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How’s it going everybody visit speed to push the markets or they look like they’re recovering but it is really strange why it is doing this already today i’m going to talk about some of the stocks i’ve been buying and what i am going to do going forward to ensure that i’m gonna get a profit off of all these this video is for entertainment purposes only stock values

Can go up or down before you buy your own stocks to your own research consult your financial advisor this video is not a recommendation to buy or sell assets if you check out ixc it is a worldwide energy etf it includes stocks such as exxon mobil chevron bp basically every single gas station that you can think of across the world and if you check out their stock

Chart over here i bought here here here here and here now here’s my complete strategy i did not hold any of this at the very very beginning but as soon as it dropped to a value where i thought it was somewhat reasonable and kind of attractive i started buying the more heavily it went down the more i started buying of course all of this means nothing if i don’t

Share how many shares i actually bought so out of these five instances that i purchased my average buy-in price is about 20 dollars and 14 cents so from today which closed around $18 and 50 or so if it goes up another 5 percent i’m going to basically break even on all these trades on energy etf i exceed so you might kind of go well are you just kind of gambling

Or something well usually whenever gasoline prices go really low and i see it at the pumps and stuff i just go well why don’t i just buy into it because it always seems like they always bounce back the truth is i’m not really trying to time it thinking that it’s gonna come back in a few months a year even i’m buying into it thinking that i’m gonna hold on to

It long term maybe 1 or 2 years and then maybe it’s gonna come back to where it was before if you track the little price war between russia saudi arabia and the us i personally don’t follow it too closely but whenever headlines come up i kind of read it and i go oh great whenever some news event happened maybe they’re going to have a meeting on trying to reduce

Their output sometimes they cancelled these meetings and other times they go back on what they agreed on before saying they’re gonna cut production and the lists of something happening that would significantly move the stock price goes on and on the thing here is that sometimes the news item it might make ixc go really really low but my whole strategy here is try

To ride the wave for the long term because what i’ve noticed is if i do day trading i buy in and out maybe i might make a percent or two and then one or two days i lose a percent or two and what i found myself doing when i do trading that’s to actively is that all these trades sort of cancel out i might end up trading maybe a hundred times a year and at the end

Maybe i made a few thousand dollars maybe i lost a few thousand dollars so this is what i noticed with myself this is why i don’t buy or trade on the news and i don’t buy or trade every single week all this time since the beginning of march all i have been doing is buying into equities i have not sold any yet and i do not plan to sell any if it goes up all the way

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To before the dip at the peak then i might consider selling now recently the stock market seemed to have recovered a little bit what if it benefits me to sell now and i can reap some of the profits and then let the stock market go down and then once it’s really really low maybe 30 40 50 percent from the peak of the smp then i buy back in the thing is i don’t know

If this is gonna happen or not i bought back in in stages and the only reason i held onto equities the past week or so during this crazy run-up and i have no idea why it came up this way is that i was going to buy in stages and i’m gonna hold it for the long haul if i got scared and sold at the bottom i would not enjoy this last week of gains if i did not buy in

Stages i would not enjoy this last week of gains now at this point i want to address the fact that i own an electric car and yet i’m buying into the oil industry the simple answer here is that i’m investing in something that i think will make me money and i think the entire world is pretty dependent on oil still it’s fairly safe for now mainly because i think the

Electric car revolution is not here yet it has not made a significant dent to the entire world’s energy needs if i did not buy at the last buy my breakeven price would have been a lot higher so it was very horned i keep enough cash around so that i could keep on buying and sort of bring down my average more and more as long as the market keeps on going down and

Even till this point i’m holding on to about 30% cash because i don’t know what’s going on i cannot predict and i do not assume i’m gonna know what’s gonna happen next week or even tomorrow if it happens to keep on going up my plan is to just halt buying okay i’m just gonna hold on to my cash and i’m only gonna buy more if it dips below the lowest price i bought it

For by like 10% or so and then i’m gonna buy more and more into it this 30% in cash that i’m still holding on to is to allow me a little bit of room to average whatever i buy in to take advantage just in case something more happens going forward if the stock market takes a nosedive from this point on okay retraces back to the minus 30% of the s&p 500 if it goes

Down more than this i’m gonna be holding the whole way because i want to be able to hold if it keeps on going up or if it keeps on going down for me personally this is the only surefire way to make money is if you make an assumption that it will eventually come back then that means you should buy and hold for the long term my personal experience is if i trade every

Single day my gains and losses tends to average out and i don’t make that much gains but if you buy at a certain point and hold for long enough you can get like 30 40 50 percent gains which is a lot more than if i just keep on buying and selling in small increment and if it moves one or two percent you can go oh i made 100 200 dollars this is kind of small money

Because it’s very hard for you to hit 1% gain for 30 days in a row versus if you just buy and hold and wait for it to come up 30% then to me this is a lot easier than trying to time the market from day to day now i want to share with you guys two other stocks i’ve been buying if you happen to buy last week and you waited a week till now you probably made a whole

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Bunch of money anybody can make a video right now and say hey look i made a whole bunch of money you probably will see this on all the youtube videos right now i’m just gonna tell you what i bought personally i bought i rm i sold a thousand shares over here can see that it was right before the dip i would say i sold this because i was getting increasingly afraid

Of this infection thing in fact i was holding on to irm and slv which is a silver etf fun i sold these and then after it is i bought over here and so far i’ve obtained $4,000 unrealized gain and i realized maybe next week all this is gonna evaporate right so this is unrealized it is a 17% gain so far and i’m not right now trying to pat myself on the back learn

Anything because i’m making this video yes it’s gained a little bit yes but i also recognize that after i make this video it might go down so don’t make fun of me if if it goes to zero or something in terms of gains my plan is to hold onto this until it recovers i don’t know most of the dip from before the infection stuff so if it comes back to about 95% of what it

Was before i might start to think about selling it but these shares are actually really good because it gives a really high dividend about nine or ten percent or so so given that i might actually even hold on to it i don’t know i’m gonna think about it some more what’s happening right now it’s kind of confusing right the infection stuff is still out there lots of

People are still dying and yet the stock market seem like it’s recovering this is this is wild and i would have to say i probably would not be able to ride this if i was super pessimistic there’s a lot of people sitting out there they think that is gonna go down to minus 50% – 60 or minus 70 and they’re just holding out for now 100% in cash they want to put it all in

Which means i they think they can tie in the market perfectly by putting a hundred percent of their cash in right at the very bottom and if it happens that two weeks ago was the bottom of the market well you missed out on all these gains so this is why i missed out on it before and this time i’m doing it different this time i am investing in stages chunks at a time

Because i don’t know where the bottom is over here bac which is bank of america i bought here i did not own any before this probably for at least many many months so far i’ve got four thousand four hundred dollars of unrealized which is about 21% should i sell right now just to reap in on the profits no i don’t plan to because i plan for this to be like a a crazy

Money maker because i want to hold on to this long term i want this to reach like 50 to 100 percent gains whatever i bought it for i think like $22 or something i wanted to come back to like $40 right so this is close to 50% which is you know a really really good amount of gains the job loss claims has reached sixteen point eight million in just the past three weeks

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3.3 million 6.8 million and then six point six million last week if you guys are wondering the typical per week jobless claims is about 220 k which is 0.2 2 million instead so all these job losses is because of this you know isolation type thing people can’t go to work because it’s not an essential business everybody get laid off from restaurants and non-essential

Businesses and you have 155 million people that are employed so you do the math this is about 10% increase of unemployment just in the last three weeks alone this is really really bad right and why is the stock market still going up people are out of a job people cannot spend money and we know that the consumer market is highly dependent on consumer consumption the

Whole stock market is dependent on consumer consumption so if you have 10 percent of the people unable to pay rent unable to buy discretionary items going forward this might hurt the economy more and more it seems like the stock market thinks that oh the infection rate is going down so somehow the economy is gonna start healing itself we’re essentially on the path

To recovery so the stock market’s gonna recover also the thing is i think these jobs are lost as long as the infection is gonna go on and i believe that the infection is not gonna go away that easily when the government ease up on all these restrictions on people social distancing themselves they’re gonna ease up very slowly right even if they ease up very slowly

I think they’re gonna suddenly see rise of reinfection of people suddenly people are gonna get sick suddenly more people are gonna die and then all of a sudden they’re like oh my gosh we can’t even let up on this and then everybody is gonna be required to stay at home some more so i think what needs to happen in order for people to get back to work is we need to

Impose a lot of new rules to make sure a lot of things are sterile this is the only way without doing this people can’t go back to work at first they’re not gonna know how to go on the path of this recovery most people are not very attuned on how sterile you have to be in order to not catch an infection how do you avoid something like this when it’s so invisible

People are not trained to be sterile with themselves they like to you know touch everything they touch their face they touch cash they touch the credit cards they torched doorknobs they use a whole bunch of community stuff and the whole entire society everybody is not used to being completely sterile we hug we shake hands so they’re gonna include more and more

Rules in order for people to become sterile in other countries they have to always wear masks maybe all the companies have like routine cleaning every single hour if we stay in for two months we’re gonna start seeing the stock market go down more right now i think people are being too optimistic people want to be optimistic about the stock market and don’t forget

To give me a like on this video comment down below let me know if you’re gonna sell on this little run up over here and push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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