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So we have decided to start selling out of wynn resorts in a real way guys we’ve decided to start selling out now i want to get into all the reasons i’m starting to sell out of that position and that kind of everything behind it now first off like people think like i would just sell out that position because it’s up massively right since we got in that one well

That’s not really the case because i could have said well last month it was up massively six months ago it was up massively 12 months ago it’s been up massively for a long time that’s not really why so we’ll kind of go into the details and everything on why i’m starting to sell out of wynn resorts which is my biggest position at the moment guys so a lot to get

Into here now when i start selling out of position i don’t just like sell all the shares at once usually that’s a very very rare instant that did happen with gopro but that was just because i just want to get out of that stock i didn’t see a future there anymore with them getting out the drone business was help bad they missed numbers and i just i just was like i’m

Out of this i got out of like 650 or 660 or whatever it was and i just sold out i was like i’m done that’s usually not the case okay usually how i sell is very similar to how i buy okay so let’s say if i was buying shares right in a company at $10 then i would you know make an initial position a smaller position you know let’s say i had $40,000 available okay and

I wanted to put an extra forty you know a thousand toward this new stock o through is that ten dollars i might put five five thousand to start you know and kind of open up a position like that right then if it goes down 950 which it might not but if it does hey you know it has some struggles or whatever the wall street just doesn’t believe in it maybe the market

Gets weak at that time nelson i might put another $10,000 okay then also it goes down to $9 and assuming i still love this company just as much and i believe in it for a long term i’m gonna keep investing more right now i might do another $15,000 okay so now assume we’re up to 30,000 and then let’s say it goes down to 850 which who knows if that would really happen

That’s pretty rare instance there i put the remaining $10,000 and all of a sudden that’s the full 40,000 that i wanted to get in this company i got in that company right there’s always work out like that sometimes it starts going up and then it might go up a bunch and then i just sell out of position or whatever but that’s buying so when i sell it’s a very very

Similar thought process okay so if i had an idea to buy these shares at $10 right let’s say i hold these shares and they goes up to $15 and i’m like $15 is where i want to start selling out of this position okay so maybe i want to start selling out there at 15 so then what would happen is i would sell an initial position off of off of my share so i might sell you

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Know 20 percent that very first time at 15 okay then all sudden it goes to let’s say $16 it goes up some more then i might sell another 20% okay and then as it keeps going up and keeps going up i will sell out in my position until i’m completely sold out so in wynn resorts the situation here when resorts is now i think at a hundred and seventy eight dollars a share

Right so i’ll kind of show you how i’m viewing win and how i’m selling out of this one so i want to once it kind of got above 175 and remember my wife sold out some of her shares i think it was a 165 i think she sold out some of hers that that was kind of you know starting his good we had her entire retirement fund in wynn resorts it was a lot of shares there so we

Started selling out that one around 165 but in general i wanted to start selling out at 175 so today it got over 175 i think it’s out a hundred and seventy eight dollars right now which is why we started to sell out more and more and basically i plan on selling this position out between 175 and 200 dollars okay and $200 so i’m going to say we sold a portion today

If it goes up to 180 185 over the next few weeks we’ll probably sell another portion it goes to 190 195 will probably sell another portion and then somewhere around $200 if it goes up there we’ll sell out the remaining portion okay so with wynn resorts here it’s a hot it’s actually a much tougher decision to sell out up position you love rather than you hate so

A company that you know they switch the ways that we’re going and whatnot those are actually really easy to decisions to make to sell out even if you’re down just because it’s like i don’t believe in this company anymore when when you still love the company and still believe in it for the long term but sometimes it just gets overvalued now those are hard decisions

To start making okay and i and when resorts is not in a position that it’s super overvalued or something but i don’t ever try to hold his stock until he gets to that that place where it’s super overvalued or whatnot right so win right now it has a forward p/e on it somewhere around i think it’s a 26 okay a forward p/e of 26 that’s relatively high but it’s not that

High for the market in general so next we kind of got to think about macau is hot right now macau numbers have been going up and up for well over a year now okay macau has been on the bounce-back in macau is just hot right now numbers are going up ten fifteen twenty percent right now everything is just really good we’re pretty decently strong here to vegas like

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Everything is just good in the gambling market in general right and especially macau macau is where wynn gets the majority of its business profits revenues everything clientele everything okay so everything is really good right now everything looks really good okay those are actually the times when i kind of like to start getting out of positions okay because what

Ends up happening is it doesn’t always look good at all forever right everything just looks picture-perfect right now everything for the company the industry is just going perfect right now right it doesn’t always work out where that’s going to keep going on and it’s gonna keep being perfect right all of a sudden numbers start to weaken whenever it is who knows it

May be six months from now it might be a year from now maybe three years from now we don’t know exactly when that’s gonna happen but also the numbers will start to weaken a bit things get a little weaker and all sudden these stocks can drop massively especially a company like wynn resorts i’ve seen wynn resorts in the recession at $33 a share okay five years later

I saw wynn resorts at 242 dollars a share okay about less than two years after that i saw wynn resorts at $49 a share okay so all within like a six year span a six or seven year span right i saw wynn resorts at $33 i saw it go up to 242 i saw it go down with 49 this is a stock that can be highly volatile depending on how market conditions are market conditions for

Wynn resorts are very strong right now and they will probably continue to be strong for at least the short term here just long term we don’t know there’ll be some hiccups here and there so in a case like this i’m not big on this position up huge at this point i just see myself kind of getting out of this one i’m getting i feel it was a fair value in return i feel

Like it’s a fair value i don’t feel like i’m selling it for an overpriced price but that’s never my goal when i invest i don’t want to sell things for an overpriced price because it’s not always how it’s gonna work out guys you gotta figure i think what’s a fair vote a fair price to do for me to sell these shares and that’s what i’m gonna sell it so that’s why i’m

Starting to get out of this now as far as what company i’m actually gonna put the money into that i don’t know yet guys as far as the gopro money i told my stock market membership group which by the way that stock market membership group is the third link in the description i told them that i put the money in the goldman sachs so i chucked the gopro money stuck in

Goldman sachs for the time being and it’s just kind of chilling there something i feel like is a safe investment is probably not gonna blow up in the short term or anything like that so it’s just kind of in there for now as far as the wind resorts money i’m not sure guys there’s a lot of companies i’m keeping an eye on right now but there’s not like one specific

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Company that i’m like i put more money in this company i do want to buy more and more crews but i really want crews to drop under the $50 range into the 40s so i’m actually hoping like there’ll be some like weakness out of iphone 10 or something miraculously will happen like that so crews will go down so i could really make a big position and that one that’s the

One i really want to make a big position i just really want to get it into the 40s is really start getting in that one big ebay’s one i’ve been buying somewhat interested in that one but it’s not like that one’s screaming at me like put you know make this are my biggest investment or something and at these curtin levels so we will have to see i don’t have a you

Know an ideal place partner well you know for the money to be parked right now i’ll probably just keep it in my account and it’s how i start deciding make a decision or in one of these stocks that i’m really liking make some move down and i can start getting in in a big way and whatnot guys so that is kind of why i’m selling off of wind resorts you know i feel like

It started approach a fair market value now and as it gets higher and higher i’m just gonna continue to probably sell out on my position i think is a great company for a long term but this is a company again next time we have a recession type scenario they’re gonna be absolutely destroyed the stock well who knows goes well below a hundred probably again and whenever

That time does come and i don’t know when that is and so right now it’s starting to be fair value and i’m like why don’t i start selling out of this one now now keep in mind usually every time i sell out of a stock he goes up much more so i think there’s like something on this channel like a lot of people know when jeremy starts selling out of a physician that’s

When you want to start to buy because then it goes up even more i think got happy when michael kors happened with elle brands happen with apple it’s happening with a lot of stocks google a lot of stocks i you know i was in on this channel big-time and they were on for stocks and buying and whatnot then i sell out and they go up tons more rh was one of them rh went

Up like over a hundred percent since i have that one guys but anyways who knows if that will happen with win but it is a position i’m selling out of hope you guys enjoyed this today make sure if you knew or the stock market you check out the first link in that description that’s my stock market investing mastery course that’s an eleven part course that goes into

Everything that i actually judge in making an investment thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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