I Quit My Job Again

This is my second time quitting my job in 2 months. But my circumstances are not so simple. I obtained this job not for money but rather for the experience. I spent roughly 30 hours from the beginning to the end and have observed a great deal. In this video, I shall share my experiences with you on my journey.

How’s it going everybody does this beat the bush so i finally quit my job at the sortation center so this video is going to be a wrap-up video generally i think this is a very enlightening experience for me i spent about 30 hours doing this i don’t think i would change a thing because those 30 hours is very well spent from the things i’ve gotten from this

Experience now let me cover a little bit about the difference in human interaction here when i’m in the cubicle environment people don’t generally tell you like command you specifically to do certain things like oh pick that up go go get this and bring it over here like you know very simple tasks that people won’t generally tell you to do and even if it’s in an

Office environment where you’re asked to do certain tasks it’s generally put in such a nice way where you’re like oh okay we have this and this to do what do you think about it do you agree with it and generally you’re expected to do what’s best for the business even without being asked to do so so in asking to do very simple tasks like move this box over there

Can you move all these things over here generally i do not hear people even once said can you please use the word please here move certain things from this place to other it’s generally more of a authoritative command type of request so after my third and fourth shift i generally felt not as sore as before so i think for one single shift of four hours would be

Okay for me but i think if i had to extend it to a double shift where it’s eight hours total then i probably you know would be much more sore than now so after my third and fourth shift i found that i wasn’t sore but i was actually tired instead of being sore so after doing all this i generally really wanted to sit down and that break really does matter because

I generally don’t like to stand for too long and standing for four hours at a time or two hours and then you get a break the two hours then i have to sit down i generally want to take that whole stretch of sitting down i’m like you know the whole time i want to be sitting now i don’t want to be standing at all because when you’re scanning you basically can sit

You know at all an interesting part of this is that i’ve been shopping with girls before and generally oh my gosh sometimes they like to shop for like 2 hours 3 hours 4 hours even and i find that even if i go with them for one single hour you know the way that you walk when you’re shopping with some it kind of differs from when you have a purpose when you bring a

Package from one place to another you have somewhere to go versus if you’re just strolling about at a really low pace a slow rate of like half a mile an hour you generally you seem to use a lot more muscle in your legs because you’re you’re kind of like trying to hold yourself in the air with one leg and you’re just kind of strolling along it seems to take more

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Effort than you walking from one place or to another with purpose and with speed so typically i would be like dead tired after one hour already but at the sortation center i’m like okay two hours take a break and then i can go on for another two hours it was just fine i found out that the 13 minutes i they allocate for you to walk from an offsite parking lot to

The center um only actually took me 8 minutes because i time myself right when i got out of the car in the parking lot that’s probably midway into the parking lot so i’m not walking you know very at a very close spot in the very nice parking spot with that it took me 8 minutes and that means i got paid five extra minutes i think mainly because you know i wasn’t

Just walking i was walking at a pretty fast pace so this gives you an idea that i walk a little bit faster i guess and i also took a you know a slight you know trying to cut corners and stuff well you know when you’re walking you’re not walking like a straight 90 degree angle going around stuff i just kind of cut through things and stuff so that helps save some

Time and you know it’s nice to you know get 5 3 extra minutes of pay i guess i did use a fitness tracker for two of the days and i found out that it’s generally about 8,000 steps every three hours so this works out to be about 2,700 steps every single our i generally if i do a lot of strolls during my cubicle environment i can get up to 10,000 steps a day so it

Definitely is a lot more walking within this three hour time span and if i extend it to eight hours i probably would be able to get about 20,000 steps in two four-hour shifts in one single day another aspect i like to point out is when i see all these boxes come by there’s a lot of them sometimes it’s overwhelming there’s so much of it that there’s a little bit of

Spillover you know it just spills out because there’s so much of it but i guess it’s the volume of it i’m looking at i look at it and i’m like wow this is a lot of stuff when you aggregate you know all these things that people are buying into one place it’s like wow that’s a lot of boxes a lot of plastic packaging that’s probably inside the box and plastic packaging

That’s around to hold the thing together i just look at it and i’m like wow this is you know it’s a lot of i don’t know you can call it waste but i feel like it’s somewhat of a waste i saw a lot of products that are not in boxes including insta pots there’s a lot of those being sold a lot of baby chairs and you know a lot of different things that’s not in boxes

And which i can see what the product is it’s interesting because usually when you’re on the website when you buy one item you only see one single item when you’re at the store yeah you’ll see a full shelf full of it but it may be a strange occurrence whenever you see someone buy the same exact same thing kind of like in black friday where you know you have a row

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Of people all buying the same flat screen tv or same something that was at a super good deal but it’s a different story to see a lot of them come down from a conveyor belt and you see a lot of the same items like multiple units of the same exact thing and you know it’s going through to a lot of different people in you know california northern california i presume

You can kind of guess this already at a at a sortation center you you know there’s a lot of products coming in and going out and there it’s going to be duplicates but i don’t know it’s a different thing to witness it i don’t know how to describe it it’s you know you got to be there to see it i guess sometimes packages like to be in the trapezoidal shape or l shape

Even because i saw this one speaker system likely inside is the base speaker and then the stand-up speakers is you know right on on the side so then they mix this l shape i find putting l shaped stuff into the pallet it’s very very fun it’s like oh it’s like it’s kind of like a challenge it’s like oh how can i move this in such a way so that it fits perfectly

Within everything else and me being sort of a perfectionist i’m like okay i’m gonna get this dry i’m gonna make this you know super duper nice sometimes it’s really annoying that there are a whole bunch of boxes that goes in a pallet and there is basically almost no way to arrange them so that they fit nicely for example like if there’s something that’s really

Long it sticks out you can’t really do it so you got to stand it up but then there’s nowhere else sustained at you there are situations where there’s like a bunch of stuff there and they just don’t fit very well together but once you do fill it up it is sometimes very nice and it’s a bit kind of like playing tetris i didn’t have the tetris theme playing in my head

As i’m moving boxes it’s like dude right no but it is so similar to that because once you fill things up okay in a tetris like fashion 3d tetris now you fill it up so that it’s you know nice and square and and tall but once you do other people would come and you know package it up and boom just like tetris it disappears and you know you can scream tetris and you

Know all of it disappears and then you get a new palette place there and then you get to start all over again and it’s kind of like you know like the game really because once you fill it up it’s like like in tetris two four lines disappear but in this case you know a really long tall pallet thing disappears instead okay so now i finally quit and you might wonder

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How i actually quit i don’t know i felt like it’s kind of hard to go up to a man ordering go i quit you know like i guess people come and go and stuff and i wanted to go up to the hr people but at the end of my shift i try to go up to them but no one was working for some reason so i ended up going okay you know i’m not gonna wait around much longer for this so

I’m just gonna leave and i’m gonna send an email in and resign so that’s what i did and i got a response saying okay he noted it and they get septic my resignation and actually after that i decided to put together four points of improvement for that particular job that i was working at i can’t cover exactly what the improvements are because likely it might be

Proprietary because on-the-job learning when i whatever i learn from it it’s generally what i what i know from other jobs is that it’s company property so i gave it to them i also have some really wild idea three ideas that are very quick to improve the speed of sorting but measuring if there is actual an actual improvement is another thing but the fourth one is

A drastic idea of changing the way things work in in the center itself and i’m not sure if they’re gonna integrate this or not because it’s just such a crazy idea but at the worst case i feel like it can make a ten percent improvement in speed and it would make things a lot more fun i think for all the people that’s participating so we’ll see what happens if they

Ever respond to this or not if they don’t find you know i’m just gonna move on with my life through whatever else that i’m gonna do i hope you enjoyed this video and i would consider this probably the wrap-up video and this will be the last about last of it about this sortation center note that i never talk about the name of the place so it could just as well be

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