I Bought Nothing for 60 Days

Darn Tough Socks that broke my streak:

I finally reached my goal and survived of not buying anything for sixty days in a row you might recall that last object that i bought was that go-kart it was fun for a little while i ended up getting rid of it now of course i still have to pay for regular stuff that’s not considered a brand new object now what do i mean by buying nothing i mean a material object i

Still have to buy groceries hoa insurance property tax all those regular things i consider a burn rate it’s interesting what actually broke my streak which is a pair of socks that i’m about to review for this channel you see this okay bring the camera here they are they are not a sponsored by the way why am i testing them i certainly don’t need more socks because

I have a whole drawer of them that i’m still trying to go through but these socks from darn tough are extremely expensive it’s ridiculous for how much you have to pay for one single pair however the cool thing about this is that it has an unconditional lifetime warranty which means unconditional like you know you can cut it in half and then still mail it in and

Then they’ll mail you a new pair but probably you shouldn’t do that i’m gonna review these in more detail after i actually wear down the sock because this is exactly what i’m doing i’m wearing these almost every single day so you can kind of say well you know if i didn’t buy these socks i would have had my street stills but i’m not gonna worry too much about that

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You know what i realized after these 60 days of not buying anything i started to take stuff off of my amazon shopping list you know that list that they give you and you can save a whole bunch of items that you want what i finally realize is that the stuff i have on this list i tend to check it a couple times a week maybe to see if maybe the price drop maybe

There’s something that i want maybe i want to spend on amazon gift certificate or something i must have about 50 or more items that i kind of want it and i would once in a while go on that list and see if there’s something that i might actually want to purchase what i realized over the years is that these lists were actually a significant time waster i wasn’t really

Buying anything well sometimes i am but the act of checking it and having that list it was kind of like a mental blockage it was something that is parked in my brain i knew that was there and then it was just taking up space so what i did was i slowly cut out the things that’s even on my list during my decluttering and not purchasing anything i started taking items

Off of this shopping list i know what you think because i thought the same thing i wanted to keep a bookmark of those items so that i do not have to find them again sometimes when you clear your mind you also have to clear your shopping list those things are always going to be on the market you’re not going to forget about them if you really want to remember what it

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Is you can always look it up again so these days i deleted all the video games i ever wanted many many years ago now i only have two items on my shopping list maybe i’ll get rid of those two 30 60 days i’ve also been selling a lot of my stuff so this might have helped me to not buy anything because i’m so busy with getting rid of my stuff and every time i’m about

To buy a new item i think about wow if i bought this how much effort do i have to spend in order to sell it back out again now obviously i am not a person that is without consumerism there’s a lot of stuff over here there’s this camera there are these little foam things i paid for picture frames this lamp this desta i’m sitting on this joby gorillapod thing that i

Bought all these things are things i purchased with my money but most the time a lot of things are so durable a lot of people tend to buy things that they already have they just want a new version or something you see the back over there there’s a red radio control car i have a brand new sliding one over there and yet i did not get rid of the previous version if

I was more on the ball of keeping things that i actually use once i got that new one i should have got rid of the old one right sell it or something even at a loss we tend to keep things i kept that thing because i built it myself i painted it myself so i really don’t want to get rid of it my thought now is a lot different i’m ready to get rid of that thing it’s


Collecting dust it doesn’t even work because i stripped out all the parts from it and put it in a new car and i probably outgrew it because you know these days i just don’t play with radio control cars anymore so 60 days you guys want to try not buying anything it’s not that hard i survived it’s not only all my stuff i’m up for thousand dollars and also i am at

My burn rate $1300 every month for the past two months thanks for watching everybody don’t forget to give me a like push that subscribe button ring that bell icon

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I Bought Nothing for 60 Days By BeatTheBush

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