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So i’ve been really excited about sharing this video with you guys and i actually debated about whether or not i was actually going to do it because i actually bought this car about three months ago in the beginning about to speak i don’t even know if that would be canadian this is my canadian side so basically i bought this car back in march and i was actually debating

On whether or not i actually wanted to do a video with the car because i didn’t want to be one of those guys who buys a cool car puts it up on youtube and just tries to flex with it so my goal was never to flex with this car at all and so after thinking about it for a couple of months i said okay there’s obviously a tasteful way for me to you know reveal this vehicle

And share it with my audience and so i bought this back in march i’ve been driving it for a couple of months and i will let you guys know exactly what upgrades i have done on it but yeah i’m excited to show you guys the car so without further ado let’s take a look at it so you know when you’re buying a car the number one thing that you have to consider is you know

The utility value of a car and while this may not look like much it really does offer you a lot in terms of you know having all-wheel drive they sell things you can have out the back end that way you can go camping and see rvs and when you’re looking at buying a car you know buying a brand new car is really expensive and the cars going to depreciate so by buying

A car that is twenty years old you know you’ve gotten rid of all of that depreciation at that point and so i was able to pick this up for about three thousand dollars i’ve been saving up for a very long time it is a 1999 honda crv so i was told by the previous owner that it used to have you know one of those bug deflectors on the hood but after he hit a deer with

This car and dented this front part of the trim here the bug deflector also came off as well as far as the actual car goes i mean it’s in decent shape obviously you’ve got a little bit of rust here which is you’re going to expect you know looking at a 20 year old vehicle you got a little bit of fun here in the back portion here you know where the gas spills that’s

Where you’re always going to see rust with these cars but overall you know pretty solid vehicle and definitely what i will call a good investment much engine look like oh the engine itself yeah no this thing is stylin i’ll show you guys right now as far as this car goes i asked him to 0 to 60 was and the thing is it doesn’t even do 60 miles per hour so that’s not

Going to be a problem as far as the engine goes you got your basic hemi v12 here you got a battery here as well as some cylinders and yeah i mean you know what more do you need as far as as far as an engine goes it’s already here for you alright so now you guys have seen the car it’s time for the moment of truth we’re gonna take this baby for a test drive so i can

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Show you exactly what we have going on here so we’ll go ahead and start this baby up here 220,000 miles on this car but that’s the one thing about the honda crv is these things will go on the original transmission for like up to 350,000 miles so i’m hoping to get another you know 130,000 miles out of this car i’m gonna sell it at about 300,000 before it really you

Know depreciates again so i’ll drive it for the next eighty thousand miles and hopefully have to put you know very little maintenance into the car now as far as the reason why i bought this car so my other car is a chevy in that car obviously not too good in the snow this one has you know symmetrical four-wheel drive i believe or some form of four-wheel drive and

You can drive this thing up and round up a mountain you could drive it in the snow and you’re just not gonna have that issue with it and i don’t want to load the miles up on my other car either so i think i’ll go back and forth between you know driving the crb and also driving my chevy so what what did we say this was to be honest with you i have no idea i think

It’s telling you the rpm but it’s doing something weird and why does it beep – i think it’s telling you to shift but it’s an automatic all right guys so obviously now you see that i have a different car behind me and that in fact is not my new car shout out to my brother for letting me borrow his car for the day and actually oddly enough that was my car for like

Four years before i gave it to him so a lot of history with that car but yeah the car that i’m going to be revealing to you guys is a totally different car and so yeah i might as well just uncover it now and show you guys what i ended up buying before i do that though i’m gonna pause the video or i want you to pause right now drop me a comment down below don’t look

At the comments what do you think is underneath this cover probably a lot of the car guys are gonna know and it’s also kind of a stereotypical youtuber car but nonetheless i’ll go ahead and show you guys what we got all right guys so as you can see what i have in front of me here is none other than the honda civic obviously not is a nissan gtr i know it is the

Stereotypical influencer car but literally when you look at cars and you’re looking at them price performance wise there’s nothing out there that’s a better price performance wise than the nissan gtr this is a 2009 nissan gt-r premium i ended up buying it like i said back in march and it only has 31,000 miles on it so even though it is a little bit older it does

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Have you know not a ton of miles on it which is one of the things i was looking for as far as the car itself goes it didn’t pretty decent shape the only thing that i’ve done to it so far is i’ve had a full ceramic coating done on the car just because i live in new york and there’s a lot of hazards on the road and salt and whatnot obviously not going to drive it

During the winter but just in case you know i wanted to have that coating in place and i do need to get it washed so it’s looking a little rough right now i had the rims redone back to the factory color just because they were a little bit beat up and other than that the car is honestly completely stock except for the work that was done previously which i will pop

The hood and i will show you guys that right now okay so obviously guys as you can see from earlier i’m not a car guy even though i was joking but don’t know a ton about what’s going on under here but there is a little bit of aftermarket work that has been done to the car it does have the aftermarket air intake and there are two air intakes on this car and it has

Aftermarket blow-off valves and the exhaust as well as aftermarket it’s all part of one kit other than that this car is bone stock with those upgrades it’s probably in the neighborhood of about 500 horsepower i did take it to a racing shop i didn’t have them to a dyno i just had them do a once-over on the car and give me an opinion and they said it probably is in

The range of about 500 horsepower meaning this is this car tops out in the neighborhood of about 190 to 200 miles per hour so don’t plan on going that fast myself but it is cool that the car will go there and so yeah this is the car and let’s go ahead and take a ride now how fast have you gone i nice job alright so what i want to do for you guys is i want to do a

Real fast know so i know you guys are probably curious why would somebody in my position who talks about being financially responsible go out and buy you know an entry-level supercar and i know what you may be thinking and i’m gonna answer that in a follow-up video all that i ask is i want you guys to do a like challenge for me i rarely ever do these but if this

Video can get 5,000 likes i will do a follow-up video revealing exactly how much i paid for this car down to the number i will literally screenshot you know my bill of sale and my receipt show you exactly what i paid and we can talk about whether or not this is a good investment or a bad investment so if you haven’t already scroll down and drop a like let’s try

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To get five thousand on this video and i will do that follow-up for you but for now it’s time to go ahead and take a spin why’d you get pulled over and this is over i know i haven’t been pulled over yet they’re like why are you recording your car in a parking lot how many likes does this video need to get to let me drive it 500000 and my girlfriend gets to drive

The car if we can do a hundred thousand likes i will record a video of my 448 girlfriend driving my nissan gtr because i don’t even think you could honestly reach the pedals so i just want to throw this out there guys – because obviously the beginning of this video was meant to be funny but the truth is literally you know about three and a half three three and a

Half years ago that was the car that i drove that that old honda crv and it actually is one hell of a reliable vehicle i mean that part wasn’t made up but you know i went from a position where i was driving that beat-up old suv to driving the car of my dreams in you know of course of about three years and so the morale behind that is i just want you to know that

Literally you know anything is possible and it really doesn’t take that much time at all i mean three years is a little bit of time but in the grand scheme of things it’s really not so if you guys do want to learn about how i was able to make this possible for myself it was primarily through something called affiliate marketing now those of you who have watched my

Channel already you probably know what that is but videos like this usually get views from all kinds of different people so if you’ve never heard of affiliate marketing before or you’re just curious what it is that i’m doing to be able to buy a car like this the top link in the description below is a completely free training i’ve put on about affiliate marketing

Showing you my exact business model and more importantly how you can start doing the same exact thing in a relatively short period of time now i’m not saying driving a gtr in a short period of time but being able to make some income online through affiliate marketing is not difficult and it’s very possible but anyways guys that’s gonna wrap up this video let’s

See if we can hit 5,000 likes and i will do a whole video about the car and the numbers breaking it down for you and show you exactly what i paid so i’m sure we can get it done do your part and drop a like and i will see you in the next video can we get hundred thousand for me happy great even if you get a hundred thousand my girlfriend is going to drive the car

So yeah i swear i will do that if we can get 100k on this video

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