website hpq silicone.com cost-effective and low-carbon emissions provider of innovative silicone solutions you can see their corporate presentation right on their website latest press releases and you can join their newsletter i’ve joined their newsletter you can also go to their facebook which will

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Go right to their facebook and follow them so we are now following them on facebook and you can also go to their linkedin so this is linkedin and i’m now following on linkedin hpq silicone resources inc you can see here and i can go back to their website from there and you can scroll down and learn more about hpq silicone hpq silicone resources inc is

A tsx venture listed symbol hpq resource company that focuses on becoming a producer of nano silicone materials and nanowires for use in silicone metals applications in diverse global market sectors it’s objective in collaboration with world-class technology partners hpq is working towards demonstrating its unique capacity to be the lowest cost producer of

The advanced silicone material si materials needed for the next generation of lithium ion batteries and then if you scroll down you can get to their news and blogs i’m gonna go through a piece of news that everyone should be aware of and that is what i wanted to show you you can also subscribe to the newsletter and get all the information you’re looking for

Contact information and investor information so that’s the website now i want to show you guys the news hpq silicone issued u.s patent for purevape trademark quartz reduction reactor technology hpq silicon resources inc on the tsx under the symbol hpq and you can see here the symbol in america’s hp qff on the otcqx exchange and in germany under the symbol

Uge an innovative silicone solutions and technology development company pleased to inform the shareholders and that further to our november 29 2021 press release the united states patent trademark office issued u.s patent number 11267 77714 entitled celica too high purity silicon production process to each pq silicone resources inc on march 8 2022 hpq u.s

Patented pure vape trademark qrr process the key to our development and monetized strategy the u.s patent covers the purevape trademark quartz reduction reactor qrr innovative process which permits the one-step transformation of quartz sio into high purity silicon metal up to 4 n plus si the material sought after by battery makers and high value application

Manufacturers at significantly reduced costs energy input and carbon footprint than traditional processes hpq on target to start the pure vape trademark qrr pilot plant hpq purevape trademark qrr disruptive advantages means that not only can it produce a higher purity silicone material than traditional processes in one step but it also does not require the

Extremely pure feedstock needed by conventional processes in fact the process only requires 4.5 mts of raw material to make one empty of silicone versus the six mt required by conventional processes a i believe that’s megatons a 25 reduction which potentially allows a 20 cash cost advantage versus the lowest cost traditional silicone producer since 2015 hpq

Purevac trademark qrr has been at the forefront of disrupting silicone manufacturing and industry that still relies on a traditional process to make silicone first developed in 1899 the u.s patent insurance on our novel new approach to making silicone combined with the end of q1 start at the g3 pure vape trademark qrr pilot plant have cumulated at a opportune

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Time as demand for high purity silicone from the battery and high performance material companies continue to rise just as bottlenecks we had foreseen are now occurring in the silicone supply chain with esg principles playing an active role in material sourcing the world is more aware of the difficulties of securing the esg compliant silicone needed to meet

Its renewable energy goals the reality of product under investment in new technologies combined with the offshoring of silicone production capacity has created a massive opportunity for hpq as its pure vape trademark you are our patent process as we are the only company to bring to market a new process for making silicone that is perfectly suited to the

New demands and realities of the silicone market and you can see right there they’re working very closely with pyrogenesis canada pyr in canada on the tsx and pyr on the nasdaq this is their company deck right here hpq silicone resources strategic silicone solutions powering the clean energy transition and you can see here net zero investment expected to

Reach 6 trillion annually you can see here hpq is developing new processes to make the critical elements necessary for net zero ready to become the lowest cost producer of silicone nanomaterials needed for the renewable energy revolution ready to become the lowest cost producer of pure silicone 99.5 si up to 99.99 si for specialty applications and investment

Highlights developing new technologies and products for a greener future hpq pure silicone initiatives developing strategic silicone solutions for proprietary low-cost transformation technologies transforming celica into higher value products battery sector silicone nitride and more technology is protected by multiple hpq owned patent applications hpq fume

Seleka initiatives developing a proprietary new low-cost green transformation technologies to make fume celica application to a wide range of industries pharmaceuticals agriculture and more technology protected by at least one hpq patent application innovative technologies can support other verticals such as green hydrogen processing measured and achievable

Three-year growth plans for commercializing technologies strong and experienced management team and board supported by technology partner pyrogenesis canada so silicon si or silicon metal is a semiconductor material and the second most abundant element in earth’s crust like all other energy metals lithium graphite cobalt nickel etc it does not exist in its pure

State and is expensive to extract eu declared silicon a critical raw material as a wide range of modern technology depends on it to make various numbers of industrial or consumer products silicon demand to reach 3.8 million tons worth us 10 billion by 2025. so silicon challenges our hpq opportunities silicone market is right for the development of disruptive

Technologies hpq strategic silicone solution initiatives focused on developing these disruptive technologies hpq first disruptive technology low-cost 4n 99.9 silicone so you can see what the value proposition and the develop and monetization opportunities are innovation and incubators hpq silicone resources divisions and subsidiaries and products of interest

The addressable market estimated by 2025 3 million mts i believe that’s megatons worth about usd 10 billion dollars growing at a cagr compound annual growth rate of 13 2021 market estimated at a market of 8.9 us billion dollars battery material estimated market demand for 200 000 megatons by 2030 estimated by 2022 424 000 megatons worth about usd 2.2 billion

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Dollars so huge market opportunity that hpq silicone is a part of and that’s why i believe everyone needs to put them on their radar put them on their watch list and be aware of the general market environment for silicone as evolved to hpq advantages the last time we spoke about hpq was in 2019 2020 when it was actually at i believe i think it was at between

Four to eight cents at that time when we started talking about it it went as high as 1.67 you can see here their disruptive technologies all the different projects they’re involved with and they’re also partnered with a nasdaq listed company pyr so be aware of pyrogenesis and their partnership with pyrogenesis demand for the material hpq is producing is going

Up every day and that is even taking into consideration the demand for hpq silicone from the batteries market how much the company has de-risked itself with having more than one vertically to develop because they are involved in many different verticals as you can see here so all these different verticals is what makes them very special because they’re involved

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On rich tv live but in saying that we believe this is company that is working with pyrogenesis that’s on the nasdaq you can see their management board and others what do you guys think if you like the video smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere this is rich from risk to be live and you can also go to rich pigs daily where you can

Talk about companies like hpq silicone and chat with other members in our community about stocks and trending topics like hpq silicone and anyone can join our membership and just literally talk about stocks you can see all their contact information feel free to contact the company if you guys have any questions if you’re a current investor or you would like

To potentially invest in the stock or in the company feel free to directly contact the company you can see they are public fully transparent and thank you guys for watching this is rich from rich to be live and i’m out you

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HPQ Silicon Issued U.S. Patent For PUREVAP(TM) Quartz Reduction Reactor Technology By RICH TV LIVE

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