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Oh my goodness guys sixty million dollars worth of bitcoin was just stolen actually over sixty million dollars in bitcoin was stolen that is one of three stories in relation to bitcoin i want to discuss here today the first one is about this bitcoin exchange called nice hash losses of millions to hackers over sixty million dollars worth of the crypto currency

Was lost the next story i want to talk about after that we’re going to talk about this over 10,000 people have downloaded fake cryptocurrency apps that are basically phishing and stealing information stealing your accounts and whatnot the third story i want to talk about is the fact that we launched a video here on the channel nine days ago called the bitcoin

Crash 2018 did a hundred and twenty-four thousand views guys in a nine day period which is which is beyond parabolic okay so let’s discuss all of these first the sixth though over sixty million dollars stolen by hackers okay it’s not clear whether they still use our money or whether it was just the company’s wallet okay regardless whether they stole from actual

Users or stole from the company’s wallet it doesn’t really make me feel any better it’s like saying it’s like saying oh i listen my house got robbed but here come and give me your cash i’m gonna hide your cash in in my house here it’d be like what your house just got robbed why would i want to hide my cash and this is a real fear for me right now because there’s

So many people flooding into cryptos right now especially bitcoin we see how much bitcoin goes up every day that means massive amounts of money or coming into bitcoin every single day day in and day out massive amounts of money you’re coming in people are trying to give their checks as fast as they can to anything related to bitcoin right they’ll go through any


Service they got to go through and you don’t know if some of these services are legit how safe they are these are companies that have been around for 30 40 years they have billions of dollars to spend on security you know to secure from hackers and things like that like a lot of financial institutions are right these are new mom-and-pop type shops with five ten

Twenty employees trying to run this place that you’re giving your hard-earned money over to you know i mean imagine imagine you’re in a situation where you you you know stick your savings into trying to buy one bitcoin right and then one day you realize your service just got hacked in your bitcoin was stolen out of your wallet like how would that make you feel

That’s absolutely horrible and it’s not like a you know a usual financial institution if i give you know $15,000 to wells fargo and that money gets stolen they’re gonna replace that $15,000 is guaranteed up to 250 thousand right and if it even wants to more than 250 thousand you better believe i would be pressing on a lawsuit against them if it was actually their

Fault guys these type of things you can’t really do a bitcoin because a lot of these services you don’t even know what country they’re out of who knows what country out who knows who’s actually running some of these services who knows if they’re actually working with the backend as in working with the hackers on the down-low okay well you never know with some of

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These things they’re very is scary right now and people are giving their money the second story in relation a lot of people downloading some of these apps and going on websites that are phishing websites in relation a big point it’s happening on a massive scale right now because there’s not a lot out there as far as a lot of these websites and apps and things like

That people are downloading them and then they’re realizing they’re just getting information from them and then they end up getting their whole entire wallet taken ok so this is a really scary situation right now be very careful with any of these bitcoin related apps cryptocurrency apps you download and websites be very very careful with giving them any type of

Information ok and the third story i want to talk about is the bitcoin holy smokes at bitcoin video a hundred and twenty four thousand views in a nine day period that’s by far the record ever in the history of the channel the closest video to that it’s probably like twenty thousand a nine-day period like this is ridiculous it shows how much insane interest there’s

In bitcoin right now it’s the most interest i’ve ever seen in any type of market ever in my life and i’m not just talking about since i’ve been investing since 2008 you doesn’t know i’m talking about ever even way more than what i saw you know going on as a kid you know watching everything happen with the tech bubble and whatnot the amount of interest in bitcoin

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Right now is at a parabolic level i’ve never seen anything even remotely close to it i released a video the previous week called stock market crash 2018 very similar thumbnail very similar things just about stock market instead bitcoin is bitcoin one did like four or five times more views guys it was not even comparable so the interest in bitcoin right now is at

Ridiculous levels everybody flood money in left and right everybody and everybody’s grandmas trying to get money in this thing right now be very careful with these some of these services out there guys there’s none of that i can’t even really back because they’ve all been around for such a limited amount of time that you don’t know what could happen out there but

Be very very careful be very very careful of any apps you download things like that looking for information be very careful with all this stuff guys it’s a lot of it’s a it’s a it’s a hackers and it’s a you know bad people’s playground right now as far as getting information so easily from people and things like that guys and we’ve seen a lot of big youtubers here

On the platform actually get bitcoin stolen from them get their big connects stolen from them and you can’t even trace this guy so it’s a it’s painful for me to watch and it stinks but watch yourself guys if you’re getting into this stuff thank you for watching and have a great day

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