I Saved 0k Pinching Pennies

Pinching pennies really does add up and I have proof!

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush on this channel i often talk about saving money and sometimes it does really seem like i am just pinching pennies and it really does not matter too much because the amount is so little from all these activities from the past 10 to 15 years or so i’ve added up over 90 000 of savings so today i probably have 90 000 more

Than someone else that did not do all these little penny pinching tricks the thing is i don’t expect everyone to be able to do every single one of these just keep in mind that the more of these that you do not want to do that you refuse to do because it’s too hard it takes too much time then well at the end of the day after 10 or 15 years you’re not gonna be able

To save as much i’m gonna run through this list in increasing magnitude the first one being not so significant but by the time we get to the fifth one it’s going to be a lot of money the first one is trash bags and i know this does not cost a lot of money 15 for what 120 bags over the course of 15 years if you never buy trash bags like myself i’ve never walked

Into costco walked in a grocery store and bought a box of trash bags since as long as i can remember and if you add all this up it’s going to be 225 not so much right now the second one is gas and electric and if you are a conservative user you you use a kilowatt and measure all your devices and make sure there’s no huge vampire drain if you turn off the lights

If you’re not in the room turn down the heat and all this other stuff i checked out my electric usage over the past 12 months i used about 619 for similar sized homes now you have to compare apples to apples they use about 921 dollars this is a 302 dollar yearly savings so over the course of 10 years is gonna be about three thousand twenty dollars three thousand

Dollars this is getting pretty significant now the third one and i didn’t even realize that i’m doing this when i did it in the very beginning because i just thought cell phone plans are just too expensive and i just try to find every which way to get out of a cell phone plan and just use whatever free method that i could now from 2005 all the way to 2020 i’ve

Never paid for a cell phone plan a cell phone plan these days average what like 50 a month this would have cost me 9 000 over the course of 15 years if i would have just went out to some wireless store and just purchased the regular plans like everyone else does after i graduated college i just used the company phone for a good three or four years or so and then

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I switched over to this clunky y-max thing it’s basically long-range wi-fi and then you can use some sort of internet phone it didn’t work too well i used it for like a year or so and then i basically gave up on that and then i moved on to mint mobile speaking of mint this video is brought to you by mint mobile get started for as low as 15 when they say 15 you’re

Really getting four gigabytes a month this is the lowest tiered plan and when you sign up for the trial you get three months of it at 15 a month if you want to continue with this pricing you actually have to buy it one year at a time so here’s a 12-month plan you can see four gigabytes a month it’s still 15 a month if you go to the 10 gigabyte a month which is

The one i use it’s 20 a month now all of the plans are 5g capable so if you have a 5g phone it will work with mint mobile i’ve personally been using mint mobile for the past one and a half years i have no other cell phone i only use mint mobile and i’ve been saving a huge amount of money mint mobile also runs on the largest 5g network in the united states there’s

No contract no added fees you can cancel anytime you can also bring your own phone you can also port your old number to mint mobile as well now something that is not widely advertised is that there is a referral program if you sign up for this and you successfully sign up at least five people every single year you’re essentially going to get 10 gigabytes a month

For free for the entire year this is how it works the first person that you refer you’ll get 25 second person 30 and then 35 40 and then 110 if you add all this up it’s 240 dollars this is the cost of the 10 gigabyte per month plan for an entire year if you guys are interested in saving a ton of money check out my referral link mint mobile dot com forward slash

Bush bush the fourth item is the daily coffee now when i go out i don’t drink coffee all the time every single day each one of those lattes costs five dollars i know this has been beaten to death by every financial youtuber but this is just my habit whenever i go out i don’t really need to get a coffee anymore i even have my own especial machine so trying a

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Coffee is just not my thing because i can actually make better coffee at home i actually don’t even drink coffee all the time i drink milk tea and i can just make an excellent milk tea i prefer it to be hot i can add almond milk in it from real almonds not like almonds with kerrigan or you know all these preservatives all this weird stuff that’s in commercial

Almond milk if a daily coffee is five dollars a month this comes out to be eighteen hundred dollars a year over the course of fifteen years this is actually twenty seven thousand dollars so if it’s your habit to never get coffee outside i mean i personally still get coffee sometimes probably average three or four times a year this is a far cry from 365 times

Every single year so it’s just bare minimum spending and i still can go out to drink it you know on special occasions the fifth one i like to talk about is churning credit cards churning bank accounts and churning investment accounts now i’m not going to go into detail on every single one of them because i do that enough in all my videos anyway i’m just going to

Talk about how much i made so far the past 12 months and this is not even every single one of them i i just kind of dug up a few of them that i remember over here just from memory the last one and i already got paid out for this is interactive brokers i did this one a couple of videos ago and i already got paid out in 1 000 of interactive broker shares this is

One thousand dollars right there and then i signed up for city priority checking seven hundred dollars there bbva checking and savings with a direct deposit 250 i signed up for a chase sapphire preferred card i paid property tax into that card so i’m not even spending anything extra i just went boop and then all of a sudden i got 850 dollars worth of points in

This credit card and then i signed up for chase you invest because i just signed up for every which investment account there is you put some money in you get the sign up bonus which is two hundred dollars this is yet another two hundred dollars marcus savings this is an online savings account by goldman sachs i got a hundred dollars there and i think it’s today or

Yesterday i just did bank of the west checking and savings and you get 600 there if you add up all of this let’s just say this is the past 12 months i probably have like a little bit more maybe like a thousand dollars more here and there that i did just kind of forgot but uh this is three thousand seven hundred dollars so far all of these that i just talked about

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Let’s just say it’s about four thousand dollars a year right if you keep on doing this consistently every single year like i am i just kind of like do this for fun i’m like oh okay let’s start up this account once it’s over i just take the money back out and then put it in another account or i just put it back into my kind of like a home base account which is my

Discover account i just kind of pour money back in i’m like okay i don’t want that one anymore because it’s kind of like a satellite account i don’t tie a lot of other you know strings to it like you know you have bill payments coming out of that or anything i only sign up for it for the churning for getting the bonuses so this is uh let’s say 4 000 a year over

15 years this is 60 000 this is not even counting investment gains if you were to invest all of this so 60 000 for churning credit cards bank accounts and investment accounts 27 just for habitually not drinking your daily coffee nine thousand dollars for never paying for a cell phone bill again if you guys are interested in signing up for mint check out mint

Mobile dot com forward slash bush bush and just conserving when you’re using your gas and electric you’ll save three thousand dollars right there and not using trash bags that’s another two hundred dollars i know this sounds a little compared to like sixty thousand dollars but you kind of feel the magnitude of all this i just add all of them up i just do all of

Them and then by the time you add them all up wow 90 000 like i seriously seriously did all of this for the past 10 15 years and what that’s like a free you know free model 3 performance or something you know some or or just put it towards your retirement or whatnot thanks for watching this video every little bit adds up and if you just kind of back at oh just

One coffee as well it’s just five dollars oh what you know trash bags oh that’s just like five cents each you know forget about that all of these do add up thanks for watching don’t forget to like this video and subscribe for more you

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