I LOST EVERYTHING… (what I would do)

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So if i woke up tomorrow and i went to log on to my youtube channel and it suddenly vanished what would i do that’s the question i’m looking to answer in this video but i’m actually gonna take it a step further for you guys because as i was trying to answer the question i realized there were a couple of different scenarios that could potentially play out if i was

Truly looking to analyze this first of all i just lose my youtube channel second of all i lose all of my social media platforms and then third of all i lose all of my social media platforms and all of my money i’m gonna be answering what i would do in each of these three scenarios here in this video so first of all let’s say for some reason my youtube channel

Banished into thin air and i lost my 135,000 subscribers obviously that is my biggest social media platform and it would definitely hurt it would really hurt and that’s a big piece of my business is the youtube ad revenue and the traffic generated from youtube but i do have other platforms out there i have an email list with 10,000 subscribers i have about 2,000

Followers on facebook 1500 on instagram some people on snapchat as well you can’t get a firm number on that they don’t tell you but i do have other people or i have other followers on different platforms now obviously the bread and butter for my business is youtube but what i would do first of all i would go all-in with facebook and instagram i would be going there

I would also be building out my website i would take all of my video content and re-upload it to my website and hopefully be getting some kind of search traffic from google alone now of course i would not be making the ad revenue unless i were to put ads on my website but i would still be able to get that traffic i would still be able to get people who would then

Join my membership site or purchase my courses and so what i would do is i would re-upload all my content onto my website build out my other social media platforms and i would also spend about ten thousand dollars just on facebook ads i would spend a lot of money on facebook advertisements to really work on building out my website work on building up my membership

Site and so that would be my move would i start another youtube channel i probably would but i’m not sure if it would be my main focus i would probably work on building out my website and because that’s something you have more control over i mean i’m not thinking my youtube-channel would ever disappear but it was a comment i got from people and i think people

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Think i’ve never thought about this before but as somebody who did quit a $70,000 job to pursue having a youtube channel full time it’s definitely something i’ve thought about before of what if my youtube channel for one thing suddenly became not very popular at all or second of all if it just vanished into thin air and the other thing people have argued with me

As well is that what if i lost the advertising on my channel that really wouldn’t be that big of a deal that’s about 40% ish 30 to 40 percent of my income online so i would take a pay cut but all i would do is build up or build out my other income streams related to my youtube channel okay scenario number two i’ve lost my youtube channel i lost my website i lost

My email list my facebook page my instagram everything is gone i woke up everything is vanished nobody knows who ryan scribner is i’ve started over what am i doing first of all i’m gonna start focusing on a podcast i think there’s a lot of potential with podcasts and it’s an area that has a lot less competition then youtube does or video content whether it be on

Facebook or youtube the reason i like audio is because it allows you to multitask you can listen to a podcast while you’re in the car while you’re cleaning your house so i’m going all in with the podcasts that’s my very first move the second thing i’m doing is i’m going to instagram and i’m making motivation slash luxury posts i mean this is content that people

Absolutely just eat up these are like the posts that talk about the millionaire mindset and showing photos of luxury cars and private jets and whatnot i would start making really good high-quality motivational posts for instagram and building out a massive following on instagram with motivational style content and i’m doing the same thing on facebook as well but

On facebook i’m gonna focus on very short one to two minute motivational videos that i’m actually producing myself if you guys haven’t been paying attention to facebook there’s a guy by the name of jay shetty who’s absolutely destroying facebook right now in terms of the amount of reach he’s getting he has millions of followers pretty much every video he’s doing

Is going viral just because the content is so valuable and people are absolutely in love with his style of con but essentially what it is it’s very short one to two minute motivational content and that’s also where i’m dedicating my efforts to is building out on facebook and creating those short motivational videos now the other thing i’m doing with that as well

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I’m gonna be making these motivational videos but i’m gonna be reaching out to other pages any kind of motivational or inspirational pages and i’m gonna be sending them my content i’m gonna be sending them the pictures and the actual motivational videos i’m producing and i’m gonna say feel free to use this and i’m gonna have my actual name of my page at the end of

Those videos and also on those photos so if they do decide to post those photos on their page and people see my name on there eventually they’ll get back to my page so i’m gonna be sharing my content with other people and as a result of just increasing the amount of reach that i have in building up those platforms the other thing i’m going to do i’m gonna begin doing

The same thing but for other people i’m gonna become a curator of content so not only am i posting my own content on my facebook page and my instagram i’m gonna be posting other people’s content as well so i’m gonna find great motivational videos i’m gonna find people doing the same thing i’m doing and i’m gonna be sharing their content and hoping that in exchange

They’re gonna be sharing my content as well and we’re all gonna be building these pages up together i mean there’s people out there that have built massive facebook pages 1 million plus likes and followers just by posting other people’s content it’s a win-win scenario and so that is definitely what i’m doing as well so that would be my move if i lost everything i

Still had the money and i was able to spend time building something else i would get into that scene as far as the motivational content goes and i would build out a podcast and that would pretty much be what i was directing all that traffic to i would use the facebook page i would use my instagram as the way to get the traffic and get people interested in me and i

Would be diverting all of that into my podcast and then down the road you know make a membership site make a core something like that i would basically do the exact same thing i just did and it would still be related to investing or something related to motivation now here’s an interesting piece of this as well what i start another youtube channel if mine vanished

And nobody knew who i was i’m actually not sure if i would because of the fact that this niche has become a lot more saturated than it was two years ago or a year and a half ago when i started this when i started making an investing channel there were like three people doing this and so if i were to start over there’s a lot more competition now so what i’ll be

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Posting this content on youtube i probably would i mean it would be more like me making a podcast and then uploading it to youtube afterwards and kind of repurposing that content i might do some videos on youtube as well but i would really rely on this podcast to build out my audience online just because i think that there’s a lot less competition out there with

Podcasts and i see a lot of people being very successful launching podcasts and i like the fact that you can multitask and do more than one thing at once with that podcast so that’s what i’m doing if i lose everything but i still have money enough to sustain myself and build something else now third and finally i lose everything and i lose all of my money all of

My investing accounts all of my stocks i go back to having a net worth of $0 what am i doing well i still have my two year electrical degree so i’m going out and getting a job at a chip fabrication plant and i’m gonna be working condensed shifts twelve hours each day that way you work three days one week four days the next week every two weeks you have seven days

Off and in those seven days i’m building another side hustle and building another business i’m gonna build it up to a couple thousand dollars a month i’m gonna quit that job and i’m gonna do it again i know a lot of people would probably expect a different answer from me but i would do the same thing that i did i would just do it over again but i’d be better at

It because i knew how to do it now but again this is kind of a confusing scenario because i don’t know if i’ve lost the knowledge i’ve gained or i’ve just lost my followers and all my money but again these are all fictitious scenarios i just thought this would be an interesting video here for those of you that are wondering like if i had to start over today what

Exactly i would be doing but anyways guys thank you so much for watching this video i hope you enjoyed it if you did please drop a like and leave your comments down below with your thoughts about this video and i will see you in the next one if you are interested in learning more about investing in the stock market i’ve created a free course just for you the link

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I LOST EVERYTHING… (what I would do) By Ryan Scribner

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