I have been Brutalized

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Well folks the day has come after 14 years of investing after six years of being on youtube one of my companies has gone under voyager digital and uh boy did i get brutalized today a lot of people woke up early got ready got their cup of coffee in and got ready to make that video right just absolutely brutalizing me right and um you know i i was cussed out i was

Called about every name in the book and i guess that’s to be expected right you know um i have a lot of disagreements with a lot of people on on youtube right the one place i never step over my bounds is like cussing people out calling a bunch of names and things like that although i very much disagree with a lot of folks approaches in the market the products they

Sell how they hide their losses and they never show those how they never show what moves they’re actually making um their buy orders are sell orders they’re never showing their losses they’re never showing their p l right they’re never showing what they actually pay the irs they’re never showing their statements from their brokerages right which are all things i’ve

Done i showed exactly how much money i made down to the penny last year from fidelity investments i show i talk about all the stocks i’m buying the stocks i’m selling the moves i’m making in the market i’ve had a public account for years now and i’ve documented every single buy and sell order in the history of that account and i’ve done all that and so many other

People don’t even come close to doing that right uh they don’t do anything but they they attack obviously right and so i never call people a bunch of names and i’ve stayed consistent with that and i’m going to stay consistent to that to this day and is it tough to when you’re brutalized like that not to fire back i guess absolutely um but i always think about like

You know like am i gonna look back at that thing because you know a bunch of people called me a bunch of names then i fired back and cuss them out and things like that and i just feel like if i look back in history i’m going to be like uh like like why did i say all that stuff you know i was really caught up in that moment right you know a lot of these people that

All made videos today none of them even show what they do in the market they don’t show that they hide they hide their losses they hide everything um they deflect they they don’t they don’t show anything man you know me i show it like if i lose money in a stock i lost almost 300k in voyager right i showed that i showed screenshots of that i have no problem showing

Those things right it’s like i think it should be part of the process of being on youtube in the finance space so you should show your gains and show your losses but the fact is a lot of these individuals don’t want to do that because what they believe is if you show your losses you’re done your credibility is done and all those things like that right which is

Just not my belief whatsoever i think if you have losses you should show those these other individuals they don’t show their losses and dang do they lose a lot of money but they don’t ever show it they don’t ever disclose it they hide they hide they hide but somebody that is open and does show i lost all this money in the stock over here boy are they they ready


To attack that right and uh it makes you say like i wonder why wonder why right and um it’s it’s life it’s part of it right they scream out obviously my failures they whisper my accomplishments they don’t talk about the stocks that have gone up they don’t talk about you know how much money i made from certain stocks out there they don’t do that but as soon as i

Have a failure like this man they’re ready to scream it from the rooftops right and you know it’s just that’s i guess that’s what i signed up for right it’s a i have a big brand i get a lot of views um you know and i’ve built this out for years and years and uh you know it’s just it’s funny how that works right you know any success and all future successes they

Will they’re not going to say a thing about it none of these people that you know came out and attacked none of them are going to say anything positive about anything that goes right for me in the future right but boy if anything goes wrong in the future they will be 100 there and ready to attack 100 and you can count on that they will be there right just as we

Saw today like think about how many people were just waiting just waiting for the day like oh i can’t wait till voyager announces bankruptcy oh i can’t wait i can’t wait to make that video on jeremy and oh he lost all that money oh i can’t wait he lost all those 300 000. they were just waiting on it man they they could that was like this was their super bowl

Today was these guys super bowl man it was their super bowl like oh my gosh i can’t believe this is the greatest day ever you know one of jeremy’s stocks just went under you know crazy man you know but hey super bowl day you got to show up for super bowl dave right you know it makes a lot of these individuals feel better um you know and to to point at somebody

Else if you have losses but somebody else loses money um it’s very easy and it almost makes you feel good that that other person there is doing worse than you right so let’s say you’re down you know 50 on a stock it makes some people feel better to appoint the other guy losing 70 or 100 and say look at him he’s a he’s so such an idiot right you know i was at um i

Took my kids somewhere today and uh you know they’re playing like a hide and seek game and one of the other kids uh you know he got found essentially right and as soon as he got found he starts announcing like where all the other kids are hiding hey have you looked over here you know and it’s just like it’s funny how that works right and adults do the same thing

It makes them feel better to you know shame other people shame shame it’s like you ever seen the scene in uh game of thrones what is that daenerys or cersei’s or whatever and they’re they’re shaming her and you know making her walk all around newton and what not shame shame it makes it makes some you know other folks feel better and although they have massive

Losses and sometimes much worse losses they don’t show it they hide they hide they hide and uh they’d rather publicly shame somebody else and it makes it good to deflect on somebody else hey look it yeah my stocks are all down down down but look at this person is down more they lost everything on this stock over there yeah it was just one of 25 stocks jeremy owns

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But still one of his stocks went under right and um that’s that’s that’s the social media world we’re in nowadays and that’s not going away unfortunately that’s just part of the process right and um you know the bigger brand you are the more known you are obviously the more you have to deal with that right now when it comes to voyager let me speak on voyager for

Just a minute and i have a big challenge for you know these folks you know i want to get into that in just a minute but voyager you know obviously i needed i wanted some sort of crypto exposure sure looking back in hindsight i should have kept my crypto exposure to zero right that would have been awesome but when i looked at it in 2021 um i was looking for some

Sort of crypto exposure so my thing was i was either going to put a few hundred thousand dollars in ethereum i was going to put a few hundred thousand dollars in what i had found which was voyager digital right and so with voyager digital this was this brokerage that was obviously growing like crazy and i mean if you want to talk about the numbers the numbers for

Voyager were extraordinary no one can deny that the user growth numbers uh starting to get to profitability the assets under management um you know where they were ranking in the app store they were doing partnerships with like mark cuban and the dallas mavericks and like like you can’t deny the fact that voyager had their stuff together when it came to numbers

There was nothing you could poke out and be like that’s a bad number their numbers were incredible the one thing we couldn’t see with voyager right was that they would lend a bunch of money to a hedge fund that ended up going on during the tara luna situation right and voyager was stuck holding a 600 million plus dollar bag i didn’t see that coming i wish i would

Have i would have never invested in the stock and lost myself 300k if i’d known they were gonna do that obviously um but i did not see that that situation coming and it came and it took down the whole company and it sucks um and that’s you know it’s a big l right and it hurts um you know hurts not just financially because it’s like almost 300k but it hurts on uh

You know a win and loss record right it’s it’s an it’s a real l and uh that’s no fun but um you know i could have put the money obviously in ethereum i’d still be down huge on ethereum by the way i think i’d be down like 60 or 70 percent but i wouldn’t be down like 100 right so you know looking at that i wish i would have known that they were gonna lend money to a

Hedge fund that went under but i did not um all i knew is their growth was insane the numbers were insane all the financials were looking really dang good the balance sheet they had an incredible amount of cash compared to the market capitalization of the company um but it all parallels in comparison to when you loan out money to a hedge fund which we didn’t know

About that particular hedge fund that ends up going on during a situation so um yeah you know sucks man sucks um and yeah so i have a big challenge you know to all these youtubers that uh you know let’s say get 10 000 plus views of video right and want to you know say i’m such an idiot i’m clueless i don’t know anything um you know i’m the worst investor blah blah

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Blah and they’re just ganging up on me right now i issue you a challenge okay and i know every single one of those people is watching this video right now so don’t turn it off now okay i’m missing you a challenge and this is final being open and i know you guys don’t like to be open you like to hide hide hide i like to be open here’s what we’re going to do we’re

Going to do a one three and five year challenge okay we can set up an excel spreadsheet we’ll link it in the description of all our videos and we each get to pick 10 stocks or etfs whatever it doesn’t matter to me and we’ll see who does better over the next one year three years five years how about that and take me up on that challenge and we’ll see and if you’re

All that that you say you are right and i’m such a clueless idiot that i don’t know what i’m doing then you should easily beat me right let’s do it we could start it this month we could start it in august first we can pick our 10 stocks you can pick 10 uh etfs whatever 10 index funds i don’t care what you pick we’ll all pick 10 and we’ll see who does better all you

Got to get is a minimum of 10 000 views a video and we’ll do this challenge and like i said we’ll link it in every single one of our videos in the description areas everybody will be able to track all the audience will be able to track over the coming years i almost guarantee you none of these individuals despite just hearing that will take me up on that and it’s

Easy for you guys to reach out reach out to me on instagram and let’s get this challenge going i guarantee you no one’s going to end up doing it and the reason being essentially the reason these individuals won’t do it is they just called me a clueless idiot that i don’t know anything and i’m so stupid blah blah blah right and so now if they lose to me publicly

You want to talk about real shame it’s no different than the boxer that says i’m going to kick so-and-so’s ass i you know i can own them you know i’m going to knock them out and then they lose the fight right um i’m willing to do it but i just know these individuals won’t do it because they hide everything they hide everything they don’t want to show anything and

They don’t want to get humiliated and embarrassed when i destroy them over the next one three and five years so um i’m willing to do it and i got a bigger brand than all these people all these people unless your name’s kevin graham or andre i got a bigger brand than you so like all those other people that just made those videos today that have the big brands that

You know get 10 000 plus views of video like here’s your challenge so you’re going to get more out of it than i’m going to get out of it i can tell you that the only thing you’re going to get out of it is is losing over the coming years so uh let’s see i’ll wait i’ll wait i’m right here okay much love as always guys and uh have a great day

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I have been Brutalized By Financial Education

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