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Holy smokes folks this ain’t no dang jokers you ever have one of those days where you wake up and you’re like uh uh wait a minute what year did i just wake up in well that was me today because i woke up and i see some stocks certain stocks okay making some of the most insane moves we have seen in uh a long time since probably like early 2021 and it’s like what

Is going on here okay so we got to talk about all this if you if you kind of saw the markets today right markets um you know having kind of a mixed day uh nasdaq of about a percent s p 500 up about a half a percent rustled down and dow was about breakeven so very mixed day and then uh you go a little beneath the surface we’re gonna talk about three stocks in this

Video and you’re like oh my gosh people that are in these three stocks are making so much money they’re gonna uh have to buy some art speak about art thank you to master works for sponsoring the today’s video we’ll get to that a little later in the video okay so amc what amc’s back you kidding me oh i think i went back in time to 2021. amc is up over 40 percent

Today you heard me right over 40 percent today this is an incredible move we have not seen amc make a move like this literally since 2021 when it was in the the crazy hype cycle the excitement cycle the the meme stocks all those sorts of things right here we have emc making over a 40 move and you might be saying like what is going on that amc is also making a 40

Move i thought you know almost all the retail already left the stock market what how does this stock make a 40 plus move here today well let’s get into that okay so first thing is look at this all right so shares of highcroft mining holding corporation and amc are trading higher monday after the wall street journal reported highcroft raised cash from selling new

Shares earlier this month amc acquired 22 stake in the gold mining company i know you’re thinking you’re like what what what is going on here okay amc a movie theater chain bought a 22 stake in a gold mining company what in the world yes okay after the bell friday the wall street journal citing people familiar with the matter said highcroft raised about 140 million

Dollars after launching an at market stock offering on march 15th the sale followed an announcement that amc and the precious metals investor eric sprout had committed to put 28 million dollars into high crop the report set okay this high crop was up over 50 today and obviously you guys saw amc’s up over uh 40 it’s like what this is i mean just completely a random

Thing um but it has the hype and here it is a situation where the stock’s gone crazy amc’s made a big investment in it and obviously people are very very excited about this and for amc to make this sort of move today i’m not so sure it’s just what retail this could be wall street be getting in this one too it may be for a long term or maybe just for the short term

Trade right the action right because you gotta understand when these sorts of moves happen if you don’t think the hedge funds want a piece of that some wall street traders want a piece of that believe me that you know they see a move like this they’re like um i’m gonna hop on this baby okay now also this happened the movie theater company saw the shares surge

Because adam aaron who’s the ceo of the company said something about there’s going to be more transformational m a deals are coming okay so that’s just like an open-ended thing like more transformational deals are incoming people are like whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa what do we have here okay and so you start thinking about the hype right and amc is obviously

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A stock that’s very very driven about around the hype anybody that would try to deny that would be a flat out liar right it’s a very hype driven stock people get very excited about it and traders get very excited about it in the short term and something happens and you got some big announcements here right or at least are seen as big announcements and people get

Very very excited about that now the the next piece just kind of moves to right is you got to think to yourself for a moment right is this just a five beast five day beast day and then we’re going to start coming back down how long is this going to last okay and a little later on in the video we’re going to look at history here and we’re going to find how long

These these periods actually last for which i think is very very important but this stock is up 78 percent you heard me right 78 in the last five trading days what an absolutely insane epic move for amc stock and uh like i said we’ll get a little more into the nitty-gritty in just a bit okay what tesla stocks starting to go on another run oh my gosh this stock is

Up over eight percent today okay over eight percent no earnings didn’t come out they didn’t announce uh any new products nothing like that okay and this stock is up eight percent today right on the day when the market’s just okay something had to happen here because tesla clearly has the the hike back again this stock just gained uh a little under a hundred billion

Dollars in market capitalization a little longer a little under 100 billion dollars in market capitalization okay so what happened with tesla myself did elon buy some artwork or what happened here what if i told you that over the past few decades contemporary art has outperformed the s p 500 that might blow your mind and you might say well that’s great jeremy but

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Masterworks dot io create an account check out what they have and invest in their offerings and my subscribers get to skip their wait list at masterworks.art financial education or by going to the link in the description or i have it as the pin comment down there so check out that now well here we go elon got the rona again okay elon got the roan again well

That’s just clearly a sign we got to buy tesla stock okay because last time elon had rona tesla was about to make another huge move okay no that’s not why the stock went crazy here today here’s why it’s going crazy today okay look at this tesla to request shareholder approval for stock split shares electric vehicle maker rise because they might do a stock split

Uh the timing might be coming here and uh we might find out the split ratio and those sorts of things last time tesla went on an epic short-term run it was on the back of a stock split okay and here we are again in a moment in time when we got a stock split going on okay no stock split has nothing to do with the business fundamentals that has nothing to do with

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How many cars uh tesla sells or net income or revenue or any other fundamentals right but this is an excitement factor because if you announce uh you know let’s say they’re gonna do a five to one split right which means all the shareholders are going to get another five shares of tesla stock but they’re going to be uh you know basically divided by five as well

So it all ends up equaling out at the end of the day people look at that and they say you know and i know it’s a ridiculous thing to even think about but they say oh my gosh tesla used to be let’s say a thousand dollars and it’s only two hundred dollars now oh my gosh that’s such a great deal it doesn’t work like that and all of us that are in the stock market we

All understand that right but you can’t deny the fact that these things do move the stock price and that’s the only news that we have today in any substantial way around tesla and uh people just get excited about this wall street gets excited about it retail gets excited about it and a hype cycle starts to build out of completely completely out of nowhere now for

Somebody like myself that’s a you know a fundamental a tesla investor and has been in the stock for many many years it’s it’s almost hilarious for me to see that the stock moves huge and i mean like we’re talking almost 100 billion dollars in market cap today was added tesla stock because of a stock split it’s hilarious for me to see these things right but it’s

Part of it’s part of when you deal with a super popular stock like a tesla stock is it’s part of the game it’s just part of the whole thing and uh you know this stock just making an absolute insane move here today i mean you don’t see many of these talks make that sort of move right next one up here gamestop game stops up over 24 literally i think we went back to

2021 times like like you see tesla stock making a massive move up you see uh you know tesla’s was a little before 2021 though that it really made its move in the late 2020 into the very beginning part of 2021 that’s when that massive move kind of wrapped up gamestop and emc came a little after but it’s just it’s hilarious to see these stocks making these massive

Epic moves here and um you know kind of no end in sight for right now right no i think this is very important how long do moves like this last so if we go back and we do a little history lesson here right we’re gonna find these moves actually don’t last a long long time even when amc made its uh massive moves they lasted around a month roughly around a month all

Right now in terms of that epic run up there that happened all in a matter of a few trading days and just like we have seen a massive move up here about what was that 80 percent or so in a matter of a few trading days very similar thing happened here where in a matter of a few trading days this stock moved from ten dollars a share to you know like sixty seventy

Dollars a share right and then it kind of stayed in that elevated range for around a month roughly here it made another big upward move that was around a month in time roughly and then it kind of stayed elevated and then it just you know there was just kind of no news no hype no excitement nothing happening and then all of a sudden very recently we’ve had also an

Excitement coming to that stock again right and so i think it’s important to remember these moves don’t last a super long time right now also think about it like this right this is very important think about it like this imagine um you know you’re somebody that that likes to get into this sort of activity and you like to play the hot stocks right well you understand


A lot of people have been burnt by getting in the stocks kind of late to the game and so i would imagine people will be a lot smarter this time around and kind of realize oh man you know maybe this thing won’t last as long and maybe i shouldn’t fomo into this and they’ll go in more cautiously and the reason they’re going more cautiously is because a lot of people

Have been burned we can’t deny that you are still a ton of people you know getting into the stocking during this time period and that’s why it stayed elevated in that range right you had a ton of people saying oh you know this baby’s going to 100 it’s going 200 years people saying i was going with a thousand right and everybody was funneling funnel in and then next

Thing you know you know people start to funnel out funnel out and then just kind of you know drift it down right and so i think a lot of people are going to look at this epic move and say ah boy yeah it’s got a lot of hype and a lot of fomo around it right now but i i don’t know about buying at the peak and so you could see a lot of these moves um not last as long

With these stocks and you know in terms of trying to get it to go for a month straight that might be a very very difficult challenge now a very very difficult challenge because people look at it and they’re like i’m not falling for that trick again right and so that’s something to kind of keep in mind there and when it comes to gamestop even when it comes to tesla

With tesla you get a lot more of the wall street money in there because it’s such a large market capitalization um that it can kind of go through these these sorts of moves now the good thing for a tesla versus like an amc and a gamestop is you know tesla has actual numbers to like back it up like you know massive growth uh massive revenue company right uh their

Net incomes could even even increase at a more rapid clip than their actual revenue so like tesla has that fundamental case behind it and that’s why i think a lot of wall street likes to play that a little more because it’s like you get that hype but you also get the fundamentals but you can’t deny the fact that you know these other stocks that are smaller than

Market caps like an amc gamestop they’re going to move way way bigger than a tax side right look at the tesla for instance today on the stock split news it’s up eight percent which is a great day but look at amc on the back of uh you know we might do a bunch of more big deals that stock moves 40 look at a game stop today it’s it’s brother moves up huge and so the

Next thing you know game stop is all of a sudden up you know uh 24 today and so that’s kind of some food for thought there guys so craziness happened in the market i had to cover this for you guys i hope you enjoyed as always let me know if you own any of these stocks you got an opinion down in the comment section love to hear from you guys as always thank you for

Master works for sponsoring today’s video in a crazy market like we’re in right now guys definitely check out masterworks that’s a pretty phenomenal uh investment opportunity there in the art space so if you want to check that out check out pin comment down there to learn a little bit more much love and have a great day

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