I Found a Way to Always Win at a Casino, Heres How

I found a way to make money off a casino with high probability. If you’re looking to make a little cash while testing out some new casinos, this is a great way to explore this without spending your own money.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m going to talk about how i found a way to always win at a casino this video is brought to you by weeble don’t forget to get your two free shares of stock just for signing up and depositing a hundred dollars this hundred dollars that you deposit is your own money you can liquidate these two shares after you

Get them and so there’s no risk involved check out my referral link down in the video description below few days ago i talked about how you can never win at a casino except for skill based games kind of like poker or whatnot but i do have a story on how i was able to with 95 to 100 certainty that i can make real money from a casino not a lot of money because you

Cannot keep on repeating this over and over again and get millions and millions of dollars but it is some way to go play at a casino and you can actually get real money out which i knitted about 62 or so the first way is to sign up for the players club rewards at various casinos many of these casinos will give you free slot play now when i first thought about

This it doesn’t seem like you get free money right because it’s free slot play which means they give you money maybe five dollars ten dollars twenty dollars to put into the slot it’s not like this is cash that they’re giving you and then you can take this cash and run right so this free slot play is essentially you have to pay this money now how do you actually

Withdraw this money from the slot machine the way to do this is actually every single time that you win you need to cash out so let’s say you have ten dollars of free slot play preferably you want to go to a machine that has a high payout and you can play at least maybe 50 times or 100 times so you definitely cannot play at a machine that is uh one bet for one

Dollar so you only get to play 10 times right so you want to play many times because you want the statistics to work in your favor you want to do it many many times so that on average you get the average amount of payout if you have ten dollar slot play and you play at a ten dollar machine let’s say you only get one shot at it and the statistics doesn’t work in

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Your favor because there might be a 50 chance that you lose it all and 50 that you might get a little bit back so this is not what we’re talking about here you need to play the statistics here so let’s say you play at a penny slot maybe you have to play 20 lines 40 lines or something right so if you have 10 dollars to play and you bet 40 cents each time this

Means you can essentially play 25 times not too good but it might just be sufficient for the statistics to work in your favor this is how it works you play one time you may or may not win you play a second time you may or may not win again so over the course of 25 times it’s pretty likely you might win at least once or twice who knows how much you’re gonna win

It depends on the slot machine it depends on the casino if the slot machines are really loose but every single time that you win let’s say you win like a dollar twenty or something right this dollar twenty you can actually cash out so over the course of this 10 dollars that you’re spending down this is the free money that the casino gave you for signing up for

A player’s car you just keep on cashing out you cash out 20 cents here three dollars there this eventually adds up now the expected value is probably around 90 cents on the dollar using this expected value if you play ten dollars you might just be able to withdraw nine dollars back of course because it’s 25 trials here you might get more money or you might get

Less money back now this is exactly what i did one time when i went to the casino i just signed up to all the players card some places i got five dollars some places i got ten dollars and other places they might let you spin some wheel or something all of this you have to sign up to their players card i believe i want two free drinks so if you just keep on doing

This you might have a really good time for a day or two and until you exhaust your ability to get brand new players card i would say this is also kind of fun because you get to visit various casinos you get to see different ways if you don’t really play slots at all this would give you a chance to play slots without even spending on your own money but there’s a

Dangerous thing here if you kind of like have the gambling gene if you go and sign up for these things and you start playing you might get sucked into it another way casinos will try to get you play is to give you a five dollar free match play now when i first looked at this i did not think i could actually kind of wrangle money out of this because one you have


To pay five dollars and they would match you five dollars so if you think of playing blackjack right i don’t have very good skill playing at blackjack i cannot memorize card numbers or whatever counting cards in my head or anything so i just think of the simplest case which is just play roulette if you put down five dollars on let’s say red you’re essentially

Getting about a 47 chance of winning this isn’t very good now if you’re there alone and you get five dollar free match play you can put five dollars on red they’re gonna match you five dollars this is not your money or anything it’s a match so if you win you’re gonna win ten dollars instead of five dollars but if you lose you’re gonna lose five dollars the

Chances of winning is about 47 on a roulette table if you bet on red the chances of losing it’s about 53 now this is not very good odds at all this is essentially gambling still because it’s kind of like 50 50. you put five dollars here there’s roughly 50 50 chance of you winning versus losing so why would i do this if you lose you lose five dollars if you win

You win 10 but these chances are still not good enough in my perspective so i was there with a friend and i came up with this idea hey why don’t we each bet on red and also black at the same time and we both do the match play so how does this work this then becomes roughly a 95 chance that either of us will win because there’s still about a 5 chance that will

Hit zero or double zero ninety-five percent chance of winning of either of us winning is a pretty good chance instead of you know like 50 50 right so i have this arrangement where if either of us win we’re gonna pay the other person out whatever we put in so there is very little risk of losing your money there is five percent chance of both of us losing money

Which is not ideal but this 95 chance of winning essentially makes it so that you can withdraw money from this match bet play now each of us put in five dollars both of us have match play if either of us win which is a 95 chance then we’re gonna win 10 so total you still have 15 dollars that you can take back out of the table so after you play one single time


You take 15 dollars back out between the two of you you have 15 right so you can take one five dollars and pay the other person because the other person doesn’t want to risk anything you can have whatever arrangement that you want you can not have this arrangement at all and whoever wins is going to get ten dollars just for putting in five dollars now if you have

This arrangement you can take one of the five dollars and give it back to the other person and at least one of you would win five dollars there is a 95 chance of this happening so this is a relatively good idea you can also have an arrangement where you split the profits here where you get 15 okay you’re gonna split it 750 each so both of you is gonna win two

Dollars and fifty cents now some sign up bonuses for players rewards card will ask you to lose twenty dollars before they will give you twenty dollars of free slot play so you’re not given twenty dollars after you lose twenty dollars you’re only given twenty dollars of slot play which means you have to play that twenty dollars you cannot just take that 20 and go

Okay i lost it so now your break even no this is not the way it works so after you lose 20 in order to get 20 out the statistics does not work here because the expected value of playing twenty dollars is not actually 20 it’s more like 18 on average so in order to earn money on this you actually have to earn a little bit of money in your initial loss of 20 it is

Unclear if it’s a net loss of 20 or if you just need to spend twenty dollars out of the slot machine this deal is probably not as good as the one where they just give you money and then you can play the slots thanks for watching this video don’t forget to get your two free shares at weeble this is not gambling at all this is putting your hundred dollars in you’re

Definitely gonna get these two free shares and this 100 is not money spent at a slot machine or anything this is an investment account you put money in you can just as well take that 100 out as long as you didn’t lose money investing on anything check out my referral link down in the video description below and don’t forget to like and subscribe for more thanks for watching you

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