I Invested ,000 In Fundrise And Here’s What Happened (18 Month Update)

Invest with Fundrise:

And i have now decided to ramp up my investment yet again. crowdfunded real estate investing platforms out there and then second of all, if you’re new to crowdfunded that’s gonna be the top link down in the description below. to crowdfunded real estate investing completely free. if you want to support me for putting this video together and i must’ve earned some dividends

Or appreciation there for a year and a half i’ve decided to begin investing i will be doing an additional $1,000 into this portfolio for you guys as well since that was very heavily requested. which is going to be a blend of both growth and income. is you’re purchasing shares of what is called an ereit for actual real estate projects just like these right here. and you’re

Looking to diversify outside of the stock market, and then the balanced one which is right in the middle. via email on these projects when ones are completed as well as the risk rating, how much money is invested, now, that being said the only option through fundrise so, as you guys know in 2018 that was a partial year for me when we either have a recession or some kind

Of bear market. and that is why people invest in different asset classes. obviously the growth reits are gonna be more substantial. now that i’m putting $2,000 in here every single month and it’s gonna be 1,000 on the 1st and 15th of every month. as you can see right here $60.05 for quarter three 2019, for crowdfunded real estate have different structures, and exactly


How much money you paid in advisory fees. let me know down in the comment section below if you want where i will earn a small commission in the process

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I Invested $5,000 In Fundrise And Here's What Happened (18 Month Update) By Ryan Scribner

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