I Messed Up Bad

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Howdy there folks i wasn’t planning on making a video today but i thought i would just make you guys a little something here i was just looking over a few things in some different accounts and whatnot and i think this video is going to be called something like i messed up bad something like that right and um i want to share some things with you guys in today uh

In this video i want to be fully transparent because there’s been a couple things that have happened in the market that i just never i never saw these things coming and i want to share those and with my channel i try to always be very very transparent so you know when things are going great i show it if things are going bad i show it i’m never ashamed to show my

Failures never shame to show my success like it is what it is and i remember the year was 2017 and that was the first time i ever saw somebody that they make a negative video about me it was in 2017 and um got me very very frustrated and i was i was uh feeling some kind of weight but then as time went on as the years ticked on you know there was just a lot more

Chatter about me on videos on forums on on uh you know everywhere and so i learned you know many many years ago that i either had to accept that or had to step away from what i was doing essentially because there’s no way you’re going to be super popular and not have a lot of chatter about you and when things are going great uh i definitely got a lot of love

Man and and you know when when my stock is doing well you know people treat me like i’m a god on the on the forums on the message boards on on videos things like that and when things are going bad they treat me like i’m the devil and i’m clueless i’m an idiot right and then some some people uh seem to get very um almost like emotional about me where they get so

Tied up into this state where they either like really really love me or they like really really despise and hate me and for the folks that despise and hate me you know when my stocks are doing good they say i got lucky i’m just lucky oh he’s just lucky oh the fed did this or this did that and it’s just you know he’s just lucky and then when my stocks are doing bad

It’s because i’m a clueless idiot who’s so stupid and dumb and doesn’t know anything right and so it’s just it’s just as is fascinating for me to kind of sit back and kind of see it all play out but like that’s you know as they say you know you make your bed so lay in it and you know that’s just what it is i’m very popular and i’m going to get a lot of love and i’m

In a lot of heat and just depends really on honestly how the market’s doing at a given time okay now with that being said i always try to be transparent and show you guys what’s going wrong and what’s going right and there’s a couple things that have happened in this market that i never foresaw these things coming and they kind of came out of nowhere and if you

Were to take me back you know six months ago nine months ago i would have been very surprised if you would have told me two things would have played out the way they have okay and i want to share those exact things with you now the first thing i want to show you here is this makes me ah just frustrated and the thing that makes me frustrated is actually how well

The dividend account has done you know this is the only the only account i have that is green right now but the fact is this account just isn’t green it’s very very green it’s almost 44 up in this particular account that doesn’t even account for the dividends received in this account over time there’s only one position that’s negative so the only account i have

That is green right now is this account and it just frustrates me because it makes me say man i should have put more money into um this account right it’s got a 150 000 in it but at the same time like i look at my other accounts and and how big those are and i’m like why didn’t i put more money in this dividend account but um that’s just kind of the way it is by

The way wins in this account although they don’t pay dividend right now they hope should hopefully once macau business comes back and they should pay a dividend again in the future they’ve just always kind of been a dividend pair they just haven’t been able to since uh their business has been tore up by rona but uh you know yeah i just look at this and i’m like

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Oh man it’s like you get that dividend money plus a lot of these stocks are just held up fair very well especially compared to anything growth anything tech oh my gosh these stocks are like night and day with with how well these stocks have done to be quite honest and the one that eats me up the most honestly is qualcomm qualcomm’s a stock that we’re up almost 88

On never mind dibs and um you know i just did not buy this one nearly heavy enough like i put twenty six hundred dollars into i should have been a much larger amount than twenty six hundred dollars just put it that way so that one kind of eats me up then we look at this and uh uh do i have to look at this okay this is the public account here right and there’s some

Interesting things we see uh the chef has been cut in half on us and corsair has been cut in half on us two very large positions and i count and um oh it hurts to see it i mean one side of me it’s like okay i get to buy shares for a lot cheaper and that’s a good part but the other side of me is like oh man why didn’t i wait why did i wait longer before i started

To build out that position right um and yeah when you see an account when you see a position down fifty percent that’s what you guys think you’re like white why’d i buy that one so early uh gosh even if i thought it was going to some price you know it’s like i should have probably waited a little bit the interesting thing is the chef not a profitable company

Right growth insane growth the most exciting food company in the world by a mile but it’s uh it’s a it’s a money loser on the bottom line right corsair not exciting growth but it’s profitable it’s cash flow it’s a low forward p and this one’s down just as much it’s actually technically down a little bit more in the shaft so it just kind of shows you in this sort

Of market you know anything can get slashed and especially small cap stocks they can get slashed regardless if they’re a money maker a money loser in this sort of market doesn’t care it’s throwing everything out okay honest hurts bad now when we’re down 42 on and although i feel like i’m gonna make a stupid amount of money on honest over the next few years uh i

Wouldn’t i’d be a liar if i didn’t say the 42 didn’t you know hurt i should have waited longer on that one right um but did i ever see honest going to two three dollars a share no no never saw that you know seven bucks okay i could always see seven bucks six bucks something like that but two three dollars i never in a million years i’d be the biggest liar in the

World if i ever said i yeah i think honest is going to two to three dollars never okay that’s just insane like it’s a diaper and wipes and makeup business like come on man soaps and shampoo stuff like that like i just didn’t see it uh the planet 42 that one’s kind of like you understand because it’s uh you know it’s a it’s adult it’s it’s i don’t say it’s a dollar

Stock but it’s like uh you know you just understand what that company is right in the industry they’re in and it’s going to be very volatile i get that avon brands 56 kind of understand that one there and then voyager is a whole different situation that’s a it’s a very different situation than any of these others um that’s a crypto mess let’s just call it that

Okay but the bottom line is i look at this account and i’m like uh you know wow why didn’t i put more money in the dividend account and not not in this account so those are some things i consider now there’s two things that have happened in the market that i just never saw these things coming and i just want to be fully transparent on it the first thing is this

Is what we’re looking at here this is four ps for yarn d from gardening research on mid caps and small camps and i would be a liar if i said i expected small caps to get as cheap as they have gotten and stay down here for as long as they have and mid caps as well because a lot of what i’ve been buying over the past nine months is small caps loading up on small

Caps because they’re in my opinion phenomenal deals for long term but i would be a liar if i said i i ever foresaw these stocks trading this cheap for this long i mean basically how this is supposed to work is small caps usually trade between a 14 and 18 okay 14’s you’re you’re getting a low and if you go under 14 you’re extremely undervalued 16 18 that’s where

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You’re usually at if you get above 18 on a forward peak for smalls you know you’re getting a little rich okay and you those companies better have some insane future profitability coming because yeah you’re getting rich if you’re getting above 18. mid cap same exact thing 14 to 18 right you know go under 14 you’re extremely undervalued the closer to 14 you get the

More undervalued you are the more above 18 you are the more overvalued you’re getting more likely you’re going to have a um you know a drop and that’s just what we’ve seen consistently throughout the last 20 30 years or whatever right and so you know right now trading at like an 11 on small caps i think at the lows it was like 10 something 11.7 on mids so i just

Never foresaw us getting down this low and staying down here for this long and the only time period we ever have in recent history where we’ve had this sort of time period is a great financial crisis in the great financial crisis we went under 14 forward p for small caps and we traded under there for like a year like a year same exact thing happened with mid

Caps right you know we went under 14 starting in 08 didn’t come out until you know middle about 09. so we were down under 14 for about a year and you know i never foresaw this situation being that we would be under 14 for such a significant amount of time because i remember a scene going under 14 six months ago or so or seven months ago so the fact is we’re on a

Trajectory that is very very similar to the financial crisis in terms of how long these stocks are staying under here because you just don’t see this i mean look at this you got under 14 but you never got you know under where we’re at right now and this was in the double dip recession fear small caps never even got close to that range so we literally this we’re on

We’re basically there’s only been one precedent before this in modern history and that was a great financial crisis i never first saw that coming okay the second thing i never foresaw coming and if you took me back in time you told me this i’d be like i don’t know man that sounds a little uh far-fetched it’s this right here i never saw a situation where in the middle

Of this year we would have an overwhelmingly bearish market but not just overwhelmingly bearish we’re talking to the point of with the only time period you can go back to where the market was this fearful was the great financial crisis when we had some of the biggest banks some of the biggest investment banks failing that’s the only time period you can see we’re

Less bullish on the market when we were than we were when we were in roma and people were talking about where the economy is going to be shut down for three years and all these businesses are going to zero and bill ackman was going on tv we’re we’re more bearish on the market right now as an investor community than we were at that time which is just mind-blowing

To think the only time in history basically that we were ever this this this bearish on the market was a great financial crisis and that’s just it’s mind-blowing to see especially for this the survey has been done all the way back to 80s you know 18 of investors bullish on the market for the next six months there’s basically no one basically no one is bullish on

This market the next six months everybody overwhelmingly bearish on this market right now just insane i mean the usual number is 30 percent bearish we’re double that right now the usual amount is you know uh 38 percent bullish we’re at 18 half of that so and when you’re in a really bullish market you start getting up to like 50 getting close to 50 percent on on a

Bullish side so i mean we’re just in this moment in time that i just honestly never foresaw this playing out this way where we would be this low on forward ps for this amount of time and the market would get this bearish and the the thing for me and do i change my strategy kind of moving forward and things like that and first off if if i had to redo things over

Again sure i would have kept more cash around and i would have been buying much heavier right now in the summer period than i was several months ago but hindsight’s always perfect in the stock market and we’d always say well i would have bought heavier here and bought put options here and bought call options here like yeah if we all the crystal ball and you could

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View these things right be beautiful but that’s just not the way it is do i change anything moving forward absolutely not i can’t i can’t i can’t invest on hopes and prayers that something’s going to happen in the market that doesn’t ever happen i can’t invest based upon thinking oh you know we’re going to go to less than 20 percent of investors are going to be

Bullish on the market that almost never happens other than maybe a once in a 10 or 15 year span i can’t invest based upon hoping uh four ps in on on small caps and mid caps are going to go to 10 and 11 range because that almost never happens other than the great financial crisis so i’m not going to invest based upon freak situations that almost never ever happen

I’m going to invest based upon how things are usually happening usually the market is a more bullish than bearish usually the market does not trade at uh you know 10 and 11’s on four ps for mids and smalls usually it’s like you know 14 15 16 17 18. and so the the the thing for me is i’m gonna continue to invest the same way and staying consistent and whatever i do

In life i like to just try to keep it consistent my investing approach consistent the making youtube videos consistent like i just be consistent and the rest is conversation and yeah you’re going to get a lot of hate in a market where you’re investing in in stocks that aren’t doing well but that’s just that’s just i came to accept that a long time ago and when it

Comes to my investing approach i came to accept a long time ago that in a outlier market i’m gonna get shredded and i said this even in the most bullish market we were in which was the end of 2020 into 2021 i even told people i’m like you know when we get a you know massive sell-off in a bad market i’m going to get shredded in that market and that’s been exactly

What’s played out that’s just that’s just what happens uh my investing strategy is not the safest strategy in the world that by any means um but damn i’m gonna make a whole lot of money i’m gonna make a whole lot of money over the coming years and then they’ll say it was luck again this is what it is they’ll just got lucky again damn it ah prick get always gets lucky

Uh just wait till the next time he’s gonna get shredded it’s like yeah i’m gonna get shredded again next time right um the only thing is these sort of situations this sort of level of shredding as i call it is very few and far between it’s like a once in every like 10 to 15 years you get this sort of downward market for this long where we peaked in november and as

Of a week or two ago the nasdaq was almost 34 from the peak uh yeah you very rarely ever get the nasdaq to go down 34 or 33 in an eight-month span it’s a vicious market it’s a vicious market it does happen you have to accept it and if you can’t accept it you can’t move on to the next level and part of uh the stock market and part of life is you have to move past

These kind of like mental barriers i call them and mental barriers are investing in markets that are very very scary where everybody’s pessimistic uh mental barriers is like you know for me making youtube videos knowing i’m gonna get a whole lot of hate all the time um you know you just gotta move past those mental barriers and they will hold you back you will not

Go to where you wanna go in life because you’re basing your decisions off of what other people want you to do versus what you wanna do right and then you start living your life which is only one life you start living your life based upon what other people want to see rather than what you want to see and what you want to get out of life right so um anyways stock

Market’s just a great representation of life at the end of the day much love as always guys thank you so much for joining me i appreciate you each and every one of you whether you love me whether you hate me or whether you’re in between which is nobody in between i appreciate you guys much love and have a great day

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I Messed Up Bad By Financial Education

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