I open up about GOD, MY WIFE and LIFE GOALS

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Well howdy there guys so i just want to do a really really special video a really deep video about some stuff i never talk about on this channel talking about god we’re talking about my wife we’re talking about my life goals like what is my purpose in life like where am i going all those kinds of things a lot of deep subjects that we don’t really get into on this

Channel i can we talk stock market we talk entrepreneurship we talk personal finance but i don’t really ever dive into these subjects so just want to do a really special video and kind of talk about them all in one video all three of those subjects so i hope you guys enjoy this and i respect anybody’s opinion that might different from mine out there and their opinion

On how these things should go in those kinds of things guys so i just want to let you know that so let’s talk about god first so first off i’m not religious at all like not even remotely religious i don’t go to church i’m not in a religion i don’t classify myself as a certain kind of religion anything like that i’m not religious very spiritual very spiritual and

There’s a big difference between being spiritual and religious okay so we got to understand there’s a huge difference between those two things you can go to church every day and you’re not really in touch with your spiritual side so i the way i kind of view the world right or us as humans there’s three different sides of you right there’s your physical side what

Do you look like like how are you doing physically like are you in good shape are you 400 pounds and you you know got a weak heart and you’re going to have your third heart attack like your physical size like how are you physically then there’s the mental side like where you at mentally like are you in a good state of mind do you think positive thoughts are you

A person that sees the glass half-full or half-empty like where are you at mentally and the last side of a thing of us as humans is the spiritual side that’s the side that believes in something more either were something more or or or we’re going somewhere something like that guy so you got to be in touch with that spiritual side that maybe there’s some type of

Higher being maybe it’s not a human god maybe it’s some type of computer god like but there’s something out there that allowing you to have your life in things like that so my view is first off i haven’t missed a night of prayer in probably 15 plus years and i literally mean not even at night like though i don’t matter what craziness was going on my life never

Miss a night of prayer over 15 years guys now what am i praying for what am i praying for i’m not praying that i hope to get into heaven because i don’t even know if there’s a heaven like i’m in you know i’m not convinced there’s a heaven or anything like that so i’m not praying for that i’m not praying that you don’t forgive my sins i’m not praying for any of that

I’m praying to say thank you to say thank you for each and every day i’m given on this earth because i believe life is a beautiful thing and i believe every extra day you get is an awesome awesome thing so i’m saying thank you for everything i’ve been given in life thank you for all that billy says i look at look at how many people have less than what i have and

I just mean like you know all the things i’ve been able to do in my life all the fun stuff you know whether it was running track whether it’s learning whether it’s invest in stock market whether it’s working like all the things that some people don’t ever get to enjoy those kind of things like i imagine my life could have been so different i what if i wasn’t even

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Born in america what if i was born you know in afghanistan or pakistan or somewhere like that like my life would have been drastically different like i wouldn’t be in front of this camera right now are the may be dead or be you know trying to fight against isis or who knows i might be an isis you never know like what if you were born in that situation you might be

A terrorist right now that would be a straight-up like people don’t think like this but that’s the god-honest truth like you know is so things kind of been so much worse for me and i’ve been given so much in life so that’s that’s like my thought as far as god and in viewing those kind of things and being in touch with my spiritual sighs just being thankful being

Thankful for each day you’re given because it’s a wonderful thing it’s a wonderful thing and in that’s part of my mentality as well as you know thinking everything’s great and whatnot yeah do you go through some hard things but you’re just going to get over and you’re going to get through if you if you have this type of mindset it’s always going to be easy for

You to get through it in the end guys so that’s kind of my feeling about god and whatnot now as far as my wife goes so my wife she’s definitely aa boy how would i would describe my wife i guess you could say like you know they say their expression ride-or-die like that’s truly what my wife is to me she’s like a ride-or-die like whatever needs to be done she’ll do

It she’ll make a sacrifice here she’ll do i’ll give you a great example um she quick quick trip right and we moved out to here today guess you know i had already quit at that point so she wasn’t supposed to work anymore right and then i get caught up in margin in all those types of things right and i leaves us $100,000 i lose myself 75,000 lost her 25,000 and it

Was obvious i wasn’t going to make it as a stock market trader like i was trying to do and all those kinds of things right so i needed to go out and get a job but i wanted to really start a business well guess what when you start a business no money coming in because you’re just starting it right so in the fall like november december of 2015 she actually went out

Without a job at a bank working 30 hours a week when she wasn’t even supposed to be working anymore she did that for us so we could help make ends meet and that’s what i’m talking about and didn’t give any you know that’s the big part like didn’t complain didn’t you know eat me up a better you loser you know why can you do this why aren’t you your business already

Succeeding like that like didn’t give me like and that’s why our relationship works and i’m so thankful for her for being like that because there’s a lot of people in that situation that we were told yo you’re not going to work anymore and then they have to go back to work that would not have treated it like that guys so i think when you’re in a relationship like

That like people say love my love oh you like love is such a bunch of it showed me show me love don’t don’t feel love oh i feel like i love you show me love and how you show love it is is supporting that person all the way through supporting them not giving them when you come upon a time making sacrifices so your relationship can work like that true love

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Like the whole oh i’m infatuated with you that’s not love that’s like so get over that it’s not about that it’s about finding a partner that is going to push you to where you need to get in life a person that is like your your mini-me like your other one out there that is like a clone of you that’s that’s helping you get to where you want to get to in life and

Do the kind of things you want to do in life so the whole all arm and love type thing like that do you know show me how much do you really love me show me you know what i mean so guys i think i think that’s a big thing out there like just start doing it when you’re looking for a spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend i think of someone will this person really truly

Help me and support me as i try to reach my life goals in life not just is that person hut or or is that person fun or something like that like that stuff kind of important but that should be the back burner stuff that should be the secondary stuff the thing that’s most important is is this person going to be destructive to me or are they going to be a positive

Asset of mine that’s how you should think that should be the first thought not oh my gosh is the most beautiful person ever seen not because guess what your duty is going to leave you it sooner or later if you get married to someone by the time they’re 45 50 years old they’re going to look like anyway so like you know don’t get caught up in just the beauty game

Is it important to be attractive somebody absolutely but is that the most important thing no that’s the secondary stuff the first is is that person destructive you or they going to help you go out and do what you want to do in life and reach the goals you want to reach so that’s that’s kind of my view on my marriage and by the way now we have a very traditional

Traditional marriage is it very traditional marriage where i’m the breadwinner i make the money and do all those kinds of things and she’s raising the family you know we have one son we got another son on the way here in a few months so we have to send to two sons for me now so she is a very traditional marriage where she takes care of the family side i take care

Of the money side and there’s nothing wrong with in today’s age well you know dual parent incomes i think the traditional marriage is still the best marriage if you can if you can do it there’s somebody that’s really a true bread breadwinner and i don’t care if the chicks a breadwinner that’s fine and the guys can fully you know raise the kids and stuff that’s

Fine you’ve got to figure out is there really one that’s a breadwinner in might might be we’re both aren’t breadwinners and then both do after work and all those kinds of things that kind of sucks because guess what when when both them are working then who’s watching the kid it’s not the parents so the kids getting raised by somebody as in the parents i think that

Right i don’t know i just don’t like that i don’t like the fact that kids are out there getting raised by people that aren’t even their parents like i think the parents should raise the kids right or at least part of my parents and so but you know if you’re a real breadwinner then you have the other one quit their job you know you couldn’t have more money come in

Yeah but you could also figure out a way to make more money so you know that’s just kind of my view on marriage and those kinds of things and you know my feeling to that now life goals let’s talk about my life goals like what do i think like where am i going in life well obviously i want to be the best husband possible i want to be the best father possible that

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Is definitely a part of me that wants to succeed right so i will definitely want to see my children be successful in life like not just financially successful but good humans and all that kind of stuff like you know that want them to see it like have it all when you know and achieve it all not me give it them all you know even if i become super rich in this life

Like i’m not just going to give them money i want them to go out and earn it i want them to go out and respect all those kinds of things right so i want that for them i want to be a great husband all that but there’s another side of me that’s like even they’re like like i want to be even bigger than that right so i want to i want to be remembered as someone that

Helped massive amounts of humans like in the financial landscape like that is a true like how i want to be remembered as someone that helped massive amounts of humans like understand personal finance they understand entrepreneurship like understand investing making your money into money changing mindsets changing the way people think that is like my biggest light

Goal out there like that i think the most life-changing thing because if i raise you know let’s say i have just two sons right if i raise two great sons they can make somewhat of an impact in life right and that’s great and i’m happy with that but if i can do things that impact hundreds of thousands millions tens of millions of people’s lives change it change the

Way they think to more of a positive mindset so they’re happier so they’re more financially successful all those kinds of things like like that is the biggest life goal for me out there and i think it’s something that i can literally achieve in this lifetime and like my thing is you know the clock is ticking obviously at some point i’m gonna die so i do think about

Death like i always think about death and like could come tomorrow could come next year could come 100 years from now i don’t know but my thing is like i need to grind each day i need to i need to you know figure this out i need to figure this out we need to do this do that because you never know when the clocks tickin the hourglass is running out on every single

Person out there so i’m going to race against the clock to do as much as i can while i’m still on this earth so that is like my biggest life goal out there guys it’s just impacting mass amounts of people’s lives changing mindsets and teaching people things like that guy then and so that’s the end goal and at the end of the game guys so i hope you enjoyed me sharing

This with you today god wife you know life goals all that kind of stuff deep stuff that i don’t really ever talked about in-depth and whatnot so hope you guys enjoyed this today leave a thumbs up if you did and oh give linked in the description if you just came across this channel you may want to subscribe we talk personal finance usually on the channel we usually

Talk entrepreneurship i’m an actual business owner i give away so many business tips we usually talk stock market investing how to be a successful investor thank you for watching guys and have a great day you

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I open up about GOD, MY WIFE and LIFE GOALS By Financial Education

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