I Quit Retirement!

It’s been fun being semi-retired but it’s time for me to call it quits. The truth is, retirement is too lazy and it has gotten me lazy. Having reached this financial milestone makes you believe you can just rest on your butt for the rest of your life. In practice, and I did this, you might only need 3-6 months of doing nothing before you get bored out of your mind. Well, I tried it for a good 3 years of semi-retirement and I live to tell you about it. You really do need to have a bit of drive in you and something to work towards. Not only leisurely work towards it but you need to wake up every morning, jump at something you like and WORK HARD at it. Because it is only through working hard, do you gain the satisfaction when you finally achieve something. If the same achievement is handed to you on a silver plate with no work on your part, everyone will likely not treasure it. Strange how we are as human beings.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush fire sucks i’m ending my retirement effective immediately i see so many people striving for fire status financially independent retired early where you just sit around and do nothing although my definition is to do more stuff that you really enjoy it took me a good year to finally realize this and this is why i want

To share this with you guys so that you can save yourself some time and perhaps you don’t even have to wait 10 years before you reach a goal that is just a mirage i know you guys that are trying to strive for fire you’re saving a lot you’re trying to earn more money that’s why when you sign up for weeble you can get two free shares of stock and get more money

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10 years over here most people have this romantic view of fire status you see all these bloggers out there they’re able to retire really young and they feed you this idealistic view of what it’s going to be like because it’s so great and all after you don’t have to have a boss and you’re just doing whatever that you want so then you get caught up in this fire

Community i know i have i saw a lot of videos on this read a lot of blogs and i’m like oh maybe i can do this too and after working for 10 years i finally reached it even though probably seven of those years i didn’t even know i was doing this because i was just being very frugal and saving a lot of money but let me tell you retirement is kind of boring if you’re

Only doing things that you enjoy maybe it’s just little things here and there i might finish all my to-do lists it took me more than 10 years to get to this financially independent retired early state but after i reached it i’m like why you could possibly live life a little bit earlier if you just found a job that you really like so if you currently don’t like

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Your job maybe switch to one that you do like and then you don’t have to quit forever and then you have something to do still for me i just saw my job as something i really don’t want because i had so many different jobs and the same thing repeats over and over again because there’s always stuff that you have to do that does not matter now this may not come in

The form of working for someone maybe i should have quit my job and then spend just as much time maybe on youtube maybe on something else but what i got sucked into is what it meant to be retired for the longest time i called myself semi-retired on youtube because it is kind of like half doing what i really like which is you know all these videos and then half

Basically not doing anything at all so you can say about 20 hours a week or so and if you look at how many hours that’s left over this is 72 waking hours that i basically cannot really tell you what i did per week okay maybe i sold a lot of stuff on ebay but thinking about this this is probably a waste of time for the very small value item anything less than 50

Dollars i say i probably regret spending too much time trying to sell those things i think about life a lot during this retired early phase semi-retired okay half of my time i just you know can do whatever i want i can sleep although i didn’t really sleep i watch a lot of star trek at first but over the past year i think i thought about life a lot i got a little

Depressed thinking about life when you have nothing to strive for really i guess i use some of my time for turning credit cards i chase deals i read i paint my walls do all kinds of housework i also clean and minimize throw some of my stuff away sell some of it so overall i guess i’m pretty happy that i’m able to minimize but i think i probably could have used

My time in a more effective manner maybe i could have just earned more money and then just instead of selling all those things just kind of donate all of them anything less than 50 maybe even 100 just so that i can save myself some time because these past three years i feel like i could have done more probably now this is not all super depressed or anything the

First three to six months of my early retirement after i quit my job it was awesome i had so much free time and i really really enjoy not having to commute i think the downfall of this is not having to work really hard for any particular goal without this trying to push this as hard as possible every single day i did not reap the rewards in the results of pushing

Yourself really really hard every single day so in a sense i guess you can say i got a bit lazy over the past year and i regret this so let me ask you guys when you think of fire what do you think about retirement whenever i discuss fire with anybody the first contention is what does it mean to be retired most people think of retirement as sitting on a beach and

Doing nothing and just kind of relaxing until your muscles turn to mush it’s basically a consumption based life where you’re not really producing anything this is one way to define it and you’re consuming the resources of society you just drink cocktails you go to a hotel you’re just chilling you know chilling all the time go to a coffee shop drink their coffee

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Right you’re not producing anything you’re not writing a book you’re just on vacation basically or i always thought retirement should mean that you’re working on more things that you enjoy be it that it makes money or not so when you talk about if you enjoy or not some people then go okay if you’re at your current job you need the money but you really really

Enjoy this job does this mean you’re retired already some people argue that they’re going to stay at this particular job for the rest of their life because they like it so much maybe if they won the lottery they say that they’re going to stay at this job still and i think you really won’t know until you test this out you actually do win the lottery because most

People that win the lottery they just kind of pick up and leave even though many people say they would stay i don’t think this ever happened where they actually stay at a job because they probably have too much money people know they want and then you just get this itch of saying why do i have to stay here anymore anyway the trick question here becomes if you

Already enjoy what you’re doing right now and if you retire you’re gonna stay at this current job still can you make the argument that you are already retired you can just pretend you’re retired already and just kind of say oh my gosh i’m retired really early i’m only like 25. i enjoy what i’m doing so i don’t actually have to retire i don’t even have to go through

All this mumbo jumbo of saving a million dollars and you know you’re living the life right now there’s some wisdom to all this because then you are already enjoying your life currently you’re not hating your current life trying to make as much money as possible only to realize that at the end that’s not the goal that you’re trying to go for after all if you

Really enjoy what you’re doing and you let’s say work a hundred hours a week on this thing that you really really like is this retired because let’s say if you’re retired you would be doing this anyway are you considered retired or not i think i’ve thought about this in so many ways in circles basically that i basically want to give up on arguing about what the

Definition of retirement is i think we really just need to live a life where we’re enjoying ourselves and i realized that if i am not striving towards something and i need to work hard every single day towards it then i’m not as happy so retired or not who cares about that it needs to be financially independent and happy not financially independent and retired

Early and sitting on the beach anyhow reflecting on this youtube channel i think you guys probably noticed that perhaps my quality dropped a little bit over you know probably the last 12 months or so and i apologize for this it’s my own issue i think this really stems from me calling myself semi-retired and i sort of want to stick to it maybe i was trying to

Prove a point or something that hey look i am financially independent retired early so i probably wanted to prove that i am retired by making videos that are only for myself i guess because i started thinking okay i need to do things you know whatever crazy thing that i wanted to do personally but making those videos well it doesn’t appeal to a wider audience

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So here’s a message i don’t think you should wait 10 years to retire early i think life happens now so if you hate your job it’s probably time to switch you want to change your life into something you do like right now this is all in the mentality of living life now this is what brings people the most happiness if you live in your past you’re not going to be happy

If you live for the future only you’re also not going to be happy you live in your past you’re not living in the present you’re not doing things that are going to change things to your liking as the person you are today if you live for the future only you might be suffering too much for the future self that never comes or maybe when you get there you change as

A person and whatever that you work for all goes to waste so just to save you guys some time instead of retiring early maybe you can do it for three to six months or so but right afterwards i recommend you really need to put in a good amount of time of work every single day i would say it still needs to be about full time because i personally did half time and i

Did not get the results i want i hope this message gets through to you guys that early retirement is not what it cracks up to be it’s just no fun being a consumer it’s a lot more fun if you’re creating something something that you can be proud of maybe you’re striving for a goal but then you can’t just slowly walk there sometimes you just have to try as hard

As you can because when you try hard is when you feel the best when it does happen whatever that you’re trying for if you spend really little effort every single day and then you still get to your goal you’re not going to value as much so it’s this weird thing where you actually have to spend a lot of hard work and then achieve the goal then you would appreciate

It a lot thanks for watching this video it’s as profound as i can get this is from the experience of the last three years for myself and this is how i can summarize all of this it’s like an epiphany i keep on having these epiphanies like oh my gosh i’ve been doing things all wrong all my life and and i hope you guys learn from this experience so you don’t have to

Waste your time i probably wasted a good year or so doing this learning the wrong way thanks for watching this video don’t forget to give me a like comment down below let me know if this changes your plan for early retirement maybe you want to tweak things a little bit maybe you don’t need to strive to push towards fire so hard maybe live life a little bit now

Change the way that your job is change it to something that you like better now instead of later and as always don’t forget to push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching you

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