I Make 3,804 Per 30 Days On Youtube. What I Do With The Money! Passive Income

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Well if you didn’t already know i have two youtube channels one is called the financial education channel we made 18 thousand eight hundred and eighty three dollars during the month of july from ads that were played on the channel from my second channel financial education – we made four thousand nine hundred and twenty one dollars and 32 cents from ads that were

Played on that channel totaling nearly twenty four thousand dollars in income just from those two channels and i want to go ahead and address a question like what do i actually do with that money that’s a pre you know good amount of money needless to say and what do i do with that money so i’m gonna go ahead and disclose that to you guys here today exactly where

Every dollar goes and let me just say two things before i even get started with this video because i think they need to be sad okay first is like thank you guys for being here like you know if we go back to his three years ago i made zero dollars from youtube and i put in like so much work to it and whatnot and i made like no money for at least like the first nine

Or ten months so thank you for being here because that amount of money i just showed you would not be possible without all of you guys here okay i’m sorry i want to say thank you okay and secondly i want to address one other thing because we always get that one person in the comment section that is like jeremy you make more money from youtube then you’re doing best

Things baba baba you suck i always get that one person that says something like that in okay let me address that in two parts k first is they think i’ll be like offended by that like i’m very thrilled that i’m very fortunate to be in the position i am when it comes to youtube i’ve worked very hard to get here and i’m very thankful for the position i am okay so like

The fact that i make a ton of money from youtube like i don’t get offended by that like that to me is like amazing okay that’s the first part second part is here’s also the facts if we just like took away youtube and everything okay i’ve already booked profits this year book profits this year to put myself in the top 1% of income earners in the world okay already

This year never mind as the year transpires we should be lightly sinned like the top 5% of us income earners if i had no income outside of investing and that is just from stock sales alone okay so like soooo your very like i’ll make a ton of money from investing this year as well and there will be a day when i make way more money from investing than i do from you

Know youtube in these type of things i just have to get more money to like get to a place where you have large enough amounts of money to kind of like outweigh like how much we brought in you know through youtube and whatnot okay so let me just address that out there cuz there’s always that one person okay guys so i hope you enjoy this as always hope you enjoyed

Me disclosing this make sure you smash the thumbs up button this is obviously not a video i have to do in disclosing all this information but you know it is a financial education channel i thought this could bring you guys some value and i thought it would be an interesting video like you know with that type of money coming in like what am i doing with the money

Okay so you know roughly 24,000 in youtube income so right off the bat we have you know good old taxes okay so that’s gonna take out about four thousand dollars there alone just from that twenty four okay roughly now you might say isn’t that number a little low well a few things to factor and one is i have my businesses set up so they can be in the best position

Possible for taxes i actually hire like a tax accountant that i pay like several thousand dollars to each year and i can tell you that is well worth the money because the roi they get me versus trying to do my taxes on my own and trying to figure out all these things it’s not even close okay also i live in the state of nevada okay and in nevada we don’t have any

State tax okay so you folks that might be watching this in california you guys probably pay a lot and state taxes and especially if you had a big income like you know an income like i have like you can get hit with like an 8 percent tax rate even a 10 or 11 percent tax rate on the money you have coming in but somewhere here like nevada you don’t get hit with taxes

And that’s a beautiful thing basically the gaming revenue we have from you know las vegas strip you know when people come here from literally all over the world and they loved it you know gamble that revenue goes in ahead and basically pays for our state taxes so we the individuals that live here and make money here we actually don’t have to pay taxes and that’s

One of the big reasons why i personally love to live here there are other reasons outside of just that but like i like not paying state taxes because when you like compound the numbers like if i lived in california the amount of money that i would have to put toward investing would be substantially less each year it would probably be five figures less each year

If i just lived four hours away you know from las vegas to los angeles it’s a four hour drive if i just live four hours over that way essentially i would be in a situation where i would you know have five figures less a year to put toward investing okay so about four thousand dollars in taxes right off the bat okay then we have another negative five thousand which

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Is the mortgage okay on the house i own and that’s a pretty big number but it’s all relative okay i mean out here in las vegas area like like $5,000 you know like a five thousand dollar mortgage like you can get a really really big nice house out here you know five thousand dollar mortgage you know in los angeles you might get a shoebox or something like that but

Out here in vegas like you can get a really nice like big home with plenty of bedrooms you know an office i even have in my own home like i got a full leg skill office and whatnot you can get a lot of bang for your buck for $5,000 out here so don’t think you know you just get like some type of little place like out here in vegas man you be you pit you’re paying five

Thousand dollars on mortgage like you’re gonna have a really nice beautiful home and a lot of time it’s going to be a newer home okay so $5,000 toward the mortgage then we have another negative five which is essentially extra okay i so i pay about five thousand dollars extra toward the mortgage each and every month so basically you know let’s assume we live in this

House for maybe five years or something i want to have the full mortgage already paid off within five years which is why i pay that extra five thousand dollars each and every month and that will help accelerate things so rather than you know even if it is a 30-year loan rather than it you know you’re waiting 30 years to pay it off i’m in a position where i like to

Just you know funnel money away and you know hopefully we can own this home outright over the next several years now you might say well why don’t you just buy the cash in the first place and the reason being is the mortgage we got on this house is maybe at like a 4% rate okay maybe a 4% rate or rate around there meanwhile in the stock market we should be able to

Get a men mom a minimum of 8 to 10 percent per year okay minimum of 8 to 7 percent per year never mind like good years we should be doing 20 30 maybe even potentially 40 percent in a really really good year in the stock market so to funnel all that money into owning a home that i can take out a mortgage and pay like 4 percent on vs. in the stock market where even

A minimum i should be able to make at least 2x that it makes sense this take out a mortgage on a home and i pay that extra money and eventually will own this home outright hopefully in the next few years and then that’s all home equity we have and then plus we have the stocks and all those other sorts of things okay so another 5,000 goes toward data right then we

Have a negative 1000 which is toward the tesla payment each month now the tesla payment is way less than 1000 but just like the mortgage i like to pay extra toward the tesla and the the interest rate we got on that was i think three point nine percent or something like that on the tesla so it is pretty low which is why i don’t funnel a ton of money extra but the

Payment on the tesla might only be like six hundred bucks per month or seven hundred bucks for me per month but i like to put in an extra three or four hundred each month for the tesla just get it paid off faster okay then same exact thing i do with our alfa romeo we have an alfa romeo as well which is an suv which is kind of a waste in my personal opinion because

We hardly even use it now ever since i got the tesla performance edition like i use that car like far more than the alfa like the alfa it’d be lucky to get driven like once a week honestly you know like once maybe every two weeks on the tough side drive that car almost every single day so i just prefer the tesla it’s kind of a waste even having the alfa romeo but

It is what it is but we’re paying off that one really fast so we’ll likely own the tesla and alfa romeo outright probably within the next that’s a year and a half to two years or something like that okay then do we have another negative one thousand dollars which is essentially health insurance okay health enjoy might be a little over a thousand dollars per month

We spend on health insurance it might be like 1200 or 1300 dollars i don’t know my wife keeps track all that sort of thing but i know it’s somewhere roughly around a thousand bucks a month okay so you can see like the numbers ago going down or we even having anything left at the end of this pie you see this big number here you know like holy smokes man money’s going

Out all over the place okay so a thousand for health insurance then we have another negative one thousand i don’t even know if i spelled groceries right i don’t know how do you spell crucial with these guys but then we have another $1,000 a month we spend on groceries there’s five of us living here three adults two kids and my kids are not average kids these kids eat

Like they’re freaking teenagers and they’re like four years old and two years old it’s ridiculous but neither say we spend a lot of money on groceries go ahead and spell groceries down the comment section for me okay i need to lurk that’s well that word thank you okay so now we’re all sent down to six thousand dollars okay so we started at twenty four now we’re down

To six you see how fast the money kind of starts running okay then we have another negative three thousand which we’ll just put four editor okay so essentially the one that edits all my videos mr. chris he gets a base salary of three thousand dollars per month he also can get bonuses on top of that but its base three k a month and he’s the one that edits all these

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Videos so if you’re wondering how do i put out so much content is because like he’s able to edit it it would i wouldn’t be able to put out the amount of content i put out without a full-time video editor i just need that i have two youtube channels and i have my private stock group so the private stock group usually is at least two videos every single week and then

I have let’s say five videos coming on the second channel a week in five or six videos a week on the main channel it’s just if the amount of content is just on a ridiculous scales so he started a few months ago and i kind of trained him on everything and then i just kind of you know direct them you know those entertainment parts i have in some of the videos the

Comedy bits sometimes i’ll you know say hey you know let’s do this or do that and whatnot so i still have control over a lot of the editing but i don’t have to do all that work which a lot of video editing for anybody who’s ever done it it’s just a lot of busy work i mean the for every you know 30-second funny clip you put in there there’s like ten minutes of just

You know tedious like cutting in and doing you know basic basic stuff so that you know is this expense as well worth it to me because we’re able to put out a lot more content which is what i love to do i love to create content love to record videos come up with ideas and whatnot okay so now we’re down to only three thousand dollars and those other three thousand

Dollars essentially is just other expenses okay so at the end of the pie expenses we’re not going to spelling too good okay you guys there’s probably me just seeing all those money go bye-bye it’s kind of like fizzle in my brain out right now but needless to say at the end of the pie when it comes to youtube we have nothing left okay every dollar that comes in from

The 20 you know roughly almost twenty four thousand dollars in youtube income it all leaves we get rid of it all okay now you could say well we could certainly cut back on a lot of these things like for instance alfa romeo do we really need that know so we could necessarily cut that out and that’s a you know $1,000 less do we need you know as big of a home as we

Have technically no but at the same time you know you don’t so only one life to live and if you got the money you kind of want to enjoy some things and whatnot so you know it is what it is you know health insurance obviously you need that groceries this is like needs-based things like you kind of like need this stuff you know we could cut the editing out but if

We cut the editing out then i’m not gonna put out nearly as much content which in the end is not something i want to do i want to put out as much content as i want to put out and whatnot so you know a lot of those expenses are needs-based we don’t have to put an extra $5,000 towards the you know the mortgage each month but we do okay so you know you might look at

That you say okay well you have nothing left at the end of the twenty four thousand dollars each month well how do you go ahead and buy more stocks each month you gotta know you put money in different stock accounts i have seven different stock accounts how do we have money to put in that well essentially i launched the most you know the best product i’ve ever

Launched in my life is my private stock market membership group we have you know approaching 400 members in there 380 members as of right now and that’s the group that is basically the closest thing to like a mentorship i offer i don’t have time to like one-on-one like train people between all the youtube videos and all those different things i got a lot of time

Like one-on-one so that’s a closest thing i have to like a mentorship where i’m actually like training somebody on how to the great stock market investor and the great thing about that is most folks that join that group don’t leave okay most folks once they get in they love being part of the group it’s a product that has very good like retention on it in terms of

Like people are happy and they they you know love the amount of content we put out in there and all the different things in the discord chat and being able to chat with myself as well as other investors and things like that and just being able to have access to me and be able to ask me different questions and things like that and teaching it’s definitely the best

Product i ever launched by far ever you know like if we even go back to my real-estate days and whatnot like when i have my real estate marketing company like this is definitely the best product i’ve ever launched in my life you know by far in a way okay and by the way that group’s ninety-nine a month but some people get in on the deal sometimes we have deals which

Is basically $4.99 for an entire year which is essentially you paying for five months and then you get seven months free but some people you know don’t want to sign up for a yearly so they just do monthly and ninety-nine a month and then also i have my becoming master of the stock market course which a lot of people love and then i also have income from a book that

I have on amazon that i launched back in 2017 so if we’re thinking about like if i’m investing extra money each month like where’s the money coming from it’s coming from those different products and whatnot youtube like the youtube where comes in for youtube this is all expense related stuff in lifestyle related stuff okay and you know if i go out to dinner or go

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On vacation it’s because of the youtube okay the the other money is simply just for investing and trying to build more and more and more it all this wouldn’t be possible if i hadn’t like you know had good products so good videos on youtube if i didn’t have like a good like if my stock market membership group like wasn’t a good group that you know a ton of people

Learned a ton from and became great investors and like started making money for themselves and whatnot that wouldn’t be you know as successful as it is if we just have you know turnover constantly in that group and it would be like oh my gosh can we even get you know people to stay in this group like the average person that joins the group stays for over a year

You know they get to learn an immense amount of knowledge from me and they get to get themselves in a place where they’re able to invest on their own and pick stocks on their own and not just kind of like copy the stocks on take whatnot they can make their own decisions and start building money and you know take themselves to a place where they’re making $10,000

A year from investing or 15,000 and 20,000 and 30,000 and by the way i always preach for those members as well as myself like to never take money out of accounts it’s all about building and building and building just because you make 30,000 from the stock market this year in my personal opinion you should just keep that 30,000 in and keep building and buying great

Companies you know this is this is how great companies are made this is how great investors invest okay they do they don’t take out their money they don’t take the chips off the table they’re always worried about where’s my next great investment opportunity where can i expand business to next where can i put this money next not let me take all the money out or even

A big chunk of the money out and go spend it on something that’s just ridiculous in my personal opinion that’s not the way great businessman thing and that’s not the way great investors think in the end we’re always trying to build and build and build and so if i make you know like i said we’ll probably easily probably easily make a hundred thousand plus dollars

From stocks sold in the year of 2019 okay we’ll see how the rest of your shakes out but we should easily cross that number i don’t take that money out i don’t say oh man i just made 150 thousand from stocks this year let me go take that 150 thousand dollars out and let me go buy a new super car with it or let me take one hundred fifty thousand dollars out and let me

Go you know do something like know that serves us the way i think i’m like you know let’s build this let’s build this this build this and let’s see what type of numbers we can do in the future because the place i’m trying to go in the future is if you have enough money if you have tens of millions or even a hundred million plus dollars you can do anything in life

And it’s like nothing to you right because you’re making your money is making you so much money even at a decent return it’s like a joke to you if you have 50 million dollars in the market if you just make like 3 to 5 million dollars of a return on investment each year which is up actually a pretty low rate of return if you got 50 million and them in the market

Like you can pretty much do almost literally anything you want in the world it’s incredible right that’s why it’s all about billing to get to those type of levels and my personal opinion everybody’s gotten different goals out there your goal might be to get a million dollars your goal might be to get you know five million dollars your goal might be to get half a

Million dollars not even a million like here everybody’s goals different and depends on your personal goals in life it depends on how hard you want to work it depends on where you live and all those sorts of things everybody’s got different goals i fully understand that in my goal that i have shouldn’t be necessarily your goal but at the same time you’re going to

Get to your goal a lot faster if you keep your money investing you’re always worried about what’s the next great stock i can find where’s the next great stock market investment i can find and whatnot and so that’s why you know i always preach like you know when it comes to like what you do for work which i consider what i do for work is youtube right for you know

What i do for work youtube like that should be able to pay all my bills in the end and if by the way if i didn’t have like you know other sources of income or something then i would just you know cut back on some of these things so i had more money to invest in the end which is really an aim of the game but at the same time if you can produce some side income streams

Some passive income streams something like that you know you can do very well for yourself and then put all that money toward investing as well guys so anyway hope you enjoyed today’s video as always hope you enjoyed kind of learning where my money goes to the youtube money and once again thank you guys for being here and that’s about it thank you for watching and have a great day

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