HPQ Silicon PUREVAP(TM): Impacting the Global Silicon, Solar & Battery Industries

HPQ Silicon PUREVAP(TM): Impacting the Global Silicon, Solar & Battery Industries – RICH TV LIVE – AUGUST 19, 2019 – HPQ Silicon Resources Inc. – TSX-V: HPQ; OTCPink: URAGF; FWB: UGE – (“HPQ” or “the Company”) is pleased to present the market with key metrics on the impact of the Company’s progress since the H2 2018 closing of a CDN$ 5,250,000 financing1 and provide guidance for H2 2019 for the PUREVAP™ Quartz Reduction Reactor (QRR) technology.

Hi guys how you doing this is rich from rich to be live and i today i’m going to be speaking to you about a 10 cent stock that i brought to you first and i’m gonna continue to bring to you and i think has enormous potential and i’m gonna show you another one of the stocks that i brought to you guys first that was a penny stock that is actually exploding today

And that is zoom away travel wow what a pick this has been i mean i can’t explain the amount of people that are making money on this but look at this zoom away travel up another 25% today and they are now at 10 cents and when i got into hpq initially i said you know this reminds me a lot of zoom away travel when we first got into zoom we travel it wasn’t trading

Nobody knew about it and we got an early and it’s up like 400% since we started what about hpq i brought this to you guys last week company i think has a lot of potential company no one’s ever heard of before and they’ve been climbing slowly but surely ever since i brought it to you guys and they’re up another 5% today on some big news and let’s go through the news

Hope you guys are having a great day so far today on this monday august 19th and the news reads like this hpq silicon pure vapp trademark impacting the global silicon solar and battery industries hpq silicon resources inc on the tsx venture exchange under the symbol hpq on the otc pink exchange under the symbol you are a gf and in frankfurt germany under you ge is

Pleased to present the market with key metrics on the impact of the company’s progress since the h2 2018 closing of five point two five zero canadian financing and provide guidance for h2 2019 for the pure vapp trade mark quartz reduction reactor qrr technology since the 2015 commencement of the company’s quest to improve the global economics and supply concerns

Of the silicon market the perv app trademark project has reached several substantial operational milestones first and foremost unique proprietary capability of converting low quality inputs into high purity silicon si production yields may exceed 90% of input material demonstrating to the market that the technology functions as expected the potential economic

Implications for the global downstream silicon market and the shareholders is extremely significant in that hpq pure vapid trademark qrr technology may reduce raw material cost by 50% representing a direct 20% reduction in opex reduce hpq silicon manufacturing capex by 90% or more versus all other manufacturers the addressable market for pure vip trademark silicon

Si is enormous with applications growing beyond just solar the market for standard grade material is estimated to increase from us 7.5 billion in 2018 to us 12 billion by 2023 we’re talking about a growing industry we’re talking about an industry that people don’t really truly understand but it has enormous upside and that’s what we like to do is find these diamonds

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In the rough before anybody else on the planet and i believe this is a diamond in the rough the global solar energy market is forecasting by deutsche bank to grow 10x by 2035 to be a u.s. 400 billion industry the solar grade silicon so g si sub market is expected to grow from us 7.1 billion to us eleven point eight billion by 2028 and we get in to a stock right now

At $0.10 can you imagine although not commercialized it is well publicized that silicon could replace graphite anodes in lithium batteries i say pardon that would be huge as supported by cnbc private venture capital back firms are explorer the use of silicon in batteries and our positioning to provide the auto industry with the solutions and needs to substantially

Improve vehicle performance that would be so big presently silicon content in lithium-ion battery a nodes is roughly six percent and is estimated to represent an addressable market value of us one billion by 2022 if silicon replaces other materials and batteries this new addressable market will grow exponentially and so will hpq bernard turley on who i interviewed

Last week president and ceo of hp q silicon resources inc stated hp q is ready to solve the real-world challenges facing silicon markets today we are ready to start commercializing our pure veck trademark qrr technology we are aiming to completely revolutionize the economics of the 24 billion industry and create significant cash flow mr. turian continued in the

Coming months we will be meeting with end-users to see exactly what specs they will be needing for the applications and tweaking our output for them in h2 of in q2 i think they meant q2 of 2019 the company anticipates that the gen 3 pilot plant will be operational and should prove scalability throughout h2 the company will be meeting with industry participants and

By the end of h2 start sending test material from the gentoo unit with a goal of booking orders for material produced by the gen 3 pilot plant and as soon as operationally feasible so this is the breakdown hp q august 13 2018 release hp q february 26 2019 release hp q april 25th 2019 release hp q may 23rd 2009 teen release hp q june 17 2009 teen release hp q july

11th 2019 release c ru silicon market outlook november 14 2018 pages 22 23 hpq new deck june 2019 and let’s learn a little bit about silicon-silicon si as one of today’s strategic materials needed to fulfill the renewable energy revolution presently underway silicon does not exist in its pure state it must be extracted from quartz one of the most abundant minerals

Of the earth’s crust and other expensive raw materials in a carbothermic process let’s learn a little bit about hpq silicon another company that i brought to you guys first hpq silicon resources inc and it was under 10 cents it is now a ten cents and it is up and it’s getting good volume today hpq silicon resources inc is a tsx venture listed company developing in

Collaboration with industry leader pyrogenesis which is a much higher price stock and i think has a chance to be a giant so they are working with a big player guys the innovative pure bap trademark quartz reduction reactors qrr a truly 2.0 carbothermic process patent pending which will permit the transformation and purification of quartz sio into metallurgical

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Grade silicon mg si at prices that will propagate its significant renewable energy potential hpq is also working with industry leader apple on solar to develop a metallurgical path way of producing solar grade silicon metal that will take full advantage of the pure vapp trademark qrr one-step production of high purity silicon and significantly reduce the capex and

Opex associated with the transformation of quartz sio into sog – si hpq focus is becoming the lowest cost producer of silicon high purity silicon and solar grade silicon metal the pilot plant equipment that will validate validate the commercial potential of the process is in scheduled to start in 2019 this news release is available on the company’s ceo verified

Discussion forum a moderated social media platform that enable eise’s civilized discussion and qa between management and shareholders so that is the news that is breaking and it is currently at let’s see where it’s at based on this news you can see that it is up five percent and has traded one hundred and seventy eight thousand shares based on this news already let’s

Go through some of you guys messages how you doing jason how you doing infinite possibilities how you doing crypto man i do in robin hood warriors hi doing jason garza looking at all you guys messages super zero two zero four six nine says you guys need to buy qi wi and hold it for a week and then sell okay hello g73 says precision drilling pdt oh yes oil and

Gas drillers great buy at a dollar fifty and set three dollars you’re welcome and juju sleeper super cheap so this is the news that is now trending and if we look at the chart and hpq silicon let’s quickly do that so we can see in the last year that it’s been a little bit higher than this but not much it’s been as high scan and a half cents so we’re approaching a

52-week high right now and it’s been much lower to pin as low as what five and a half cents in january now if we look at the last two years you can see that it’s been higher it’s been as high as 12 cents and if you look at the last three years you could see it’s been much higher it’s actually being as high i believe as about 25 cents so i believe there’s a lot of

Upside after speaking to the ceo he believes there’s a lot of upside and he essentially said that the only reason why i went down is that he was having a lot of personal issues and there was just a lot of development that needed to be done with the stock so just looking at the stock here when you look at the low low and you look at the high high i believe there’s

A lot of upside here this is a company that is moving the right direction and they consistently keep bringing out news talking about the relationships with some other partners the funding that they’re doing and let’s take a look at p/yr pyrogenesis canada is one of their big equity partners and pyrogenesis canada is at 56 cents so bigger company trading at a

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Higher price not very good volume but this is a company has a lot of potential so i would love to know what you guys think about hp q i’d love to know if you guys think that this is a buying opportunity hp q silicon resources inc with big news and i’m gonna continue to keep my eye on these guys i love finding these low undervalued underappreciated underexpose

Opportunities silicon is a growing industry and hpq resources their competitors are all billion-dollar clients and these guys are just getting started at ten cents so just imagine the possibility if we just get into some of this right now and just stash it away for another day give you an idea of another pick that we brought you guys first that nobody ever knew

About nobody talked about and we got into this between some of us got in at one cent some of us got in at two cents i got in at three cents it is now 10 cents and when we bought this stock nobody knew about it either it had very little volume and it wasn’t that exciting and they’re now at 10 cents today up 25 percent zoom away travel is absolutely exploding trading

1.3 million shares of 10 cents my question is is hpq going to do the same thing are we going to see an explosion from hp q considering they’re at 10 cents they’re in a very big industry with huge growth potential with some big partners that are in the solar business they’re in the salic silicon business they’re in the metals business they’re in the battery business

There’s so much potential here and i still don’t think anybody really knows okay so love to know what you guys think about this video smash the like button if you like this news and if you like hpq silicon resources inc and i’d love to know what you think about it comment down below and if you like this video share it everywhere and remember if i win in you win

We all win it’s true this is your boy rich from richest if you live now remember i like to bring you guys picks before they explode okay i brought you a zoom away travel when nobody was listening when i did the ceo interview nobody watched it now it’s at ten cents and everybody wants to listen don’t be that person don’t get in after it explodes get in before it

Explodes that’s how you win all right this is rich rich tv live bringing hpq silicon resources inc with some big news that is trending as we speak hpq silicon curve app trade mark impacting the global silicon solar and battery industries we’re talking about a 10 cent stock that has an impact on the silicon solar and battery industries i brought it to last week

When it was at 9 cents it’s now 10 of 5% i’ll see you soon this is your boy rich rich to be live and i’m out peace

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