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Well honey there folks and welcome into today’s video i hope you guys are doing great out there as always we’re going to get into in this video what i just put 74 000 into a bunch of stocks okay and i know you guys it’s hard to keep up sometimes with all the stocks i’m buying and things like that and so i just want to cover over the past few weeks and show you

Screenshots of kind of what i’ve been buying why i’ve been buying these certain stocks and kind of talking a bit about that and we’ll also get into um you know if i’m going to keep buying these stocks is these just like some one-time buys here what’s my perspective on it and you know why i like these stocks and things like that so i hope you guys enjoyed that as

Always that’s about all i got for an intro today if you want to text me in your stock market questions feel free to do so that’s a ping comment down there i try to get back to at least a few people a day stockholm’s our free discord chat and if you’re looking to join in there i think we’re approaching 64 000 members down there uh yeah it’s it’s amazing so check

It out okay so first up here is this move this uh this is the oldest move of the bunch everything i pulled up here today is uh within the past 30 days in my uh different accounts and so this is a little less than 30 days ago i did this move here very good food company all right now i bought 7 844 shares here i paid 2.15 cents there this is on august august 24th

There and then i bought another 2 500 shares at 2.14 there now a very good food company let me be very clear about this one i would love to buy more of it i really would the issue i have with the very good food company is i don’t like the product i’ve tried it i’ve gotten multiple different products i’m gonna keep trying their different products i just haven’t had

A good experience with their actual food and so that is literally the main reason why i’m not like planning to continue to buy this stock heavily if i actually started trying the product and i was like oh this is this is pretty good this is respectable i would gladly buy more of the stock let me be very clear about that but they have they have they have a lot

Of work to do on their product okay if i look at the other companies i either currently own or have owned in the past in the plant-based space uh beyond me tattooed chef tattooed chef every single product i’ve ever had from tattoo chef i’ve either thought it was and like okay or i thought it was good in in terms of beyond meat same exact thing everything i’ve

Ever had from beyond me i felt like it was okay or it was good and i actually liked it right the very good food company i’ve never even really had anything i thought was okay from that company and so until they really fix their product i can’t buy more the stock i like they’ve gotten better packaging they’ve gotten better branding they’ve gotten more distribution

But the products not there right now okay in terms of the quality of taste and um i i know quite a bit of vegans out there and you know maybe the most die-hard of those folks would actually like these products but they’re just not good products right now they’re not putting out a good product and so until they do that i have to limit my buying size for a very good

Food company as soon as i start trying some of their products i’m like dang this tastes actually really good believe me i will buy this stock very very heavily because i like how much money they’ve raised over time they’re in a good capital position i like the you know warehouses the distribution they have now and i like the packaging i really do it’s just man the

Actual little literal product has to get to a better level so if it does i will uh you know you’re going to see more and more buys from me a very good food company especially at um you know these low twos or dare i say if it ever went to the one which i don’t think there’s a high probability of that but even you know anywhere around here 214 215 glad buyer okay

Next one up here is the honest company so this particular move here this was on september 7th here september 7th and september 7th in regards to the honest company so here are about 300 shares paid 10.52 cents each for those shares here i bought 1700 shares paid 10.53 cents in relation to the honest company i don’t even really care if i pay 9.50 four ten fifty

Eleven fifty it doesn’t really matter i think i’m gonna make bank on this stock over the next three to five years i believe this is a uh twenty thirty if not forty or fifty dollar stock over the next three to five years you know the chances i lose money in the stock are insanely slim in my opinion like the chances it’s three years in the future and this is a five

Dollar stock i think is insanely slim and i would put it as insanely high probability this is a 20 30 or 40 dollar when i look at the valuations company when i look at the price to sales ratio versus appears when i think about the type of opportunity the honest company by the way does it sound does it sound pretty good for this video let me know if the sound quality

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Is pretty good i would love to hear from you guys about the sound quality this video just completely random but anyways let me know about that when i look at the the tam opportunity for the honest company when i look at the way they’re building out their brand getting distribution and how profitable i think this company will be in a few years as is more developed

Right it’s just going to be at a whole different level and and something very important you know remind people in regards to the honest company it’s it’s a very new public company been public for well less than a year right less than a year this company’s been public and the company’s pretty darn young in general right company’s only been around for what maybe a

Decade now in the consumer packaged area that is insanely new company right and so i’ve been you know unbelievably impressed on how they built this company over the past decade and i think the next decade is the one where you really start to see this company thrive and build into a multi-billion dollar beast as far as market cap when i think it’s going to be the

Decade when you really start to see the profits pour in and also it’s going to be like wow look at honest company now they’re pulled in 20 mil in net income oh now they’re pulling 50 mil oh now they’re pulling 100 oh now they’re pulling in several hundred mil now they’re a real massive player i think that is this decade for the company and um you know they got it

Started in the right way in my opinion and uh ipo’d so the honest company is one i have no problem with adding heavily i could see i put it this way if the owners company was my biggest position in my portfolio i would gladly hold it literally if this was my biggest position in my entire portfolios i would gladly hold it that’s how comfortable i feel in the stock

That’s how much i love the risk reward in the stock over the next five years or so and um it’s one of those stocks i have no plans to sell out if it went up a bunch if this stock doubled tomorrow i went to 20 i wouldn’t sell it ultimately i love i just love this company and i love the opportunity in front of itself and so yeah i’m a happy buyer if anything of the

Honest company implanted hold you’re going to see me just continue to buy this stock and buy the stock and buy the stock over time okay another move i made here i think this is what the very next day september 8 2021 i bought more honest shares bought 770 shares here at 10 and 39 cents as with all stocks i hold if it goes down in the short term i buy more and i buy

More and i buy more shares that’s just what i do and like i said in relation to the honest company this is one that i plan to just continue to build this beast bigger and bigger and bigger and if it’s a seven-figure position for me in a few months from now so be it i’d be happy to have this one as a seven-figure position no plans to uh stop buying that one anytime

Soon okay this actually wasn’t a buy this is just something i saw when i was looking at my accounts that that was interesting uh this walgreens dividend here in my big dog account i received nine thousand five hundred and fifty dollars from walgreens boots alliance wba i think you know i love grow stocks you guys know that and i made a ton of money from gross

Stocks you think about tesla you think about up work you think about revolve you think about a lot of those stocks have been just massive money makers for me the planet um you know that’s great right those kind of those companies have been money makers and growth stocks and and very exciting but you gotta understand like there’s some tremendous opportunities in

Dividend stocks and value stocks from time to time great example was nordstrom last year there was a value play ahead that just you know we made so much money on that such a quick amount of times ridiculous fizzy get dizzy was another one it was a straight value play and we made so much money and fizzy get dizzy it was insane right that was a fat tax bill on the

Fizzy get dizzy’s and um you know if i look at something like walgreens boots alliance here you know i understand it’s not the most exciting stock in the world it’s like you know it’s an established pharmacy real retail chain and you know they got it they got a good story behind them in terms of obviously profitability obviously ronnie rona shots and a new ceo

Who’s incoming you know who just came in this year roz brewer came over from starbucks super high up at starbucks she also ran sam’s club division in the past and um she also was on the amazon board director it’s like you know how much more qualified and how much more of an impressive resume could you possibly have she’s in a great position but you know this is

Just a good example of a stock that we’re killing it in terms of the the share price appreciation too meanwhile you know this is a stock i started building out what was it december january something like that meanwhile a lot of the the growth stocks are the more speculative stocks that everybody was caught up in that time have fallen you know 40 50 60 70 80 a lot


Of those stocks meanwhile sleepy walgreens has made a six figures plus just on share appreciation and then we get 9 50 in dividends so i think walgreens is a good example where you don’t have to just be in something crazy to make some money you don’t have to be in something super speculative to make some dang good money okay and walgreens has been a huge money maker

And i think it will continue to be a huge money maker for us in terms of share appreciation over time and bigger fatter dividends obviously this is paid out to me every three months just in this account alone and i use that i i’m glad that you know give me that 9500 bucks and i’ll go buy some more stocks with it right and so you know i appreciate that next one

Up here so this one was placed on the 17th here this is voyager digital so v y g v f voyager digital 500 shares i bought here the you know price 12 so i get questions about voyager and by the way it’s about six thousand dollar move get questions about voyager quite a bit especially because recently it’s fallen a lot right it’s been trading anywhere between 11 12

Somewhere around there around people saying you know what is it with this voyager and you know in the short term voyager is 100 really dependent upon crypto bitcoin price and overall feelings around bitcoin ethereum and those are the two main ones right everything else is really secondary and so if you want to know where voyager stock price will be in six months

From now tell me where bitcoin price is and where the feelings are around bitcoin price in six months from now and i will tell you exactly where voyager stock will likely be because this stock in the short term is 100 predicated on literally bitcoin price and if bitcoin the vibes are great and bitcoin’s skyrocketing man that means a lot of good news for voyager

If bitcoin people are a little uncertain and it’s dropping and things like that you know voyager today had a pretty tough day as i’m recording this um you know essentially bitcoin was down quite a bit voyager stock was down quite a bit okay and so long term here in in voyager this is this is my crypto play right i don’t straight up own bitcoin i don’t straight up

Own ethereum or anything like that right now or cardona or dogecoin or any of that stuff so my one play here is around voyager and my thinking around this is if if crypto thrives over the coming years i think voyager is going to thrive but here’s the thing with voyager it’s a wild card because you’ve got to understand a lot of the folks that work high up at voyager

They actually used to work at e-trade and so i think there’s a pretty decent probability they’re going to get into the stock brokerage game very shortly and they also have ambitions to launch debit card products credit card products overall banking products and become more of a conglomerate all under the voyager brand name right and so when i think about it from

That perspective the stock has massive upside right absolutely does it come with this risk if bitcoins at 5 000 tomorrow uh voyager might be a three box okay and just flat out if bitcoins at 15 000 tomorrow voyager might be at four bucks or five bucks like that’s just the way it works okay and so from that standpoint it comes with its big risks that this thing

Is so dependent upon bitcoin price especially in the short term until they build out a business that’s uh more diversified and has other income streams and other ways of generating revenue clients things like that and tell that man it’s really a crypto name like i said if if bitcoins at fifteen thousand tomorrow this is like a four or five dollar stock just flat

Out and on the flip side if this if if you know bitcoins pumps to a hundred thousand tomorrow voyagers at thirty forty fifty dollars a share you know it’s just literally that simple in the short term around voyager but i love the long term story here it is a stock i have to limit position sizing in i can’t go too crazy on on uh voyager right and you know because

It does come with its risk of being so concentrated and just you know being caught up in a crypto prices so i have to limit my position sizing here but i absolutely am planning on continuing to buy this stock i’m not planning on stopping buying this stock if it continues to go down the short term 11 10 something like that i’m happy to be a buyer of this stock at

The end of the day this is my crypto play and i love it for that reason and i also own vgx as well so i’m kind of you know i put my chips on the table if it doesn’t work out it doesn’t work out right um a lot less exposed than most folks when it comes to crypto and at the end of the day like i said if crypto’s thriving long term it’s hard for me not to believe

Voyager is not going to thrive long term and they have some competitive advantages with that business model they really do now next one up here another one for the honest company 920 2021 the honest company bought uh over 11 000 worth here about 1 111 shares at 9.98 yeah yeah i mean if the stock’s under 10 when it comes to honest i’m gonna make big moves in

This one there’s just no doubt about it like i said the the level of comfort i have in the stock is ridiculous you know it’s almost unfathomable almost unfathomable for me to imagine the stock being a five dollar stock in three years and um you know i’m just so dang convinced this is a 20 30 40 stock in the coming years based upon where i see the revenue trends


Going the net income trends and where i i think this you know it’s just such a beaten down dog valuation i see elf beauty written all over this but i feel safer in this stock and i feel like the stock has more upside than when i when i found elf beauty a few years ago and that stock obviously just you know went on a tremendous run for us and made us hundreds

And hundreds of percent so i see the makings of that same situation happening in honest and yeah i think a long-term shareholder base will will definitely build in honest especially now this stock is around that 10 range there’s going to be a long-term shareholder base that builds here and will likely be holding for years and years to go in the future and not

Looking to get out of it and like i said with these type of companies usually you don’t want to sell them right like this isn’t the type of stock that you kind of get in now because it’s not a comp it’s not like um you know oil and gas prices or something like that like it’s very practical to see how honest continues to grow over the next five years and 10 years

And 15 years very similar to food companies and yeah so they’re just in a prime position i’m going to be a glad buyer continue to be a glad buyer of this particular stock more voyager up here 9 20 20 21 some more voyager shares i bought these ones at eleven dollars in one cents so like i said if the stock goes down 10 11 you know or 12 i’m buying the stock just

Flat out i’m going to continue to buy it like i said i’m buying it in smaller chunks i’m you know it’s not going to like you use you’re not going to see me put 60 000 voyager in a day or something like that i’m just going to continue to pick off shares pick off shares and you know that’s a super long term hold we’ll see what happens there so i’m obviously excited

About that one and kind of what’s going on there okay there’s another one on my accounts here so 910 we got those walgreens dividends paid out and skyward solutions 364 dollars in dividends i understand that’s not a huge amount of money and especially you know obviously if you see the type of moves i make in stocks it’s like off boy you know sky works who cares

364 dollars big deal i love it i mean it’s still is still dividend money and the cool thing about skyward solutions is this was a this was a growth in value play along with being a dividend play and it’s made us you know crazy money like uh man i don’t even know maybe 60 70 000 or something like that like it’s a bit it’s a really large amount in terms of what the

Share appreciation’s been it’s like the share appreciation’s more than i used to make a quick trip probably an entire year right and then you just tack on the dividends like i’ve owned this stock for a few years now you know i understand it’s not a huge amount of money but just tack that on every three months you know for the last two three years or whatever i’ve

Owned this talk it adds up to thousands of thousands of dollars so it’s definitely nothing to you know laugh at or just be like oh that’s nothing it it ends up adding up right and with the walgreens shares there uh more dividends received and so when i look at um you know kind of what you know the dividends that come in every three months it’s nice it’s nice to

Be able to have that extra money and put that money into stocks and those sorts of things and just continue to build out positions that’s why i always preach the gvd strategy you never checked out a video on this channel check out the video i have it’s called gvd123 strategy if you type that into youtube it’ll be the first thing it pulls up gvd one two three and

That goes into my exactly how i implement the growth value dividend strategy the one two three strategy and it you know works wonders for me and uh you know i plan to continue to do that strategy for many many years to go in the future okay now obviously that covers what i’ve been buying very recently and there’s some other stocks i’m planning on buying so let me

Know if you guys want me to do a video that’s dedicated toward what are my next stocks i’m buying i’d be happy to do that for you guys and we can discuss what are the the next ones i’m looking to put money into and where i see opportunities obviously we got a volatile market at the moment so um yeah i’m more than happy to cover that just let me know if you guys

Want a video like that much love as always guys and oh don’t forget to join the hungry bowl it’s absolutely free it’s on your ios store your android store things like that you want to text me on your stock market questions it’s going to be ping comment down there thanks for watching have a great day

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