I have The Rona. Recovering health Update

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Hey there guys uh first off hope everybody’s doing uh really good out there as always um so i just want to do this video because i’ve seen like a crazy amount of like support and stuff um people asking like how i’m doing and things like that and first off i just want to say like thanks for the love uh means a lot and the concern and those sorts of things like the

Amount of messages i’ve seen on like stock hub and like in the private group and then like instagram dms and like um you know even from other people like text and stuff like that and then i was even watching like um a youtube video yesterday and like people were asking one of my peers in the comment section for an update on how i’m doing so like at that point i

Was just like you know i’m just going to do this video and i’m just going to tell everybody kind of how i’m doing and and how things are going because obviously this can be a you know a crazy situation where you know some people you know have very little effect some people have mild some people have moderate and some people unfortunately um it takes everything

From them so um you know including their life so um just wanted to kind of talk about what has been going on with me um where i’m at in the process and those sorts of things so yeah i do have the roney rona i’ve recorded some videos last week when i had the fever at first and it was like a mild fever so i was still kind of able to work a little bit like i wasn’t

Quite right but i was still like working and stuff like that um i was still doing some youtube videos this was on like probably like tuesday i think and i was still like talking with the team and those sorts of things and still kind of treating life a little bit like it was normal at that point in time i remember a lot of people in the comments were like you you

Have the rona you have the ronin and stuff like that and it’s like you know you never really know because i mean there’s a lot of things you can get the fever from but obviously right now if you you know go under the weather everybody automatically assumes you know you got the the roni rhona so um and by the way just to quickly update i i am in quarantine right

Now i am getting better uh but tuesday uh election day is actually when i started i woke up that day and well i almost feel like it started a little bit before that because a few days before that i had been going to bed super late which you guys know me i’m gonna try to get more on a schedule and get my sleep schedule right but i’ve been going to bed at like 4

5 6 a.m some days like 7 00 am and every day i would wake up i was just really really exhausted leading up into that tuesday and that tuesday i got up and i was like i don’t feel right like i feel like i have a fever like and then if like i move my eyes to like the side at all i hurt bad like really really bad um and so i was like okay something’s wrong with me

Definitely so i was like okay whatever i’ll just kind of lay on the couch i did end up doing a little work that day and stuff um but for the most part i just kind of laid it around watching tv just hung out did a little bit of work and that was kind of the day like there was you know it was obvious something was wrong with me but i feel like my body was telling

Me something was wrong with me before that because of how tired i was every single day i was waking up i was exhausted i want to sleep more but you know i was like oh i got work to do so i mean i can’t just sleep all day so um yeah that was that was that was the day it started and so then we get into wednesday wednesday i’m running a slight fever again you know

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Really no other symptoms other than that not doing horrible or anything like that but i had more and more people saying you know i should go get tested and things like that so uh wednesday night i think it was i had my wife set up for us to get tested uh for the roney rona and so she set up an appointment we didn’t know like what this whole situation was going

To be like so she set up an appointment for that thursday at the thomas and max center which is where the unlv college basketball team plays and things like that so she she set up this test and you know even though we had an appointment it wasn’t just like you just go right in there and get your test done or something like that you had to stand in line and

This line was long and so we’re standing there and everything’s kind of going okay and then we’ve you know finally starting to move up in the line and move up but man we’re in line for a long time like i’m talking like an hour and then we get up to where you kind of like check in and like get your ids and stuff and and you know i’m sure the gentleman was working

As fast he could but man it took on it took him probably 20 to 30 minutes to get us checked in and remember you’re standing up during all this and i just i just got so exhausted out of nowhere i thought i was going to fall down and i thought okay we’re about to go up because i saw other people going up but i guess because we were like a family we had to go to

Another line where we had to wait again and i started getting so physically tired that i ended up almost fainting like i was i i don’t know if i can think of a time i’ve been that exhausted in my life like i was done and i was literally had my hands on my knees just like trying to like stay awake basically because i felt like any second i was just gonna like

Fall over and like pass out and then it’s finally time for us to get up there and my wife saw what was going on with me and she’s like can somebody get a him a chair and like so you know it’s pretty much mostly like soldiers that were like you know in charge of this and whatnot so somebody brought you know i wish i could have told them thank you but i couldn’t

Because i was so done but they brought me over a chair real quick i sat down and i i was just dead i was just like so done i can’t even explain it and i took off my mask which you’re not supposed to do and i guess my lips were just like completely white and i was just like it was crazy that took everything out of me and i mean everything um and so yeah my wife’s

Like um you know he needs water and so you know she told to one of the soldiers and then he told um you know to another one they they quick brought me water and i was just like i just remember like opening it and just like drinking and being so like out of it and then i kind of got my like wits together enough um and i remember the soldiers kept telling me put

My mask on and i like put it on but i think i would take it off i’m sorry man if anybody’s watching this that was there it’s just like i was just i was just like done man but um so then i kind of got my wits together enough and i was like i couldn’t even like see i literally couldn’t even see and i was like grabbing the thing and i had to ask my brother-in-law

I was like what side do i put in my nose and he’s like okay you need to break it in half so i was like broke this thing in half and i like did the thing you know on your nose and then i like i was like could barely see and i somehow put in the tube and i was just like i was so done i can’t even explain it and somehow i walk with my wife back to the car and um

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We drove straight home she wanted to know if i want to stop to get anything to eat and i was like no just straight home and yeah i was just so done and um so we drove you know straight home and i just went straight upstairs straight to bed and just like was done i think i had her make yeah i had her make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich which is random

With some chocolate milk because i felt like maybe i need to get my sugar levels up or something and i just she brought that put it on the side of the bed and i just like ate that and just passed out i was completely passed out um for you know several hours and yeah you know at that point it was it was pretty obvious you know things were things were not right

And so yeah that was that was rough man i didn’t know it was going to be like that that’s all you know before when we went there i was like oh you know maybe i’ll record a video later today maybe we’ll do this maybe we’ll do that and literally just by standing in line for about an hour and a half it took literally everything out of me to the point where i almost

Completely collapsed crazy so friday i pretty much spent most a day just in bed just kind of resting things like that saturday morning it was confirmed we did have it the test results came back and yeah we we did have it well you know especially me so um you know it is one of those things when you find out it’s like you you know it could happen so you’re kind

Of like it didn’t like surprise me or something like that because it’s like you know this is just one of those things that’s going around like especially it’s right now it’s especially going around like crazy so it’s just like you know eventually it’s probably gonna get you and you know it got me so um yeah we kept found out was confirmed i didn’t feel too bad

On saturday despite you know finding out so most of the day i just spent on the couch just kind of watching some college football things like that um just not doing really much at all to be completely honest still have had an appetite the whole time for the most part other than maybe the first day or two but yeah i’m still like hungry still eating good and stuff

Like that so but yeah just pretty much hanging out as far as my wife she came back actually negative which i have no clue how like that’s nuts like that’s just crazy like i feel like she would have to have it like she must have super immunity or something one of my kids my three-year-old he came back positive and he’s had a little fever on and off things like

That my um six-year-old came back negative so doesn’t look like he has it i don’t get how he would have it my brother-in-law who does all her video editing chris he has it as well i think he got it uh maybe a week or two before and i think i got it from him you know obviously we share the office space so on the computer you know boom boom boom you know eventually

Something’s gonna happen there so um so yeah that’s that’s kind of where we’re at hoping for the best with my wife and my six-year-old we’ll see so sunday yesterday uh felt better pretty much every day has been a slight improvement since probably thursday thursday was the bottom because that whole line situation being just done friday was slightly better than

Thursday saturday a little bit better than friday sunday was a little bit better than saturday feeling pretty good yesterday but still didn’t really do much uh you know just sat around watch like football all day i’m trying not to do anything like business related or um social media or or even look into stocks and or anything i’m trying to like just like like

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Just chill and that’s it like nothing stressful or anything i went to the backyard with my son for a little bit and we we played a little bit of like football for a minute um not like real real football just like throwing the ball around and that was about probably the most strenuous thing i did all day so yeah it’s not really much going on but um yeah i’m just

Kind of feeling a little bit better as far as right now how am i doing i’m feeling pretty good i don’t feel 100 let me be very clear about that but i’m feeling pretty good i don’t have a headache i don’t have a fever i my breathing feels not a hundred percent but i feel pretty good um i probably know a little bit more about my breathing in my lungs a little bit

More than most people just because i’ve you know done track for many years in the past and sports and athletics so i know like you know if i’m 100 or not but if i was just like didn’t really pay that much attention to like my breathing and lungs and things like that i think i would just feel like i’m normal probably but i know i’m not just quite normal um i have

No smell at all i have no taste at all i literally can’t taste anything like this orange juice can’t taste it i ate an italian sub the other day couldn’t taste it like there’s nothing i can smell right now there’s nothing i can taste right now i’ve absolutely none of that so that’s the one kind of symptoms i i have that yeah i’m fortunate you know fingers crossed

I hope this doesn’t change but as of right now i have no cough and so being that i’ve had this for you know roughly a week let’s say or maybe a little less than a week depending on when you’re keeping track from um you know that’s a good thing i guess um and i’m hoping it stays that way we’ll see um right now obviously i’m still kind of focused on getting my

Health right literally the only reason i’m doing this video is because so many people are asking so yeah so you know feeling pretty good about things now it’s also possible that i died and went to heaven and maybe uh this isn’t even real what’s going on right now maybe this video i’m recording for you is not even real because i’m trying to figure this out like i

Woke up and wins up 27 percent jw ends up 25 in my only short position peloton’s down 20 like this is too good to be true this can’t be real man this can’t be real it’s just too dang good to be true that’s all i have to say about this but anyways crazy man yeah these stocks i talked about them quite a bit in the past month if you want to check out any of those

Videos check them out they’re pretty interesting but anyways guys um yeah i don’t know when i’ll be back to recording videos normal could be a day or two could be a week or two i don’t know i’m just taking things one day at a time right now and when i feel ready to get back to work i’ll get back to work but for right now i’m still kind of you know really just

Focused on my health and making sure i get right so i don’t also try to come back and then get worse and things like that i just want to get 100 better and then kind of go from there so um anyways guys much love i appreciate the support and the care and things like that and have a great day guys and by the way i can’t wait to get back to life as normal it’s

Not like i miss working out i miss looking into stocks i miss recording youtube videos and stuff like that so anyways peace

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I have The Rona. Recovering health Update By Financial Education

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