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Well holy smokes folks this ain’t no dang jokers the chef is moving up big here today and do i have some big news okay i have some big news to share you will not see what i’m about to share in a press release or anything like that right now okay this is some real news on the dl and i want to frame this properly and explain to folks why this is such a big deal

Okay no first off here the chef making a very very nice upward move here today uh i mean 5.7 as of right now as i’ve prepped this video your stock went up even more um not at a 52 week high but dang it has come back strong look at the one month chart on this baby i mean ever since it hit 16 bucks that baby like jumped on the biggest trampoline and just went zoom

Like to the sky i mean it’s it’s been quite a move needless to say in this one in a very quick amount of time and a lot of folks don’t even know about this news i’m about to share with you guys here in this video my gosh okay yeah it’s a 65 000 upward move just with the chef’s shares in my main private account today so whoo man has it been a big turn now we’re up

About a quarter million dollars in the stock this is just out after we were down you know a pretty decent amount just a couple weeks ago that’s stock market for you man it can be you know rough times to good times good times and bad times it changes real quick okay by the way i hope you guys enjoy this video as always i’ll ask in returns that you smash that like

Button it’s literally that guys helps out huge and youtube algorithm oh by the way just so you know did launch a huge brand new course i know a lot of you guys will love how to invest like a pro in 24 hours or less if you want to check that out check out the pig comment down there okay so i want to frame this properly okay and why is it such a huge deal when i

First started buying tesla um that was what 2018 roughly you know uh the shorts the naysayers on this company they had a lot of bad things to say right one being well they had three products in the lineup right and one of them they were trying to ramp and there was a lot of can you know questions can they even ramp successfully blah blah blah and they’re like

Oh those two other products they hardly even sell right model s model x at least if you compare them to like um you know other car companies like how well their products sell and so you know this is the way shorts were viewing it and people that were naysayers in the company and the way i was viewing it as this company’s innovating they’re going to keep coming

Out with more products newer products at different price points that will excite uh you know customers the companies you if you just looked at their track record they had been on over the last you know seven or eight years the company did nothing but innovate and continue to build their brand continue to you know come out with new products and services that folks

Would be interested and so i was like this isn’t slowing down this is just going to ramp up more and more sure enough over time they launched the model y which is obviously can you know unbelievable success and who knows maybe that even sells better than model 3 over time right and then cyber truck they obviously showed that product off here a couple years ago

They’re expected to get into production within probably the next i wouldn’t be surprised within the next six months when it comes to cyber truck right and that could be tesla’s number one selling product honestly in the united states of america right the company just continues to innovate continues to push you know this was something that the short sellers or the

Naysayers in the company didn’t even have in their books right now you used to talk about this all the time you know self-driving and how tesla was on the forefront of this and had a great possibility well nowadays it’s really viewed as tesla’s probably the leader in that market right and that’s the way a lot of folks and now you know they might even come out with

A robot you know it’s getting crazy over there tesla you know they’re trying to go after a multi-trillion dollar opportunity like a whole other type of scale right but at the end of the day companies that innovate and continue to push the boundaries they continue to thrive right you the last thing you want to do if you’re a company is stagnate you want innovation

Innovation that’s what i saw in tesla and it’s obviously paid off on you know unbelievable right if you look at apple over the past 10 20 years you know the companies didn’t done nothing but just continue to come out with new products and services that are real intriguing this used to be a company that was just a desktop computer company laptop company but what

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You saw when say especially once they start launching the ipod products was oh my gosh this company is going to continue to come out with new products at new price points and it you know excite customers and get more revenue streams right and next thing you know 2007 comes they launch the iphone show that off 2010 they launch ipads and then they launch different

Versions of ipads right and then they obviously launch apple watch and you know speakers and apple tv and so many other products now never mind their software business and how big that is and so great companies that innovate they keep on innovating okay now when you’re talking about companies like tesla apple those are you know multi-trillion dollar type opportunities

Right the tests are apple for instance so it’s already a multi-trillion dollar company right a lot of folks feel like tesla will become a multi-trillion dollar company over the next five ten years right those are crazy opportunities but let’s talk about a food and drink company monster right this this is a product that was launched in 2002. this this product you’re

Watching in front of you right now this product and that was it right and this was a this was a great step up for that company because that was hansen’s natural beverage back in the day and they were just a juice company you know a floundering juice company right and they launched this product and it completely changes the business forever right and now if you if

You look at that company after that point they just continue to innovate and innovate and that’s what made it such a great stock and one of the best stocks you could possibly be in uh from basically 2000 to 2020 this is one of the best stocks in the entire stock market could have been in a drink company right it doesn’t seem like anything special but they continued

To innovate they came out with a sugarless drink right they came out with the other drinks that were mixed with other products that had different flavor profiles and lemonades and teas and juice products right then they launched a whole other brand to compete with bang which is called rain right and rain is now a multi-billion dollar brand likely in itself if that

Was a standalone company and so it’s a great company it just continues to innovate continues to push their marketing and as you know just continue to build up a beast of a company right and so that takes us to tattoo chef here today right where tattooed chef you know the shorts and the naysayers they’re going to act like oh this is just a company that you know

Is selling some vegetable blends in costco and sam’s club or something like that right that’s what you’re going to hear from those folks right because that’s you know where the company has kind of started as far as building their brand but then they launched into smoothie bowls and really started building that out in the back half of last year then single serve

Bowls which has taken off like crazy this year meat alternatives the plant-based pizzas which now i just uh last night i went to my local smiths smith’s is owned by kroger for those that don’t know okay and i just saw tattooed chef pizzas in the smith stores i bought a couple myself and that is really really darn exciting right so now the company has pushed into

All these different verticals and inside these verticals they create multiple skews so it’s not like they just have one one uh you know a smoothie bowl now they have multiple smoothie bowls uh the single serve bowls it’s not like they just have one like cauliflower mac and cheese no they have a you know a ton of different ones and then they’re just going to keep

Expanding that right same thing with vegetable blends meat alternative same exact thing and they’re making all their own plant-based products now as far as meats as well don’t be surprised if they compete bigger and bigger in that space over time right the plant-based pizzas oh maybe they just launched a pepperoni one and a cheese one at first also next thing you

Know it’s this one that one you know it’s like 10 different pizzas they have to offer right but then we take it one step further and all sun you know folks uh that are that are naysayers on this company short sellers what are they gonna say they’re gonna say it’s just a frozen food company that’s all they can’t get out of the frozen aisle right wow what if i

Told you that’s a little false just last night i posted in the private discord chat in the private stock group i posted this picture and i’m gonna go ahead and highlight for that for you guys okay a little secret download stuff here okay this what you’re looking at here is uh the trademarks website united states patent and trademark office and what do we see here

Tattoo chef has went ahead and made trademarks for chips cassava chips tortilla chips plant-based snacks hmm that could be a lot of different things nutritional bars and meal replacement bars yes the chef is about to not just become a frozen food company even though the frozen food opportunity for this company is a multi multi multi billion dollar opportunity

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For this company just in itself just a frozen food opportunity you know when you’re talking about a lot of these big frozen food brands you know we’re talking 20 30 40 50 different skus in one major grocery store tattoo chef has launched in a lot of these stores with what six skus four skus eight skus so where do you think this company’s going so the frozen food

Opportunities are crazy big but then you’re talking about this is this company’s on its way to becoming a food giant which is the way i’ve always viewed it right when you talk about getting into chips tortilla chips plant-based snacks nutritional bars meal replacement bars all those sorts of things this is when you take um the next leap forward just as a company

In general okay and you’re trying to become a massive food conglomerate and this is you know if you’re talking about you know food companies or just companies in general right that are huge in consumer package products they have a ton of different touch points essentially right it’s not like coca-cola all they own is coca-cola and diet coke and coke zero they

Own a million other soda brands and just different brands in general okay unilever same thing look at pepsico if you really know how many different brands and products pepsico owns it’s crazy and i’ll send you like holy smokes pepsico like has like a you know a near monopoly steak in in the chip game essentially and a lot of folks don’t even know that they own

The chip game essentially right it’s absolutely incredible you look at all the different brands that pepsico owns it’s incredible right kellogg so many different touch points so many different you know angles look at a company like general mills same exact thing mondelez right and you look at these companies and it’s extraordinary these companies have all become

You know uh 10 billion to multi hundred billion dollar companies right some of these companies are like in that you know maybe 20 50 billion dollar valuations some of these are multi hundred billion dollar actually most of these are multi hundred billion dollar valuations right and it’s because they have so many successful products that that are a consumer touch

Points it’s so many different categories and around the globe and what’s interesting a lot around a lot of these brands is because they’re old-school food companies they had to acquire a ton of different brands over time you know when most of these brands were built out there was not social media and it was very unrealistic to build uh you know or at least it

Was thought back then that you couldn’t build one brand and have a ton of different products around one brand it was like you had to launch a different brand a different brand and then you had to acquire companies right and so that was the way it was viewed back then but what tattoo chef’s doing what makes this company special is they’re going to end up being in a

Situation where this company is creating all around one brand okay which is tattooed chef and so tattoo chef is going to become a company that is known not just for single serve bowls smoothie bowls vegetable blends meat alternative you know pizzas things like that right but they’re going to be known for chips nutritional bars and things like that right now here’s

Where things get next level crazy all right so first off think about this for a moment if all you have is one brand the amount of marketing spend you have to do on that brand is exponentially lower because think about it from this context right you know the the only good thing for a lot of these companies is a lot of these brands are built so people are used to

Buying them like you know i’m gonna buy some coke zero right because i’m used to buying it but the bad thing is when you’re these big conglomerates you have a million different brands you have to spend advertising money to keep those brands relevant all the time to the next generation next generation right and you have to constantly spend on all these different

Brands versus imagine if they just own one big brand that had all these different touch points right and where it was a trusted brand that people loved and they’re like i love you know this product in this category in this category right if all of a sudden you can do that now you only have to spend your marketing dollars on one brand versus a million different

Brands and so that’s a factor that the short sellers and naysayers it’s not even they can’t even comprehend this stuff they can’t even comprehend the fact that you only have to spend uh advertising dollars on one brand or worry about one brand rather than a hundred different brands versus these other companies right also keep in mind right keep in mind that these

Products tattoo chef is creating you know the short sellers will say they’re not that profitable today right well uh imagine as this business scales how profitable these products are for instance at that smith’s last night okay you know like i just wish like the shorts and the naysayers would like spend just a few minutes to just think about these things logically

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Right i buy one of these these pizzas last night right uh it was i think it was 6.99 if i recall i bought two of them it was 6.99 each right and i’m looking at this pizza and i’m like as tattooed chef gets bigger and bigger distribution and brings down costs i think these pizzas are going to cost like you know in terms of how much it costs to make the product i

Think less than a dollar literally okay and so i think tattoo chef could be even doing deals in the future like two for 10 you know 3 for 12 things like that and still be making some crazy profits while taking huge market share i think because they’ve launched a brand with kind of a premium cashier around it and at premium price points you could always come down on

Price point right and especially as this business scales and gets bigger and bigger and bigger i think the margins are going to be ridiculous for this company i think the margins are going to be some of the most attractive you’ve ever seen in the food category in general and so there’s just no doubt in my mind like i just look at the products and i’m like man how

Much could this really cost us this business scales like literally you buy some of their products and it’s like oh this is good but it’s like there’s no way this costs even remotely close to 4.99 to do this product or 599 or something like that it’s you know like dollar maybe two dollar cost if even that right and that’s even including the packaging right so when

I look at tattoo chef i see a business that is going to emerge and become a food giant over time this is you know something that’s going to play out over the next five plus years that we’re going to watch right in front of our eyes or it becomes a food giant and then not only that it becomes much more profitable than any of these food companies we’ve seen before

And when i say much more profitable i don’t mean they’re going to overtake coca-cola’s net income let me be very clear about that what i’m saying is essentially for every one dollar that comes through revenue the the the percentage that makes it its way down to net income is going to be crazy because they’re building all around one brand they don’t have to worry

About a million different brands and all those reputations of all those different brands right in advertising for all those brands they’ve got one brand to worry about and then they can launch that brand and immediately folks will know imagine as tattooed chef gets bigger and bigger and bigger right as this company gets more and more popular more and more folks try

Their products and know about it if all of a sudden you see tattoos chef have a meal replacement bar immediately you know hey i like tattooed chef’s uh smoothie bowls i’m gonna probably like this as well right rather than start a brand new brand over and you’re like i gotta start this over right you’re already familiar with that you already know that you already

Trust that right and you we’ve already seen tattoo chef do this very you know just they’ve executed so well on this where all cinnamon was like they they created this product and now you want to try their other products right they’re single serve bowls and then you want to try their pizzas and so already doing it in that they’re going to be able to emulate that

Success and do it into these new product categories which is absolutely a massive massive game changer for this company over the next five plus years and all of a sudden you’re going to walk into a grocery store i imagine walking into a grocery store three years from now five years from now and you’re going to see i mean a shooter might even be sooner than that

You’re going to see tattooed chef have have full doors if not multiple full doors in the freezer aisle then you’re going to walk down the snack aisle and likely see a bunch of items you might walk down the diet aisle and see a bunch of different items in there and you’re going to be like holy smokers this ain’t no jokers tattoo chef’s a real deal holy field okay

They’re gonna they’re they’re respected as a food giant over time in my opinion so hope you guys enjoyed this video as always and uh yeah the most innovative company by far and away in the food game right now is tattoo chef and it’s not even remotely close it’s them and i don’t even know who’s number two but number two so far behind him it’s not even funny and

Anyways guys hope you enjoyed this video as always much love don’t forget to smash that like button before you leave for the youtube algorithm appreciate you guys if you wanna check out that course it’s brand new check it out how to invest like a pro in 24 hours or less they’ll be pinned comment down there and have a great day

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