I ate a slab of Otoro from Tsukiji

This is an example of chasing your wild ideas no matter how stupid or crazy it is. I know there will be a lot of judging but why will I show this knowing so? I’ll have to cover that another time. Just remember that what you choose to do is uniquely you and the more people would judge, the more likely you will not do it. So why let what other people think stop you? It feels great to be yourself no matter how stupid it looks. As long as it’s not harming others.

I’m gonna try to go to tsukiji again and go to that one sushi restaurant called die wat okay kicked out at 10 a.m. that’s when the time ends in that hotel today is a fitting time to go over there because it’s a little bit earlier then i normally wake up so i’m gonna go over there wait in line to try to get a sushi lunch hey we’re at tsukiji market except the

Fish wholesale part is probably closer now but this is just a consumer area or they’re having food and stuff so i’m gonna find that dialog place and see if i can get in okay why is this place closed i have no idea i didn’t look up the times or anything before maybe it’s too late 11 a.m. is too late to eat lunch while i check the hours on google they’re actually

Not closed right now for some reason they are right now and the stuff next to it they are also closed maybe it’s a holiday sheila same oh my girl sign komori i should only today do for them what so much little let’s fill this decorate it so that i need a fella dinah’s prepare for anything they promote it they took a philosopher might also know what you go off

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Wait what’s your only the sort or oh yes hey i’d have alabama i just bought a pack of the whole tour oh i don’t know what i’m gonna do with it i think i will snack on it so let it fall a little bit before actually snack on it oh my gosh this smells so good i need to have one here it is the cheese tart i’m gonna compare to some of those egg tarts i had in hong

Kong some of the really really good ones they have on the streets so let’s see the course is more like a cookie i’m the custard is very very cheesy it’s a very different egg tart it’s not really a car is cheese heart hmm it’s very good but it’s not hot it smells good too hmm in preparation for what i’m about to do i’m gonna get some maple milkweed this one okay

Everybody as you know i bought some fish from tsukiji market over here it’s a big slab of altoro for 3,000 yen now talk about life goals here this is always something i imagine doing but i never would spend so much money doing it $30 in the u.s. is a lot and i probably won’t do this in the us but this is tsukiji old oh i’m hoping that it’s really really good at

The same time and also no one really goes and nas a big bite out of all toro so let me go and do this and let’s see how it tastes first i have my favorite maple milty to go with my little toro over here let me have some first i feel like whenever i go to the conveyor belt sushi restaurant whenever you order old toro if you have just one little sliver it’s about


Three dollars on top of a little bit of rice over here this is roughly i don’t know 30 pieces of whatever you get over there so it’s about uh i don’t know like $90 worth so um this right here i came one-third the price of it but i get three times as much i am not sure if i can even eat all of this but i just want to take a huge bite and see what happens so here

It is the huge big old toro let’s do this it’s kind of it’s held together by a lot of ligaments here okay maybe you’re not supposed to do that mmm what i see here is that the ligaments go straight this way so if i had a sushi knife you would want to cut around these ligaments so that when you eat it it’s really soft so instead of doing that i’m gonna go and buy

It this way hmm i would say no the enjoyment is not as much as when you sit down at a sushi restaurant and have a nice piece okay this is our tuna i kind of feel like i need a knife or something to cut it properly so that i can eat it properly i hope nobody catches me eating this wall you know in the middle of the stairwell this is actually on half a floor right

Now nine and a half floor right now i suppose i’ll just really quickly put it away in this bag so no one will see me it’s kind of tough when you eat it this way you really do need a knife to cut all the ligaments like maybe cut it this way i’m so that by the time you you know you know it’s not so held together like it well that’s interesting do i finish this or

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Not i feel like i eat too much tuna right now are you okay let me put it away i need a wet nap and surprisingly my backpack does have one single wet-nap just for instances like these so how cool right hahahaha i think i need more ice or something to keep it cool because i kind of want to go eat something else and then maybe head back to the hostel and then keep

On gnawing all this to nothing so yeah that’s what i’m gonna do this is what it looks like behind me telling uniqlo in japan has other things now i gotta finish the rest of it i wonder if i can eat all over this this right here is what makes things chewy so we’re gonna remove this be a lot easier with the knife

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I ate a slab of Otoro from Tsukiji By BeatTheBush

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