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Hello folks here today we gotta talk about not the most fun subject in the world we gotta talk about if i made um some some really large mistakes here with certain stocks and we’re gonna talk about three stocks in particular in this video here today and we’re gonna talk about not really the bullish thesis on these stocks we’re going to mostly talk about the bearish

Thesis and what are the chances essentially what would it take for me to not just be obviously on all three of these stocks we’re going to get into today i’m down huge on all three of these stocks but what are the chances that several years in the future we go into the future and i’m still down on these stocks maybe even more than i am now right and so i thought

This is an important subject to talk about because like i said usually we talk about the bullish thesis and why i’m bullish on stocks and i’m going to share at the end of this video my three year out price targets for all these stocks and why i think they’re going to go to certain prices but the main core of this video is going to be man maybe i made a huge mistake

And maybe like these stocks are still down huge like years from now and we fast forward right i’m always thinking about a three to five year time frame when i’m investing in stocks and so it would hurt me if i’m you know we’re three years in the in the future and i’m still down huge in these stocks and i think all three of these stocks you guys will know about in

This video because i talk about these stocks a lot right and um these are very very core positions of mine i’ve bought heavily into these stocks and uh yeah if you’re subscribed the channel you know these talks by the way if you’re not subscribed the channel consider doing so hit that subscribe button it’s absolutely free and also consider getting yourself some free

Stocks from moomoo they got a welcome bonus right now get up to five free stocks and a ttcf share with a hundred dollar deposit so speaking about ttcf that’s one of the stocks i own that i’ve gone absolutely decimated on right down 30 percent of the stock down 361 000 keep in mind all these stocks i’m showing you here these are all screenshots from my big dog account

But i’ve got more shares in other accounts my public account and other accounts as well and so this is a it’s an it’s an ugly situation and in hindsight’s perfect right like i wish i would have started buying tattoo chef right now instead of you know many many many months ago right because i’m down 361 thousand down 30 percent um but hindsight’s always perfect

Right and if the stock had been beasting uh and the stock price had been going up then i’d be like why didn’t i buy into that stock or why didn’t i buy heavier right um so that’s just kind of the risk i’m always willing to accept 30 down’s a a big number it’s a big number usually i expect to go down anywhere between 5 and 20 on stock after i buy right 30 is a good

Much i will be honest about that honest same exact thing 31 down 145 000 down on honest and then corsair gaming the third of these three stocks we’re going to get into down 46 000 here and like i said all these stocks i own in other accounts as well so all these numbers believe me they’re bigger than this okay so uh first thing i want to talk about before we get

Into the chances these stocks and what would have to happen for these stocks to still be down in three years from now versus like going up and things like that and before we get into my three-year price targets i want to talk about why these stocks have gone down because it’s got to be reasons why tattoo chef’s down 30 honest and those sorts of things right when

It comes to chef there’s three core reasons why i believe this stock is down the way it is right one is they postponed their last quarterly report they had a postponement last minute and they they also finally came out with numbers like a week or two later there was just a bad look that’s not a normal thing that happens in the market where else in last minute a

Company has to postpone quarterly numbers and so when you’re a newer company the to the public markets which tattoo chef is kind of considered a newer company because they haven’t even been public for like two years or so when they postpone those those numbers believe me everybody’s kind of keeping an eye on you and if you do anything that is seen as shady or you

Know weird they’re like oh boy i don’t know about this so when they had to postpone that last quarterly numbers there was a lot of shareholders that just sold out and like you know what i’m out of this stock i don’t know if i can trust it okay and i can understand from from their standpoint on um you know wanting to get out especially if you weren’t the biggest

Believer in the company like let’s say this wasn’t like a core position of yours let’s say it was like your eighth biggest position you’re like and they did something like that and you’re like i’m out of this stock i could understand for some people that was just such a huge turnoff essentially okay so that’s a big reason why the stock’s gone down so much the

Numbers haven’t been crazy of chef i mean obviously they’re pretty much one of the fastest growing food companies in the world and that’s great but it hasn’t been like their growth rates they report over the past year weren’t like at a much much better clip than everybody expected whereas like oh my gosh i can’t believe they you know we’re supposed to grow 30 and

They actually grew 60 there was nothing like that right so with that it it you know those there’s like it hurts for any type of hype around the stock right and uh investor momentum behind the stock and then you postpone your last quarterly numbers and then also it was a retail stock for the most part a lot of institutions haven’t been able to build their position

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Because the newer company right and technically a money loser on the bottom line so it’s a big support for retail a lot of retail said bye bye to the stock and so for those three core reasons that’s how you get the stock to go down 30 for me right you know ugly and um so that’s what happened there honest oh this is a confusing one okay honest i don’t even know like

Inflation fears the thing with honest is they haven’t had anything weird whereas like oh they you know uh you know postpone their quarterly numbers nothing weird like that right the numbers have been tremendous out of bonus i mean really tremendous they’re like killing that look at their last quarterly numbers they’ve taken market share their revenue numbers are

Better than expected everything’s better than expected for for honest i think what happened with honest and why this stock went down so much is i think it’s important to do this video why these stocks are all still down so much um i think the reason honest went down so much to be honest no pun intended and the the downfall has been nothing short of extraordinary

When it comes to honest right nothing short of extraordinary when it comes to honest i think the reason this one has gone down so much is they went public at the worst time they were in public you know in 2021 and um the p the peak fomo cycle ended in january of 2021 and started to down climb you know declining in february and to go public when they went public

I think it was the worst time you could ever go public i think it was uh you know when when was it i’m gonna have to look up the specific month here may of 2012 may of 2021 is when they went public i wanted to make sure because i was thinking was it april or was it may so may of 2021 this company goes public worst time you could possibly go public as a company

And that’s you know this stock it went public in the 20s and now here today it’s five there’s just no support for stock like this obviously clearly in the stock price right um you know it hasn’t been like retails really gotten involved with it institutions they take a while to get involved with a lot of these stocks so it’s just like literally no support while a

Massive like leaving of the stock market is happening on the retail side it was a worse it was the worst time the company could have ever went public but of course when you set when you set up an ipo like you set up that way in advance like 6 12 18 months in advance so you can’t really dictate like oh you know we got to go public at this specific time or something

Like that so honest just hasn’t been able to get any support corsair gaming has a few different things on why this stock’s been hit so hard insane comps they had a comp again straight those comps end this upcoming quarter which is good news they got one last quarter of insane comps to comp against there’s this notion this belief that everybody’s going to go outside

Now and no one’s going to play video games anymore you and i i think everybody on this that’s watching this video we all know that’s a bunch of bs like gamers are still going to gain uh but there’s that like thought process right gpu and cpu supply this has been hurt corsair big time and the reason being is essentially if you’re going to build a new pc well you’re

Going to get a ton of corsair parts usually but with the cpu and gpu situation in in a horrible situation right now a lot of folks just can’t do that right now right and so that’s a holdback of corsair’s business model a massive way and believe me this headwind’s about to go to a tailwind starting in about six months from now so that’s the good news and also this

Was another big retail stock there was a whole movement around short sellers and some big short interest things like that but at the end of the day retail left this market in mass and a stock like corsair gets kind of left behind so that’s why those three stocks have gone down so much i think it’s very very important to understand why these stocks have been hit

That hard right now in three years from now whether you know what would it take for these stocks to be the same where they’re at now or down right and i’m still down a ton of money on these stocks right well a tattooed chef in order for this stock to still be down this much or down even more one is the company couldn’t have gotten profitable the two would be

Revenue stagnates or declines in three years from now versus you know the unincredible growth rates they have now right and innovation dies at this company so now what are the chances this happens well um i think it’s extremely unrealistic for this company not to be able to get to profitability uh this com you know sam gilletti he’s always ran very very profitable

Businesses right and so i trust that that man is going to get this company to to very nice prof profits and when you think about it from this context right they don’t compete at the low end of their products uh their products are actually at more premium price points so as this company gets smart and i’ve seen them consistently get smarter and smarter with their

Packaging and everything they’re doing there i think this company is going to be extremely profitable and when you look at a lot of their products um you know look at something like uh you know in osebo for instance that’s just one of a million products they have you know it’s hard for me not to see those products being extremely profitable target sells them for

4.99 uh honest sells them maybe to target fried although i guess somewhere between two and three dollars roughly right somewhere in there it’s hard for me to not see a situation where those products aren’t extremely profitable i eat these products on a daily basis and i love them but i gotta say they definitely don’t look like the most expensive products to put

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Together okay so i think they’re going to get to very very nice profitability over the next three years so i don’t think that’s super realistic but if it is and they can’t get the profitability over the next several years then the stock can continue to be a flounder of a stock and just do nothing okay or down trend revenue stagnates or declines um i think it’s

Super unrealistic i see what’s going on in the real world they’re getting into more and more retailers getting more and more skew expansion their cell through ridiculous and we’ve heard that not just from me but from target said it was what was the best frozen food launch in the company’s history from tattooed chef um so seltzer is ridiculous sabrina’s ridiculous

I don’t see that being even remotely realistic but it is a possibility and if it did happen obviously the stock would be continuous just downtrend right and if innovation died of this company what i’ve seen is i’ve seen i’ve never seen a company innovating this fast in my life in the food sector and so for that to just end um completely unrealistically realistic

As well but it’s a possibility and so if those things happen the tattoo chef’s going to remain 12 13 14 10 9 stock or something like that okay very unrealistic but it’s possible for honest for this stock they would have to basically they couldn’t get profitable over the next few years revenues would have to shrink and innovation would have to die and market share

Would have to go down now i don’t see that being realistic at all they’ve been taking market share they’ve been growing revenues very nice so for revenue also shrink not so realistic couldn’t get to profitability i think that’s also extremely unrealistic i think this company is going to be very very profitable over the next few years they’ve just been focused on

Taking market share right now and it’s like if you got that market share opportunity um that’s a bigger long-term opportunity for you if you can get you know 14 of this category that you used to have 10 of that’s a huge deal right so you know i think they’re going to get very profitable over the next few years and if innovation died at this company i don’t see

That being realistic either they continue to come out with new products you look at their sku expansion in these stores over the last you know two three four years it’s um it’s pretty amazing so i don’t see that being super realistic but if it is then of course there’s gonna be a five six seven dollar four dollar stock over the coming years and i would continue to

Be down for corsair gaming revenues would have to shrink year over year over the coming years eps and i don’t know why it says ntt income it’s supposed to say net income goes down over that time and innovation have to die what we see is corsair gaming is such an innovative company always coming out with new products uh new exciting products in the streaming space

On the streaming hardware side with their elgato brand and on the the gaming side obviously uh with corsair’s brand right so for innovation and diet this company is pretty darn far-fetched um and for net income and revenues to go down over the coming years is pretty far fetched and i’ll get into that a little more in detail on some specific products that corsair

Has that are going to be game changers for this business model over the next few years okay now so we talked about that in the downside that what if i made a big you know mistake with these stocks and they just continue to go down over the coming years right so let me share now my three year price targets for these stocks and why i think they’re going to certain

Prices my three year price target which would be february 21st of 2025 for honest is 20 plus dollars a share it’s one of the stocks i’m most bullish on the entire stock market right now especially in the small cap space um basically in order to to get to 20 plus dollars you need to be doing a minimum of 70 million dollars of net income in 2025 and be able to command a

Minimum forward p of 30. i think based upon this company’s growth and what they’ll still be growing in three years from now i don’t think they’re going to have trouble commanding a 34 p at all i i think most people would be very happy if you look at the you know forward ps at procter gamble johnson johnson companies like that kimberly clark trade at with basically

No growth honest will still be far outgrowing those companies in my opinion three years from now so those they should have no problem commanding a 34p and 70 million net income is uh you know in my opinion a pretty laughable joke for this company to be doing in three years from now in the year 2025. so i i don’t see that you know even being a problem those are my

Minimum keep in mind these are my minimum numbers for this company and i’m doing a minimum of 70 million net income in 2025 i have them at a minimum of a 34 rupee for this company in 2025 and if they do that they’ll be at a 20 plus dollar share price there okay tattooed shop i have a three-year price target of 30 plus for the stock i’ve been doing a minimum of 100

Million dollars of net income in 2025 they should be anywhere between 700 million dollars and 900 million dollars of revenue in 2025 for 100 mill to hit the bottom line i think is uh you know like curry from an open three i think that’s going to be pretty easy i think they should be able to command a minimum of a four a four p of 25 which i think is kind of a

Joke there um and if i look at this company they started their business as the least profitable space you can private label frozen foods now they got into obviously uh branded frozen foods still lower margins right but as the company expands more and more over time the margins are going to be better and better they’re going to get into refrigerated products over

This next year we already see some some of those on the kroger website which i don’t know how those have got leaked on there that’s kind of crazy situation they’re talking about getting in the snacks category nutritional bars those sorts of things very very high margins so the margins this company are going to go crazy over the next two years three years even the

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Gross margins are going to go ridiculous for this company and so net income of 100 mill in 2025 is uh you know like i said that’s curry from an open three it’s going in baby and um you know 4p at 25 is not a high uh 4p that this company will command at all i mean i think that’s very possible this company could command a ford p of 4050 at that time um 25 i think

Is very very low there so yeah i have them at a minimum of 30 plus stock price in three years from now corsair gaming um you know not my most bullish stock but it also is one that i think has a lot of protection because they’re such a profitable business model and they’re so uh you know well diversified as a business my three-year price target for corsair gaming

Is 55 and up i have them doing a minimum of 200 million dollars of net income in the year 2025 add them at a minimum of a 4p of 25. um i don’t think i think as this company gets more and more established as a you know company in the public markets they’re going to get into more and more indexes obviously s p 600 is coming for this company that’s really exciting i

Think wall street’s going to understand this is a more stable business model than they have ever thought right and they’re going to see what you know the management team just continues to execute andy paul at this company has been leading this company for a long time but not as a public company and so as this company gets more and more known in the public markets

I think it will be looked at more as like a logitech type company just with more exciting growth than maybe a logitech type company so they’ll be able to command a minimum of 25 forward p and when it comes to corsair gaming you know a ddr5 is a huge opportunity and i want everybody to really understand how big this opportunity is for this company because course

There’s a big player in the memory market okay and so ddr5 think about it like this right with the next generation of all these chips that are coming out you’re going to have to pretty much get ddr5 you’re not going to buy some some high-end new pc and not have ddr5 over the next several years and so this ddr5 opportunity for corsair is ridiculous and the margins

Are going to be insane for corsair in this space over the coming years supply is going to be very very constrained for at least the next six to 18 months but as as the supply you know gets more out there corsair is going to have so much opportunity with ddr5 it’s absolutely insane okay if you look at these you know products right now you know basically you got to

Try to get a notification when they’re actually going to be out in the market and so yeah this is this is uh one of the biggest growth vectors for corsair gaming and they have so many growth factors their streaming hardware their cameras their mics all the gaming stuff is is still a huge growth opportunity but i’m telling you ddr5 do not underestimate how big this

Is going to be and i think i think everybody that’s really in the gaming space and really understands this space well i think they all get it like i’ve talked to several gamers um over the past you know month or two and they all get it they they’re like you know you’re not gonna get these new high-end uh uh graphic cards and whatnot um without having a ddr5 like

That’s just not gonna happen your ddr5 is going to be a must over the coming years and so of course air gaming is going to see a crazy multi-year um cycle and essentially i used to talk about apple with the the super cycle that was coming for 5g and we’ve seen that kind of play out right well the next super cycle for a company like corsair gaming is ddr5 memory

And what that’s going to do for corsair’s business model is absolutely massive and these new chipsets new cpus and gpus coming out like what that’s going to be for for a company like corsair gave me as a game changer and we have a supply headwind right now that’s going to go to a supply tailwind over the next several years and that’s going to help corsair gaming

Out in such a big way it’s hard to even fathom okay if you look at a company like micron for instance why is micron been holding up so well in this market in a market that is filled with companies with stocks that are 52 week lows with a ton of stocks that are at multi-year lows with a ton of stocks that are at all-time lows right how does a stock like mu hold up

So well in your 52-week high in this situation well because everybody understands that the memory market is in a very healthy place right now and ddr5 is coming which is just going to be another huge growth vector for a company like mu and um that’s why a lot of wall street’s basically and there’s a stock that everybody on wall street knows by the way like there’s

No hedge fund out there that doesn’t know micron essentially this is why they want to um they believe so much in this company because they understand you know memory is going to be beast over the next several years and a company like micron is going to benefit from that the company a lot of people don’t see right now because they’re a little guy in the game is uh

Corsair gaming and how much they’re going to benefit’s going to be absolutely tremendous i thought i would just leave off with this uh hungry bowl uh app we have a instagram page and they posted this here that’s just you know beautiful when you get to see those sorts of numbers guys never forget stuff like that make sure you also sign up for a hungry bowl or email

Newsletter that’ll be pin comment down there much love as always hope you enjoyed this and have a great day

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