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Well holy smokes folks this ain’t no dang jokers i was buying everything in sight today oh my gosh is there a stock i didn’t buy today i’m not quite sure okay i might have bought every single stock in the world well it’s abnormal day for me here today okay i don’t usually buy this many stocks in options in one day okay and so i thought okay since this is kind of a

Historic day let me go ahead and cover this on the channel and how many different stocks and options i went ahead and bought here today now there are certainly days that i’ll buy more money worth of something than i did today but in terms of the amount the sheer amount of different option plays i got in today and um just stocks straight up like it’s very abnormal

I felt like that oprah meme you know you get a car you get a car you get a car it was like me uh with stocks today it was like you get my money stock you get my money stock oh man so yeah i hope you guys enjoy this as always all i ask in return is that you smash that like button that’s about it also in that comment section let me know if you guys are in any of these

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We have tattooed chef all right so right off the bat here basically what are we looking at we’re looking at january 19 2024 expiration now this is a call option bet okay so this is me essentially saying that i believe tattoo chef’s gonna go to certain prices by certain dates that’s essentially what a call option is okay and uh hopefully the stock way out performs

And i make a ton of money on it right so this is expiring in january twenty twenty four seventeen dollars and fifty cents is my strike price and i paid eight dollars and fifty cents for this so if we go ahead and do the math and that’s what twenty five twenty six dollars here twenty six dollars is my break even so essentially the way to think about this is i need

Tattooed chef stock to go to 26 or or higher right by january 19 2024 just to break even on this particular position now you might say well why would you even do that that sounds you know it needs to go up quite a bit from here just to break even on it right because tattoo shafts may be 18 19 today well keep in mind here basically for every 850 it goes above 26 if


It does right and it’s not for sure it does but if it does basically i make back my original investment each time it goes 8.50 above that 26. okay so you know tattoo chef really beats over the next couple years you know obviously this is going to be looking very very nice now also keep in mind when it comes to a call option play like this i don’t have to hold it

Until expiration usually i do hold it to somewhat close to expiration but it doesn’t mean i have to so let’s just assume tattooed chef goes on some crazy epic run over the next year okay and also we’re in uh you know september or october of 2022 and i’m holding these options that still don’t expire for a long time out but tattoo chef’s already done a beast mode

Type move right and all of a sudden it could very well be that these are all of a sudden worth you know 20 bucks 30 bucks 40 bucks i could go ahead and sell it to somebody else at that time and take my profit put it into something else or at that time if you were talking september october of next year then i could go ahead and buy 2025 call options with that money

If i chose to do so in regards to tattoo chef k there’s a lot of different moves now obviously if it’s uh less than 26 then i’m losing money and keep in mind if tattooed chef stock was basically under 17.50 which would be a disaster let me just be quite honest with that i mean i made a big mistake in that one but if it was under 1750 in january of 2024 i lose 100

Percent of my money i put into that one here today like i said if tattoo shifts under 1750 in january 2024 i made a big big big mistake and i got bigger problems uh than that because i own like uh like seven figures of the stock so yeah that would have been a big long waste of money there okay honest company next one up here this is in call option play as well here

All right and so what this one is also expires january 19 2024 keep in mind these 2024 calls just came out recently it’s been kind of waiting for them to settle down a little bit okay this is a 10 strike on this one and i paid 4.89 okay so what this means is essentially i need on a stock at 14.89 or higher on january 19 2024 to basically break even on my shares

Now once again every you know five dollars roughly a little less than five dollars but every five dollars over 14.89 that this stock is i make back my original investment again and again and again right and so i believe that honest in you know if we fast forward to january 2024 i believe on a stock will be somewhere in the 20 to maybe 35 dollar range right if

It’s 20 then i did okay on it you know it would have been just probably the same if i would have just bought the stock straight up however if it’s 25 if it’s 30 if it’s 35 then i’m doing really really well on this call option play here and obviously i spoke about this stock a lot recently over the last couple weeks when it comes to honest company i think it has

Huge upside over the next couple years here so yeah that’s why i’m willing to make that play there okay what are the next option plays next one up here is i bought three call option contracts for smile direct club and this one’s at a strike price of five dollars now smile direct club somewhere around five dollar ish today it might be 560 530 somewhere in there okay

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But this one i bought three contracts i paid three dollars and 25 cents for each one essentially this means that in january of 2024 i need smile direct club at eight dollars and 25 cents to break even right now smile direct club i think is positioned to go on uh you know potentially a crazy run from 22 to 224 so i’m positioning myself where you know if this stock

Does go on one of those epic runs and it’s like you know 16 20 25 right i’ll be in a position to have 4x to maybe 7x my money in this particular stock and uh the way i look at the risk rewards just there i mean the stock’s been trading at around five dollars recently and i want to think about the international expansion when i think about you know uh the fact that

That in my opinion ronnie ronas held back the dental industry in a massive massive way over the last 18 to 20 months or so and you know i i just look at this business as kind of being a business that’s in a really good spot over the coming years they’ve already spent up front so much money on advertising last five years that i think they can pull back in a lot of

Developed markets including the united states and i think their brand’s just already well known enough that if you’re considering something like that you’re going to consider smile direct club you know along with invisalign obviously those are the two big players in that market there well that’s the smile direct club options there next one up here corsair gaming

You got to know i got to buy some corsair options today all right so corsair gaming these ones expire january 19 2024 this is at a 25 strike here these uh basically i paid 9.55 cents for these so essentially my break even’s right around 35 dollars for corsair now when it comes to corsair if corsair is only 35 in january 2024 or under 35 uh i made a big mistake in

That one as well okay that would be insanely disappointing i think this is this is one of the stocks i’m most confident in in terms of the short term right the next two years which that to me is short term when i think about two years right i have stocks that i think have far more upside over the next three years five years than corsair gaming but in terms of if

You told me i you know what stock am i most confident in over the next two years as far as the stock price goes it is corsair gaming this is the stock i’m most confident in when it comes to stock price okay and so yeah 35 or a little under 35 dollars is my break even on this one and ultimately if this stock you know goes to 45 55 65 i’m gonna be looking real real

Pretty on this one in the end and uh yeah obviously corsair gaming you guys know how much i believe in that dang one okay mix moves up here so these two moves were not option moves these are just buying shares straight up i did buy a little chef today ttcf so not a ton right just 101 shares 1845 that’s just under my cost basis in my big dog account the account i

Have roughly a million dollars in this particular stock so since it went just slightly under my cost basis i figured let me pick up a little shares now if if tattoo chef for any reason was to go down a lot more you know back down to 17 16 something like that that would obviously be where i make much heavier buys in this particular stock but uh here just under

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Cost basis i’m going to usually make a little bit of a smaller move to add a little bit more shares as far as tattoo chef i’m really comfortable with how many shares i hold in this stock it’s not like i need to buy more tattoo chef where i’m like i gotta i gotta get some more tattoo chef i i don’t feel like that but at the same time like you know i don’t wanna

You know at the end of the day i believe tattoo chef’s gonna become a food giant right over the next five ten years and there’s gonna be some day in my opinion when i look back and i’m like remember when tattooed chef was 16 bucks and 17 bucks and 18 bucks and 19 bucks and you know this stock will be a 50 or 100 stock and i’ll just be looking back and i’ll be like

Man those are the days and i just i don’t want to put myself in a position where i sat on my hands because i’m just so dang confident in that one over the next you know three five seven years and so yeah i’m gonna pick up a little shares here and there right corsair gaming obviously buying this one heavier because this one i’m down more on right uh in my big dog

Account i’m down over 10 in this stock so this is one that leads me to say uh yeah i gotta buy more the stock more heavily faster right tattoo chef i’m barely down on so it’s like you know i’m not as incentivized to buy when i’m down over 10 percent of the stock like m corsair gaming especially a stock i believe in so much over the coming years i’m going to add

A little more aggressively and so that’s why i bought 444 shares of corsair uh a much you know bigger buy than let’s say tattooed chef here today course ai gaming allow okay so those were those two moves there next one up here is i had to buy some voyager digital i wasn’t ah you know i just couldn’t not buy some voyager digital i mean this stocks trading under 10

Right now it’s been so heavily damaged the 52 week high and the stock was 30. you look at the growth this company has a revenue growth you look at you know the opportunity in front of this company over the next five plus years and um the risk reward is crazy on this one no doubt it comes with its big risks like if crypto just went through a massive bear market and

The company could never get into new product categories obviously there’s a huge risk with this one but the stock’s been so devastating that that risk has been minimized now in my opinion also not only that but you think about the reward potential this company’s been growing at a ridiculous clip like triple digits quadruple digits as far as their revenue growth

And you look at the profitability of the business model when it comes to voyager digital right and it’s just one of those stocks where it’s very very challenging for me to say i’m not gonna buy this under ten dollars like i have to buy something so yeah i bought another 200 shares of voyager digital here today hope you guys enjoyed this video as always if you ever

Have any stock market questions check out the link in the description might also have that as a pin comment text me any of your stock market questions we’ll try best to get back to you much love as always guys and have a great day

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