I Just Bought ,244 of Facebook Stock

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Well ladies and gentlemen i done did it i bought some facebook shares so what i want to take you guys through here today is how many facebook shares i bought what price i bought um at all so i want to talk about like like what price am i willing to continue to buy facebook shares and at what price am i willing to load the boat on facebook okay i’m also going to take

You through some unbelievable information that’s really gonna kind of open up your guy’s mind in regards to facebook and why i’m so unbelievably bullish on this talk and why i believe like this is the easiest money in the stock market the next three to five years and then i’ll take you race all this and i’m gonna show you some more information that’s just kind of

Kind of like open up anybody’s eyes who like don’t know don’t understand like why i’m so unbelievably bullish on this stock okay so basically here’s what we’re looking at i bought 53 shares of facebook as my opening position here about a hundred and seventy four dollars about ninety two hundred dollars worth there and that’s my opening position in facebook so first

Off let’s get into all this information on the whiteboard then i’ll tell you kind of the prices that i’m thinking about acquiring more shares for in that what price i would stop buying facebook shares and also i’ll tell you how big of a position i want to build over time so i got four points illustrated here to you guys okay the first one is a hundred and seventy

Eight billion dollars a year is spent worldwide on tv ads television advertising okay eighty billion dollars in the us alone all this money or a great portion of it is going to come over to facebook in any social media platforms that have a ton of attention all that money is gonna come like an avalanche over the next three to five years why because these brands

Are waking up in there figuring out oh we’re not only are we not getting the same results we once got on tv ads but we’re actually getting negative results horrible results with these tv ads okay why why are these companies getting such bad results well because no one watches commercials nowadays okay everybody watches everything on demand and if they happen to

Record something on their dvr they fast-forward it okay as soon as their commercials come on they fast-forward it so they never even see the commercials okay and if for some reason they’re watching a live event or something like that that these advertisers think is still good advertising spend out there what do people do they get up from the couch go do something

Else or they get on their phone and they start surfing their phone and then the program comes back and all they start watching again okay so that i do that all the time with nfl games and college football games like companies think they’re still smart for advertising on nfl games and college football games and nba games or whatever because oh it’s a live event

It’s so smart to still advertise in those no it’s not because as soon as the commercials come on what do we do we pick up our laptops we pick up our phones and oh now the vents are back okay now we’ll start watching again it’s the dumbest advertising spent and all these huge brands wonder why they’re not getting results okay these procter & gamble’s and these

Kimberly clark’s and all these companies and i’m like man we’re not getting the same results from this television advertising used to get back in the day why is this colgate palmolive well what happened man we usually get all these great results from tv ads we’re not getting those results anymore why is this and we’re expanding around the world well because you’re


Advertising you spending so much money on television advertising when no one’s watching the ads it’s ridiculous guys so a tsunami of money is going to come over to companies like facebook and google and just continue to come over to them over the next three to five years all right this is a second point eighteen billion dollars a year spent on radio ads who even

Listens to radio anymore like maybe my parents do or like 60 years old but seriously anybody that’s like younger generation we all have either spotify accounts or apple music or maybe some type of google music or something like that or some people like listen to music off of youtube like i don’t know anybody other than like i said my parents i think that actually

Listens to radio okay so we have 18 billion dollars this is in the us alone okay 18 billion dollars in radio ads that people are gonna wake up and be like no one’s listening to radio anymore everybody listens to apple music or pandora or spotify or something like that hmm we should probably spend our money over on facebook or instagram or google or youtube or

Something like that where people will actually see these ads okay or listen these ads notice 16 billion dollars are spent on magazine ads in the u.s. each year another industry that’s like are you serious who reads magazines nowadays okay it’s all about everybody reads articles online on their phone on their laptop on their ipad whatever okay magazine are you

Serious 16 billion dollars on paper magazines this is like ridiculous guys like like like what these companies thinking like seriously it’s unbelievable 17 billion dollars on physical newspaper heads per year in the us alone this money is gonna start to come over like an avalanche over the coming years guys because sooner or later these guys are gonna wake up and

Be like oh man not only or we’re not getting the same results we used to get we get no results from all this okay so this when this tsunami of money continues to come over to facebook in all these different services all these social medias all the things actually have people’s attention nowadays as the tsunami of money starts to come over guess what’s gonna end up

Happening ad rates will start to explode over the next 36 to 48 months they’re just gonna go up and up and up and the cost per thousand you know in freshens is gonna go up dramatically okay what used to cost somebody two dollars for a thousand impressions also i’m gonna go to five and then ten and then twenty because all these big companies that have spending all

This money over here are gonna realize what are we doing like there’s no attention over here we need to go to where the tensions out okay and it’s funny because millennials are completely misunderstood okay i oh it’s so it’s so hilarious for me to watch cnbc or bloomberg or some of these different places and they’ll have someone that’s supposed to be so smart like

Come on and try to talk about the millennial generation and how all the millennial genocide analysis of like the millennials and oh my gosh they like to do this but they don’t like to do this and there’s so much different than their parents and whatnot and it’s like lately like people try to like be too smart with stuff it’s like no stupid this is what’s going on

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The millennials don’t see any of this damn advertising all these rito all these stupid companies all these unbelievably stupid companies are spending 200 plus billion dollars on a bunch of stuff that millennials don’t even do okay how about the millennial gonna see a physical newspaper ad or magazine ad or listen a radio ad or watch television ads millennials aren’t

Involved with any of that you want to get through to the millennial generation go to where the millennial generation is ad okay you need to be all going to facebook you need to go on instagram you need to go on snapchat you need to be advertising on youtube google all these services that people are actually at okay and are actually spending time at not television

Ads when no millennial watches a television at all okay not radio ads but i don’t know one millennial who listens to radio not a fizz magazines you kidding me like like like they wonder why like millennials aren’t buying from the old-school corporations it’s like well how you if you’re not getting in front of their face how they gonna buy from you it’s so simple man

And they just try to overcomplicate it it’s it’s hilarious it’s hilarious as a millennial it’s hilarious to listen to because they don’t understand life is really frickin simple man they want to take it in to all this like in-depth graph this like it’s not that complicated man it just makes people feel better to kind of give some really complex answer out there and

Make them look really smart no no it’s because these companies are spending all this money over here when this should all be spent on the platforms my millennials are actually at guys so i’m gonna erase this now we’re going to get into a whole bunch of other points and then we’ll talk about like the the dollar amounts i want to buy four and that when i would stop

Buying facebook stock all right if that didn’t already blow your mind enough i’m going to show you something else that should blow your mind even more okay so a service called a p and he did something really cool recently they basically went ahead and they calculated the most downloaded apps over the past 10 years in the ios store so basically since i owe the ios

Store was created the app store was created back in 2008 okay they took the most downloaded ones and kind of rank them from number one to number ten and here’s what we found okay the number one most downloaded app in ios history is facebook that’s owned by facebook okay number two is facebook messenger owned by facebook once again okay number three is a service

You’re watching this on which is youtube which is owned by google number four is instagram which is also owned by facebook number five is whatsapp which is owned by facebook number six is google maps which is owned by google number seven is snapchat which is owned by snapchat number eight is skype which is owned by microsoft number nine is wechat number ten is

Qq and both those are owned by a chinese company a huge chinese company named ten cent okay so let’s put some things into perspective for the top five most popular apps in the history of the app store the apple app store or facebook apps okay so you just look at this chart here and you can say which players are going to benefit the most from all that advertise

Money i just showed you coming over in droves and droves obviously the number one beneficiary of this is facebook without question okay number two beneficiary after that is google okay obviously we know google search is still super popular that would have probably been 11 or 12 they only show the top ten unfortunately but i can almost guarantee you the google app


Would be super highly ranked okay so look at that just look at the chart okay and it gets really simple to understand the tsunami of money that’s gonna come into the space and where that tsunami of money is going okay it’s going into google and it’s going into facebook more than it’s gonna go into any buddy else okay very very simple is this a simple stuff guys so

Next i want to get into like what cost basis is i’m willing to continue to buy up to and how big i want this position to get already so now the big question is what price would i stop buying facebook shares at and how heavy do i continue to buy these shares well basically here’s my view the first view is under $180 a share on facebook it’s like stealing money it’s

Like better than robbing the pink okay this is my view on it the first year is i got to buy here at about one hundred and seventy four dollars okay anything under one hundred eighty dollars is like like just such easy money guys when you just understand the economics of this business and how much money is gonna flow into this this business over the coming you know

Five ten years anything under $180 which if it’s under $180 that puts it around a five hundred billion dollar market cap or maybe even a less okay that’s like stealing money all right $180 to $200 is like an add selectively what does that mean it basically means that it’s not a no-brainer and there’s like under $180 for facebook for me it basically puts it above

Every other stock in the entire stock market as far as me putting money into that stock okay a hundred and eighty dollars to two hundred dollars is kind of my position where i’m like i would continue to add shares but i would do it selectively and i would think about maybe there’s a better option for me out there okay so it’s more of a selective buyer rather than

This is like no-brainer type buying where i’m just flooding money in regardless even if there’s another stock that’s a deal i’m still putting in facebook if it’s under 100 okay now over $200 at that position i was i would kind of just stopped buying okay i would just be like now i’m gonna hold my position and just you know watch it go for years and years to come

Ideally i would love to build this into a hundred thousand plus dollar position across all my accounts in my public account alone i would love to build that into somewhere around like maybe a twenty to forty thousand dollar position in that particular account and whatnot and just continue to build it from there you know i just it’s it’s a beautiful stock it’s a

Beautiful opportunity and it’s just kind of all coming together and on a forward p of 20 for this type of growth company and what this company has going forward over the next five to ten years it’s like it’s like you know shooting free-throws if you’re steph curry or something like that guy so hope you enjoyed this let me know what your opinion is down there in

That comment section i would love to hear from you guys as always thank you for watching and have a great day

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