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Earning season is back baby it is earning season time and a we need it so bad guys we need earnings so bad right now and i’m gonna tell you guys about three companies that are reporting tomorrow morning and they are gonna set the whole trend for earning season guys these are really big companies and literally it’s gonna set the trend and we need earnings so bad

Right now well as so much of what’s held us back the last few months is you know all this little talk all these little worries oh trump said this all everything has been distraction type stuff like to call it earnings is what matters what companies are actually reporting for results what are those eps numbers coming in at what are those revenues numbers coming in

At what are companies actually doing out there but we’ve just kind of been this talk talk talk you know oh my gosh everybody’s done a you know expert opinion on why the markets can go down and why trump’s gonna ruin this and why the end it’s just like oh my gosh we need earnings so bad factual information we can look at results of actual companies that actually

Matter guys so i am super excited we need this in the markets and i’m gonna explain to you guys why these three companies are gonna kind of set you know the whole game up for these earnings season so a first one reporting tomorrow is jpmorgan chase which is the biggest bank in the united states as far as market capitalization goes they’re expected to do around two

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Dollars and 29 cents of eps the year ago they did a dollar sixty five now something to remember and all these earnings for all companies coming up here in the us is they’ve all had their tax rates dropped you know in a huge way so all their earnings are pretty much gonna look better don’t matter what but especially when you when you talk about you know in potential

Eight percent plus revenue climb there and then on top of that you know tax cuts you know every company should be reporting some phenomenal earnings for the remainder of this year so that’s what we’re expecting out jp morgan citigroup all one of the other biggest banks out there is also reporting numbers tomorrow morning they’re expecting around a dollar 61 an

Eps adverse is a dollar 35 a year ago the revenue growth of around 4% there and then wells fargo another one of the giant banks is reporting tomorrow they’re expected to around $1 o 7 versus only a versus a dollar a year ago so that’s not a very good earnings growth there but we know wells fargo’s being through some issues they’re expected to have revenue go down

Around 1% there and so as we see some of the biggest financial institutions in all the world and especially in the united states of america are reporting tomorrow ok wells fargo i come when i look at the banking space i kind of think of like three big banks in america okay you got bank of america you got wells fargo you got jp morgan jp morgan and wells fargo are

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Both reporting tomorrow morning and then also you have citigroup and pnc bank we’re reporting tomorrow morning the banks are going to be huge because it’s going to be you know come out as far as like what’s loaning activity or interest rates because they’re going up a little bit is that hurting learning activity i can almost say i tell you it’s probably not at all

And so i’m gonna guess that these are these earnings are gonna be very very strong out of the banks and it’s gonna set us up in a real good way for this earnings season it’s possible there could be bad earnings you know we never know i highly doubt these banks are gonna be reporting bad numbers i think going into this earnings season it’s one of the earning seasons

That i’ve been in the market where i’ve seen i think expectations are far too low on so many companies i think expectations are way way way too low and a jp morgan actually came out on a note today and actually said the same thing that they feel like earnings as a whole going into this earnings season are way too low guys expectations are way too low i love that

When expectations are too low that just leaves nothing but upside guys when expectations are too high it’s like my goodness you need to try to reach for the sky just to beat these numbers but we’re in an opposite situation so earnings season should be absolutely phenomenal for so many companies out there and it’s all gonna get started tomorrow we’re gonna see what

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Those numbers are in the morning and if those numbers are really great we should have a very very strong friday in the market if they’re bad for whatever reason we’re probably gonna fall a big big deal there i highly doubt they’re gonna be better and so they should be very very strong so let me know do you guys own any of the big banks are you interested only in

The big banks you know bank of america wells fargo jp morgan citigroup any of these guys do you own any of them obviously the only banking related company i own is goldman sachs of you know the premier investment bank out there in my opinion that’s the only one i own and that one will probably move up or down depending on how those bank numbers come out tomorrow

Because you know things kind of move in baskets sometimes and whatnot but i’m super excited it’s earning season who else excited am i the only one excited about earning season let me know in that comment section if you’re excited about earning season baby it is back anyways thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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