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Whoa howdy there folks and welcome into today’s video i can’t afford any fancy lighting today i can’t afford tussles behind me because i spent all my money on socks nonetheless and uh several different stocks okay not just this one you’re seeing in front of your face right now yeah i bought a bunch of different stocks today and i’m going to go through essentially

Exactly what i’ve been buying uh and and all those sorts of things so i hope you guys enjoy this as always and uh yeah let’s get into this guys so first off uh yeah the chef the dip the dip the dippity dip dip dip dip okay uh yeah i bought a lot of chef in the last 48 hours including eighteen thousand seven hundred dollars eight thousand dollars sixteen thousand

Dollars twenty four thousand dollars nine thousand one hundred dollars and that’s not even it okay just there alone that’s i don’t know maybe roughly 74 thousand something crazy like that um it’s a it’s a rather large amount nonetheless in regards to the chef obviously you know stop well we’ll get into that in just a moment but i also bought another well this

Order actually got cancelled so this i put in yesterday for 15.50 uh this was the only order that didn’t go through essentially the 1550s yeah it didn’t quite get that low it was a crazy day of trading yesterday and the chef it went all the way down to the 15s it didn’t get down to 15.50 but it got into the 15s and uh just a crazy day and then it only finished down

One percent by the end of the day like needless to say the stock has a lot of buying pressure that comes in you know in the 15 16 range we’ll just put it that way it’s just uh you know it shoots down to 15 and then just gets bought up bought up and uh by folks like myself that are long-term investors of the stock we just buy it up left and right okay uh and then

Today also put in this order and this got filled at 1612 for 1953 shares of the chef there so uh by the way a huge milestone for the public account public account just hit one hundred thousand dollars in gains taken over one hundred thousand dollars in gains taken from that account this year so not like paper profits uh but literally six figures of gains just

A public count alone this year so which is a huge milestone um you know we’ve come a long way as far as that particular account goes so when it comes to the chef here uh you know it’s caught up in we’re gonna get into the other stocks i was buying here today as well but i don’t want to speak for on the chef for just a moment here right so as somebody that’s a

Long-term investor in this company i’m looking out several years for the stock right um i think everybody short term is caught up into the whole reschedule of the the conference call and the quarterly results and that that’s fine like people can get caught up into whatever they want to get caught up and do right the short sellers definitely want everybody’s focus

On this right the shorts want everybody’s focus on this oh remember they reschedule that conference call and you’re gonna be hearing about this for months to go in the future remember when they rescheduled that conference call remember when they did that oh it was shady oh you know that’s gonna be the talk for a long time in regards to stock and it’s just gonna

Be something uh salons have to deal with for quite a while nonetheless right and so that’s obviously the shorts so they always want everybody to be caught up know what the shorts the last thing the shorts want to be caught up into uh or want investors thinking about the last thing they want people thinking about like myself right that hold the stock they don’t

Want us thinking about the long-term future for tattoo chef they don’t want us to view this company as a leader in the plant-based category which is a category where the tam’s gonna increase exponentially over the next 10 years they don’t want us to think about the skyrocketing revenues for this company that are likely going to be a 50 plus again this quarter they

Don’t want us thinking about the fact that well i can’t spell net income right but the fact that uh net income is in my opinion is going to be 100 million dollars in four years you slap a 40p on that which i think is like a joke compared to you know i think tattoo chef’s gonna have you know exponential growth after that so i think a 40p is kind of laughable for

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The stock in four years but you throw that on you’re at a four billion dollar mark cap it’s at 1.3 billion today so yeah they don’t want us focused on that they want us all focused on the short-term numbers whether they meet or they they miss right they want us focused on you know the reschedule the conference call and just at the end of the day the majority of

Us that are really like the long longs in the stock we’re not going to get caught up in that we’re not going to fall for that trek okay the shorts and tesla stock got a lot of people focused on that right and they got so many people shaking out of that stock and a lot of us just we stood strong and were just like this is a game-changing company over the next five

Ten plus years we’re not getting shaken out and that’s exactly how i feel in this situation the shorts are gonna try to on the message boards on forums everywhere they’re gonna try to make everybody sell this stock get caught up in the short term things and get everybody to forget about the long-term opportunity in the stock and just i’ve been around this this

Block long enough that i just i’m not going to get caught up into that trap of like oh are they going to miss the numbers oh they oh they missed by you know one million dollars off sell the stock uh you know oh they rescheduled the conference call sell the stock okay oh there the gross margin wasn’t quite the number what was expected sell the stock that’s what the

Shorts want everybody to get caught up to i’m not going to fall into that trap at the end of the day this is going to be a huge winner for me over the coming years in my opinion and i’m not going to i’m not going to fall for that trick and so i will just continue to be a buyer i am part of that buying support club that’s in the 15 16 range and i’ve bought above

Those prices too and i’m not afraid to buy above 15 16. it’s just at those prices the risk reward in the stock is just too darn attractive over the next five plus years and so i’ll continue to be a buyer this company continues to execute on such a phenomenal level when it comes to the actual underlying numbers compared to pretty much any other company in this space

That i think in a year or two we’re going to call them the leader in the plant-based food space not one of the leaders in the plant-based food space i think we’re going to call them the leader because i think they’re out executing every other company out there when it comes to actual fundamentals of the company that’s why i put my money where my mouth is and i will

Continue to be a buyer this stock okay so obviously yeah that’s a stock i bought heavily over the past uh whatever amount of time it is 48 hours or so okay so that’s a chef uh avant brands look at this one avtbf i haven’t bought this one for a little bit but yeah i went ahead and bought some shares here today i bought eleven thousand uh 111 shares i put ahead

Whenever you buy stock under one dollar share fidelity it makes you put in a limit price so i put in my limit price of 28 cents that’s what i was willing to pay up to i got filled at 25 cents essentially and yeah so so quite a bit of shares it’s not a big dollar amount at all this is a very very uh i would call it high risk high reward stock i have essentially otc

Stock uh you know 50 million dollar mark cap the smallest market cap company i own by a mile and i don’t usually get into too many of these stocks and when i do i make a much smaller bet right you see tattoo chef i’m putting you know thousand eighty thousand hundred thousand dollars in that stock in a matter of 48 hours you don’t see me doing that with an avant

Brands it’s a much smaller amount uh this is a stock that got caught up into the hype cycle now let’s just be completely honest the stock’s dead it’s completely dead in terms of the hype right there’s no hype around the stock anymore there’s no excitement around the stock like the the the height money’s long gone in this one and the only folks that are buying or

Holding this stock or people like myself that are willing to hold this for several years in the future and are excited about the company’s growth that they’ve been putting up and hoping that this company can become a multi-hundred million dollar mark capper maybe there is a billion dollar mark cap long term right so that’s all that’s left in this one the short

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Term traders the short term trader money that was involved in the stock in the past it’s gone man it’s so far gone it’s it’s like uh 2009 you know drizzy uh it’s that type of gone okay now the company as far as the actual underlying fundamentals the company has been phenomenal they reported two consecutive record revenue quarters i mean yeah the balance sheets

In a phenomenal position now they’re in a great capital position with the company especially when you compare the cash and the working capital they have on the the balance sheet compared to where the market caps out and the fact that this company’s putting up record revenues i mean i’ll put i’ll put a little money out there you know what i mean like it you know

At the end of the day i think it’s one of those stocks that yeah absolutely it’s a risky stock it’s an otc stock and those stocks always come with more risk um and it’s obviously in a space where there’s a lot of things changing around the regulation and whatnot but everything’s pretty much moving in favor of companies like avon let’s be quite honest right but at

The end of the day like it’s just it’s so much reward potential i’m gonna put a little money out there i’m gonna you know risk what i want to risk out there for and uh if this company goes where i think it’s going over the coming years like this is gonna be a a silly percentage gainer and if it doesn’t work out well i i put a limited amount of capital in so the pain

To me is is limited right so the just the the reward potential this one just so far outweighs the risk that i’m i’m like i’m willing to take it okay and uh you know this is one of those stocks also you know if they keep on reporting good quarterly numbers and they can get on some bigger exchanges the long-term money will start to flood into the stock it will become

A bigger and bigger company right and at the end of the day the next thing you know another short-term trader hype cycle can start around the stock and the next thing you know if the stock goes up a couple hundred percent in a matter of a few months it like that’s that’s what happens with these type of stocks they get devastated all the hype goes out of them and

The stock goes down 50 plus and a snap of fingers and if you think that can happen on the flip side believe me it happens really really dang quickly so but at the end of the day i’m a long-term investor in this company and um i look forward to seeing you know what they pull off over the coming years and you know if they mis-executed is what it is okay so uh that’s

A font next stock up here i bought a corsair gaming 475 shares of corsair gaming 26 a 27 on this particular stock of course our gaming is a profit machine we know this it’s a beast right i want to take you guys through some photos here in just a moment but it’s a low p company of these three stocks it has the least upside of these three stocks i’ll be honest it

Also has the least root the least risk of these three stocks right uh tattoo chef is a super high growth company but obviously comes with its risk um you know avon brands a super high risk because otc stock but also that one’s got the craziest reward potential of these three stocks uh but corsair gaming yeah low i would call it very very low risk in terms of in

My if i look at the stock price in three years is a higher or lower than today i almost guarantee it’s gonna be higher obviously there’s no guarantees but i would go much closer to that than you know downside for the stock okay corsair gaming i saw uh went to best buy recently uh definitely some product outs for corsair but it’s very few and far between needless

To say it’s a fun time to go to best buy in november because you’re going to see they’re just tvs everywhere like they’re prepping up right they’re prepping up for black friday they’re plupping up prepping up for the obviously the holiday season in general and there’s just products everywhere for uh for all companies right including corsair everything’s stocked

Up well i’m excited i’m excited to go back to best buy stores i like to go back to them like basically the week before christmas or a few days before christmas because what i want to see is these inventories as outs or low inventory right right now the shelves are packed full of corsair and all the products and i want to see products sold through so i want to be

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Able to go back in december and go to some best buy stores in las vegas and other places and just see oh wow there’s hardly anything left there uh so that’s what that’s what i’m looking for but yeah i mean you’re seeing the amount of the amount of skus corsair has just in best buy now guys is epic i mean this is a this is a beast just straight up like i mean you

Go around a best buy store and my gosh there are corsair skus everywhere i mean it’s the sku expansion corsair has been on is is absolutely extraordinary for their brand right i mean it’s just everywhere you see corsair products everywhere and the thing with corsair is that they’re innovating so fast they’re going to have probably a lot more skus at this time next

Year than they have right now right now you know it’s just it’s it’s unbelievable right now they’re they’re part of corsair’s business there’s several parts of course every business that gets forgotten everybody just thinks about what i just showed you there right which is their unbelievable business but everybody forgets about elgato in terms of the investor base

And i think a lot of the investor base doesn’t even like realize how big elgato is going to be in the future and how big it already is now so look at this best buy is starting to give elgato its entire own displays now right this is a huge deal like you know best buy is not just going to have you have a big display in the store unless they really believe like that

Brand is going to be there not just for now but for years to go in the future and become a lot bigger and i mean the display is beautiful they got set up they got the lights set up right they got the microphone they got the new face cam camera which has a lot of positive review reviews the stream deck all these things and honestly if you at all are into streaming

Or care about streaming elgato has become the player in that market okay and obviously they’re stocked up i only saw like one out at this particular store fellagado they’re stocked up that’s another one that i think i’m gonna be able to go back in december and you know inventory is going to be rather low for for this company overall and i think they’re in a a

Strong position for not just this year but years to go in the future like streaming is something that’s just going to be get bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger over the coming years and so i look at elgato it’s just a you know this is a billion dollar brand in the making in my opinion if not a multi-billion dollar brand and you look at corsair there’s a

Stock that’s valued at what a one uh excuse me about a two it’s usually recently it’s been valued between two and three billion dollars right the delgado brand in my opinion within the next few years is going to be valued at two to three billion just by itself never mind when you add on corsair on top of that and you look at the p of this company and you look at

The management team like this is a no joke is holy smokers management team over there at that company right andy paul has been leading this thing since like the 90s like it’s incredible right and so yeah nonetheless this is the least reward potential but it’s absolutely still a big reward potential over the coming years and i feel like i’m taking a very limited

Very limited risk in the stock right now so yeah i remain extremely bullish and extremely excited about corsair and i will continue to be a buyer of this stock and i’m rather rather excited i need to buy some more call options let’s just remember that so anyways hope you guys enjoyed this video as always got a massive black friday sale coming for the private stock

Group we haven’t done one of those literally since last black friday so if you want to take advantage of that and check out uh you know basically entering your your contact info we’ll shoot you the deal as soon as it drops and much love as always guys have a great day peace

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