I Bought Everything Instagram Advertised To Me For 1 Month

In this video, Test Lab host Cindy purchases and reviews items from her Instagram targeted ads, to see if these advertised products are good quality, worth the money, or just encouraging mindless spending.

Here at the test lab, we take on different money challenges in today’s episode, i’m going to be buying and trying wasn’t too mindful of what types of products i’m advertised. i’m going to provide my opinions on the advertisement itself, like medicine balls, dumbbells, these resistance bands. i’ve been meaning to incorporate some light equipment especially when you’re

Comparing the bands from light to heavy. so that customers can have a luxe experience as well it’s actually saving to support its eco-friendly claim given but for the case, i tried it in my lipstick holder, this is significantly larger than my normal lipsticks. overall, because i really enjoyed the actual lipstick, but obviously, the ad worked, because i clicked on it.

My first impression of the product is that it’s huge. i was having to put a lot of stress on my lower back maybe it’s also the fact that i have lower back problems. and so i got mine in the color soft rose and paid $128 for it. and what fits in here is just your everyday purse item. an extra mask, hand sanitizer, lip balm, a hair tie, lotion. so i mean, you can just

Tell how much fits in there. and i read on their website that their leather goods but that said, i’m really glad that i was introduced i’ve been using these bags ever since i received them. and this one, i plan on using for my upcoming travels. the design, the functionality, i give this purchase of fresh plant-based milk at the touch of a button. so i questioned whether

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This would be a smart purchase. it’s a simple formula where you take the total purchase price overall, because i think this product is really innovative, and there you have it, putting five products that instagram before deciding whether you’re going to support a company, second, avoid impulse shopping by implementing a 24-hour rule. this is going to allow you time to

Think about the purchase most companies offer a 10% or 15% discount to new customers so you want to be particularly mindful of your budget would you consider purchasing any of these products? i really hope you enjoyed this episode of the test lab.

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I Bought Everything Instagram Advertised To Me For 1 Month By The Financial Diet

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