I Messed Up So Bad.

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Oh this is a painful video for me to do this is a painful video for me to do today guys this one is all about options today man basically so options allow you as an investor to basically hedge positions or basically you you get a chance to make much more upside than buying a stock straight up there are some risks that are involved with options okay and today we’re

A look at some option contracts i bought a little less than two years ago that i sold very quickly after i had bought them for very small profits and what i’m going to show you to you guys today is gonna make you want to throw up with how much these option contracts are now worth compared to what i paid for them guys now as you know i just came out with a 12-part

Full part series course basically on options so if you don’t really understand options go ahead and take that full course guys i think that will help you out tremendously in this respect the whole first section by the way is free so if you’re still not sure if you want to check it out like click on the link watch the little first segment for free at least i think it

Will benefit you guys you just don’t don’t be an idiot like me and sell your option contracts too soon oh my gosh guys so this first one here okay this is activision blizzard these i bought back in february this was february 8th 2016 was a settlement date so it means i bought him a few days before that right these i bought they were expiring in january 2018 january

19 2018 i bought him for a strike price of $30 all right i paid $6.75 per contract all right i bought three contracts right those contracts now those contracts now are worth over $35 we’re talking about in a nearly six fold increase there guys so i bought up about two thousand dollars worth of contracts there those would now be worth over $12,000 we’re talking

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About a ten thousand dollar opportunity lost by not holding on to those oh my gosh and it’s still basically options i’m gonna show you a few more here that is just gonna discuss to you guys but basically you know i started really getting into options 10 the end of 2014 start learning a lot about them in 2015 and toward the end of 2015 into the beginning of 2016

Was really when i start playing around with options okay and i was still in learning and i was still very unsure myself with options and so i think that’s why i sold a lot of these contracts with a very small profit in a very short amount of time because i was like oh i just need 10% here and i thought that was good and now you’re gonna see these these are all

Hundreds and hundreds of percent guys if we look at this next one these are apple okay i bought apple this was in a january 7 2016 was a settlement they closed there and they expired in january 2018 i bought these for a hundred and fifteen dollars strike price right these ones i paid ten dollars and ninety cents for about one contract of those then they bought

Another contract a few days later for a little lower price i was able to get these ones for ten dollars even saving the same exact strike price same exact expiration to january 2018 and strike price 115 now those are worth close to fifty seven dollars and some change guys oh my gosh that’s over a four-fold increase there it’s just it’s massive its massive let’s

Look at this one next year cirrus logic cirrus logic these ones i bought ours it’s up the settlement date on these was january 6 2016 this one’s expired also in january 2018 i was really into buying the when i buy options basically when i buy call options i usually like to buy them longer-term dated outright these ones worth for 30 to 35 dollars strike price right

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I paid six dollars for these now those are worth well over twenty two dollars a share guys so all of these i lost you know i didn’t lose money on them technically i made small amounts of money because i sold them off first super small profit and a short amount of time but i missed out on unbelievable gains unbelievable gains because i was a little unsure of myself

And i sold these off guys so you know and you know a lot of that stuff just happens when you’re a beginner in something right you you’re kind of a little unsure of yourself like i was with options and you sell them off and it’s just it’s just it’s painful guys because there’s no stock i was been involved with that it has done even close to that good right even

Resorts we look at wynn resorts you know that’s up massively since i made that investment 140 percent right that’s not even remotely close to the type of games i could have gotten with any of these option contracts right so don’t matter which way i flip it there’s no way i can say i was better off going this route of that route because there’s an all those are up

Hundreds and hundreds of percent and no stock um i’ve been involved with since then has been up hundreds and hundreds of percent the best game i’ve had since then is wynn resorts at 140% and even the worst one cirrus logic blows that away guys so you know and and that’s kind of what when i do do option contracts usually back for three or four figures so i’m usually

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Looking for between five hundred dollars in about three thousand dollars at a time i usually buy with option contracts that’s the that’s a melnick feels safe i’ll never open up like a five figure option position like i will with stock straight up or whatnot guys but anyways i you know if you guys want to take that options course go ahead and take it if you don’t

Want to be in the membership group long term just cancer membership right away and there’s no questions asked or anything like that but definitely it’s worth your while to take that options course because there’s a lot to be learned with options and you know this is just one side of options this is just me making dumb moves as far as not holding these contracts

That better massively now there’s also the whole other side of you being able to hedge positions right covered call options and things like that guys that you can play it a lot safer actually than just going long shares or short shares in the market so a lot of times people think options are super risky they can be super risky because like if those options expire

Worthless they’d be worthless right but also there’s waste play options where you’re actually playing at a much safer level than if you just go long share straight or a short share straight guys so anyways i hope you enjoyed this today definitely not the most fun video to do you don’t show an you know there’s way over five figure games just in those option contracts

Alone that i didn’t hold guys some anyways thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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I Messed Up So Bad. By Financial Education

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