I just spent $22,000 on these stocks!

Well hello there folks and welcome into today’s video i hope everybody’s doing great out there as always uh yeah i spent some money today about twenty two thousand dollars on a whole bunch of stocks and uh we’re gonna get into what stocks i just bought here today and uh i’ll just tell you a little bit because there’s a lot of stocks to kind of go through here

I’ll just tell you a little bit about uh kind of a little bullish thesis on on why i’m buying these stocks here today and things like that i hope you guys enjoy this as always hope you enjoy me kind of sharing with you the moves i’m making out there in the market obviously a very very rough day in the market i think we all know that here today uh russell was

Down big nasdaq had another tough day like that’s back-to-back really tough days two percent plus days yeah you know it’s getting a little rough for the nasdaq once again here and so all markets down pretty much all stocks down and some of these stocks just got absolutely torn up so yeah let’s get into this guys hope you enjoyed it as always also if you want to

Sign up for ftx us check out the first link in the description down there and right now basically if you use my referral code you get a free coin with your first ten dollars in uh basically trading action there so pretty darn cool alrighty guys first stock i bought was oatley otly which is the biggest player in the oat milk industry which is just a booming sector

They don’t just make oat milk they also make uh different ice cream type products now that are made with oats rather than made with uh you know traditional milk i guess you can say and they also have yogurt products they’ve come out with and other products they’re just expanding like a beast okay and so here today i bought this i bought a thousand shares of oatley

Stock i paid 4.72 cents for those particular shares it was about almost five thousand dollars worth of shares this was one of my bigger moves um oatley’s definitely a stock i’m trying to buy very very aggressively for the next six months i think i have a you know like a six month window here with oatley to just add as aggressively as i possibly can and uh you know

Because obviously i think it’s going to be a whole lot more than a four dollar stock in the future years as a company gets more proven out as they get to profitability and and they keep putting up these insane growth numbers uh the market’s going to come flying to a stock like oatley as far as oatley goes this mark caps now under three billion dollars 2.7 billion

Dollars here today they have about 300 ml roughly in cash on their balance sheet price of sales ratio is about four now which is way too low for a growth company like an oatly the stock this is a six month chart and i’m showing you a six month chart on all these stocks that i bought here today it’s been a disaster as far as the um the stock price has gone right down

64 in the past six months the stocks just got absolutely wrecked and i love to find a company that has a great long-term business model that is getting absolutely shredded in the short term and that’s exactly what i believe i’ve found here with oatley a great business model for a long term like the next 10 20 years this business model is going to be amazing but

Right now the stock is not in favor clearly it’s a four dollar stock here today now if we look at its numbers the numbers don’t suggest that uh it’s the end of the world like the stock price does if you look at their last quarter they had 46 percent revenue growth and if you look at the full year 2021 the company had 52.6 revenue growth this is one of those very

Rare companies you get an opportunity to buy where they literally have decades of growth in front of them right and this is a type of company that understands marketing understands how to make a great product scaling uh demand like it’s incredible so everything across this business model is beautiful they obviously are a money loser on the bottom line right now

Which the market doesn’t want any piece of a money losing company for the most part not honestly the market doesn’t want a lot of a lot of stocks right now but anything that’s a money loser mark it’s like i don’t want you right now that’s perfectly fine with me i’m not looking to uh make money in the next three months six months i want to make money in the stock

Over the next three years and six years and so that’s why i’m adding pretty darn aggressively right now for this talk and i my plans are to continue to aggressively add oatly shares for the coming uh months because like i said these sorts of opportunities where you can get a company like this that’s a game changer that has this sort of growth that has you know

A decade plus a runway and uh it’s four dollars a share you don’t get those opportunities very often and you don’t get those opportunities for too long of a period so you got to take advantage okay next one up here hnst honest this is a pure valuation play for honest it’s not like a super exciting growth opportunity like an oatly is but when it comes to honest

Straight valuation they’re taking market share they’re they’re huge in diapers wipes uh you know like soap products sanitizing products all those sorts of things and they’re they’re a revenue growth company they should continue to be a revenue growth company they have this one last super tough comp quarter they have to comp against for their sanitizer business which

Was booming a year ago and then just obviously fell off as the rhona scare kind of went away that’s a short-term thing that’s very negatively affected their numbers but after this quarter that’s going bye-bye and then it just becomes about their their organic traditional business which is booming their makeup their makeup side their cosmetic side it’s incredible and

So i went ahead and bought a thousand shares here a day 4.71 cents i paid for those honest shares honest is a company that i think is going to get profitable within the next year meaning they’ll start to have some actual profitable quarters in uh 2023 okay so this one’s actually really really close to profitability which is going to be massive for its stock price

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In my opinion when it comes to market cap it’s about 400 million dollar mark cap per day a price to sales ratio of 1.3 which is just comical it’s comical literally common call a forward price to sales ratio and honest in my opinion is a route which is looking at the next 12 months which is around about a one or maybe even under one now it’s just a completely silly

This is a stock that should be a price to sales ratio of three to four and it’s at one you know it may be even pushing five because there are companies in the sector that that traded around a five price sales ratio which is where this company should trade at and they’re going to grow way more than those other competitors grow as well they’re taking market share left

And right stocks down 51 percent in the past six months has been absolutely devastating and as a company that like i said i think they’re going to start having profitable quarters within the next year or so um you know i’ve got to add aggressively here but it’s a pure valuation play i want to be you know completely clear about that paypal pypl paypal i would call

It pure valuation play as well with actually really really nice growth behind it the type of company that you should expect to grow 15 to 20 revenues year in and year out for quite a few years to go in the future i bought 15 shares here today i paid 112 dollars for those shares that was about a 1700 move with paypal here today when it comes to paypal stock this

Stock’s been obliterated 57 percent of stock is down in the last six months i mean just disaster right market cap’s down to about 130 billion it used to be 300 billion ish price to sales ratio of five which is extremely low for a company like this remember they own venmo and paypal which are two of the most popular financial related apps in the entire world in

The entire world like that’s incredible right and so there’s a company that’s trading on a p e of about 32 4p of under 30 right now praise the book on this one’s about a six pure valuation play here and uh yeah i think this is uh i this stock i put into the easy money category which i don’t put a lot of stocks into the easy money category but paypal is definitely

An easy money stock anywhere around where it’s been trading at here recently okay nick stock up here small company very small company avant brands avt bf ticker symbol on this one i bought 10 000 shares here today and i know that sounds like an insane amount but it’s like a 22 cent stock okay so it’s not actually as big as it sounds like whoa 10 000 shares it’s

22 cents okay uh there’s a very small market cap company probably one of the riskier stocks i’m in in terms of just being a very very small company great balance sheet on this company norton the ceo’s got his head on straight just doing a phenomenal job growing this business i’ve been just extremely impressed with the growth this company’s put up over the last

Couple of years and you know it’s a company that i’m willing to put some chips on the chips on the table here twenty two hundred dollars i bought here of avon brands here today as far as the company in general trading out a little over a 40 million dollar market cap yes 40 million not 40 billion 40 million so like i said super small player in the in the market

In general prices book about one so yeah you know like i said it’s a riskier play i understand it’s a really small market cap but i think the it has tremendous growth opportunity over the next decade and i really like the ceo it’s a little bit of a bet on the um jockey rather than just the horse when it comes to avon brands and when you’re if you’re ever getting

Into a smaller market cap company especially anything under 100 mil you better definitely believe in the the person running that company because you’re taking obviously a lot more risk a company like coca-cola here obviously taking a very limited risk on avant brands uh you know under 100 million dollar mark cap is it’s obviously a risk and so i’m betting on the

Jockey not just the horse when it comes to this one they should put up some very very nice growth numbers over this year and the reason being is they got a new uh facilities and as far as production all that goes so definitely very excited about avon corsair gaming crs are about some corsair gaming here today i bought 100 shares that was a little over two thousand

Dollar move when it comes to corsair gaming here today at 21.26 uh corsair gaming a lot of you guys probably know they’re huge in the gaming sector huge in the streaming sector when it comes to hardware as well and type of business model andy paul has been leading this company for like 100 years now he does a phenomenal job leading it’s a profit machine it’s a

Cash flow machine a balance sheet that’s in a good place and uh evaluation that’s very very cheap we’ll look at it here in just a moment here so when it comes to corsair gaming mark caps around two billion dollars right now price of sales ratio is one ford price of sales ratios under one for this company now the stock hasn’t been as beaten down as some of these

Other stocks um and that’s mainly because it’s uh it’s a profitable company right but it’s still it’s six months it’s still down 16 percent like in a normal market 16 down in six months is a disaster in this sort of market it’s kind of like oh whatever because we’ve seen so many stocks fall 30 40 50 60 70 80 in a six month span so 16 doesn’t seem that bad but 16

Still a big downward move the reason it’s held up better than a lot of the other stocks out there is because this is a straight profit machine it’s a p e ratio of 21. 4p is under 20. right now price a book of about three so when i look at a corsair gaming i just see this is a great value play a great value stock and uh a type of business model that i think is much

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More stable than a lot of folks realize it is on wall street it’s a company that’s been public in the last few years and you’re going to notice a trend a lot of these companies i’m buying here today a lot of these companies went public in the last let’s call it two years you know paypal obviously is an exception there but most of the companies i’m buying here today

Went public in the last couple years and so wall street’s still trying to figure out these and trying to figure them out the hardest thing for wall street is they’re trying to figure out a lot of these stocks okay and we’ll get into the last ones here i bought they’re trying to figure out a lot of these companies during a time period where the fed’s raising rates

And you’ve got all that going on so wall street’s very very confused just in general right now never mind you tack on a lot of these companies that are in their first you know year or two of being a public company wall street’s just very very confused about what the future holds and what the future holds for these companies and things like that as far as me i just

Look at it from the next five ten year perspective i don’t care about the next three to six months wall street gets very very caught up in the next three to six months and what does this mean for the next three six months something about the next three to six years that’s what i care about then so all this you know junk we’re moving through right now and the 2022

Is just a junk year where we got this massive wall of worry in front of us right all this junk just being thrown at us this year i’m just kind of putting all that to the side and i’m just adding companies i love for the long term and of course their gaming is one of those companies and wall street will get these will understand these stocks long term they’re just uh

At a moment in time where it’s it’s uh it’s tough sledding out there from kind of their perspective and trying to understand this and what’s going on in the market and should i really take risk right now and those sorts of things so you know me as an individual investor i don’t have to worry about all that stuff okay next one i bought here i think you guys should

Have expected this one uh some ttcf i bought 200 shares here today 2 300 worth of tattooed chef i paid 11 and 65 cents for those tattooed chef shares obviously you guys know that i love this company a massive growth company in the plant-based food space coming out with all these different products new skus selfr has been amazing we’ve seen it across the board and

When it comes to a company like tattooed chef it’s under a billion dollar mark cap here at a uh price of sales ratio about 4.4 uh forward price of sales way under that stock’s been hammered over the last six months like many stocks down 36 percent in the past six months on this stock price to book about four for tattoo chef great financial statements when it comes

To the balance sheet um income statement’s been impressive as far as a revenue category the obviously the margins and those sorts of things haven’t been there for this company but i think it’s very important to remember with a company like a tattoo chef this is a company that you know no one ever heard of this company two years ago the the fact that they’ve scaled

This fast when when you’re scaling that fast you can’t even really worry about profitability it’s just about scale skill scale revenue revenue revenue and so you know this is a company that now over the next two three four five years is going to be able to focus on not just growth but growing profitably and what you’re going to see play out in tattoo chef over the

Coming years in my personal opinion is not just a revenue growth story which is what this story has been about it’s going to be a story about margins and margins improving year after year after year after year and maybe even quarter after quarter after quarter after quarter but not just margins but then getting the profitability and then starting to get to scale

The profitability and so i look at a company here that has so many levers to pull when it comes to profitability it’s not even funny and so a lot of people are caught up into the past in looking at this company dude if you’ve ever scaled a business to hundreds of millions of dollars which i almost probably no one has ever done that before um believe me and i’ve

Seen a lot of companies scale to hundreds of millions of revenue you don’t do that profitably usually usually you’re losing money on the bottom line and then you get to profitability and you’re starting to get to mass mass profitability so what they’ve done is nothing short of extraordinary in the food space getting into almost every single retailer you want to

Be in now they get that sell through they got the velocities moving they got new skus coming out new products coming out and uh like i said it’s gonna become a margin story and a uh net income story over the coming years as well now when it comes to tattooed chef here it’s a company that as far as revenue goes 30 percent plus expect in 22 about 24 revenue growth

Expecting 23. by the way there’s only three analysts that cover this stock right now in my opinion by the end of this year they’ll be i would say anywhere between five and ten analysts that cover it five on the low end ten on the high end this as this company skills and gets bigger and bigger it’s going to attract more analysts to start covering it more investment

Banks are going to start looking at it more funds are going to start looking at it so there would be more pressure to get the analyst community on this one and being a big growth company in a massive growing sector it will definitely attract more analysts on it so those three analysts will go to five to ten and although i obviously don’t like analysts i can’t deny

The fact that there’s a lot of folks on wall street a lot of funds and a lot of even institutional money that listened that they listened to analysts and so it’s important that you have an analyst community around your stock that’s covering it that’s upgrading it downgrading it you know talking about price targets talking about you know the future revenue growth

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What they expect for net income so i think that’s going to be a big factor if you’re thinking about the stock price of tattooed chef as they get more and more analysts on that by the way corsair gave me something i forgot to to uh you know mention of course they’re gaming that’s huge bullish over the future years they’re just getting into s p 600 small cap you

Want to talk about something that’s big for that stock price as far as corsair i’m usually very very caught up into what’s going on with company fundamentals valuations things like that but we can’t deny the fact that when you get into big indexes when you get into big etfs things like that that stuff is that stuff’s a massive for your stock price okay when you

Get more and more analysts to start covering your stock that’s a big thing for your stock price and so uh something like a tattoo chef i look at it as a great long-term opportunity obviously i’m a big buyer that when i’ve been a big buyer that one and i don’t plan on stopping to buy that and i can say that for honestly all these stocks i’m buying these are these

Are stocks that i’m planning on adding pretty much this entire year of 2022 and just continue to add shares ad shares ad shares all these stocks i’m buying here today are all massively under what i believe their stock prices will be three years from now five years from now and so the way i look at it is a tattoo chef at 11 if i think that stocks double and triple

And quadrupling up over the next uh you know i could say five years which i would say that for every single stock i’m buying here i expect that to happen doesn’t mean it will happen with every single stock but that’s what i expect to happen okay and so when i look at that i’m like i just have to continue to add these share this entire year because years like this

Walls of worries like we were dealing with this year you don’t get those years very often this type of extreme fear of extreme volatility we’ve kind of been going through the wall of worry that doesn’t happen every year you always have things to worry about but this scale doesn’t usually happen so that’s why i look at a year like this is just i’ve got to take advantage

Of as many deals i can possibly get and just add shares and accumulate and accumulate and accumulate because eventually that that breaks the wall of war starts to get destroyed and next thing you know the market starts moving the russell starts moving nasdaq starts moving a lot of these stocks start moving and all sudden you’re up up and away and everybody’s like

Whoa remember when we had all those deals okay and i don’t like to be the one that is stuck kind of thinking about all the deals we did have at one point okay dropbox mix when i bob out here 200 shares uh about 4 500 i paid for those dropbox shares there dbx pretty pretty big ad for me in dropbox by the way this is the first time i’ve had dropbox shares in quite

Some time but it’s at 22 here a day market cap of 8.4 billion dollars on the stock price of sales ratio of 3.9 is laughable for a company like a dropbox that’s a profit machine a cash flow machine a revenue growth story not like insane like a tattooed chef renault or something like that but still a strong revenue growth story like high single digits revenue growth

Right no customer concentration at this company pricing power pricing leverage um stock’s been hit pretty hard in the last six months down 19 percent in the past six months here p e ratio of 26 on dropbox if you look at the ford p it’s about a 15 right now for dropbox right because right now yahoo finance doesn’t update uh fast enough but basically market cap on on

Um dropbox is like in eight something right now so it’s about a 15 forward p that’s ridiculous i mean just ridiculous for this is one of the i would call it safer business models i can find in the market you know like i said no customer concentration recurring revenue stream people need the product it’s a cloud related product right people like myself been using

Dropbox for like i don’t know how many years i’ve been using it for six seven years or whatever and um you know i have no plans to go away from dropbox like that would be a nightmare for me so it’s not something i’m interested in i love dropbox so when i look at the stock it’s just a pure value play with nice revenue growth is the type of company you should expect

To grow revenues five to ten percent a year for years and years to go in the future and i think the i think wall street’s gonna start to realize how consistent a business model this will be i think long term it’s gonna command a p a forward 4p of 25 to 35 over time as a market understands like oh you know yeah people just continue to use this product as recurring

They can go up in price over time and it’s just kind of a thing of beauty and obviously they attract new people to the uh you know dropbox all time as well okay hope you guys enjoyed this video let me know if you own any stocks what stocks you guys are buying out in the market love to hear from you in that comment section as always also check out pin comment down

There that’s for a stock market investing mastery course it’s a little course i put together for you guys it’s absolutely a free course and uh it’s great if you’re in your first year or two of investing i think you’ll learn a lot from that so check that out is pin comment also if you want to sign up for ftx check out the first link in the description down there

Yeah much love as always guys and have a great day

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