I Sold All My Apple Stocks Today & Bought…Why?

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Well guys here today i went ahead and i sold all of my apple stock and i want to share with you here today what i sold those shares at how much money i made on those shares i want to share with you what i went ahead and bought with that money i’m gonna show you screenshots of everything i hope you guys enjoy this today we’re gonna talk in depth about apple stock if

I think that stock is done going up we’re gonna talk about the stock i went ahead and bought with that money okay so i hope you guys enjoy this as always by the way i just wanna let you guys know i just released a new section of becoming master the stock market course it’s called dividend investing mastery so if you got that course in the past make sure you log in

And go ahead and watch all those videos i’ll teach you a lot about dividend investing if you have not got that course in the past and you’re interested in getting it i actually have a 70% off here today for you it’s linked in that description make sure you get it before the sale runs out alright so first off here we’re looking at my public account okay so that’s

This account is available for everybody in my private stock market membership group to see this account i don’t usually publicly disclose what trades i make to anybody unless you are in that group i got a couple hundred members in there and that’s usually the only people that can see all my trades in that account i show them screenshots every time i make a move

They get to keep up with this account constantly and whatnot and usually i don’t publicly disclose this guys that you don’t usually do this but i thought it would be interesting cuz i did cover this on the channel when i bought the apple shares and then the stock i bought with the money is a super popular stock so i was like i got it i gotta just share this one

With everybody okay so if you guys enjoy this so first off we’re looking at my public account here and needless to say apple we’ve done pretty decent needless to say okay that’s a stock we bought in january we bought it that day you know apple stock just went down and down you know apple announced their you know we’re gonna miss numbers and whatnot and we didn’t

Get it rated it’s lows but we got a pretty dang close i think that day app will hit 142 or 143 or something like that so we didn’t get it right at the low but we got it pretty close we got at 145 18 and needless to say we have done absolutely phenomenal on that super thankful you know a 40 plus percent gain in about three months time or so like that’s just insane

Guys like i can never expect that over two thousand dollar gain there thirty-five shares and so first off like you know selling the shares it’s never fun i mean it’s fun in the respect va yeah you get to make a couple thousand dollars that’s cool but at the same time it’s really fun to log into your account and you see a stock like that up forty percent plus and

It’s a stock that you’ve only held for you know three or four months or something like that like it’s a very short amount of time like usually i aim like my goal my goal each and every year it doesn’t mean always hit this goal but my goal that i reach for is i want to try to make like thirty to forty percent on my money each year now not all years that is possible

But at least that’s my goal and so to make 40-plus percent on a stock you’ve held for three or four months like that’s really unbelievable okay and so those shares of apple we sold those at exactly two hundred and three dollars and ninety seven cents so just under two hundred four dollars the proceeds from that or seven thousand one hundred and thirty three dollars

Okay so i sold those apple shares one because i wanted to put that money in this other stock we’re gonna cover right now in just a minute okay but there’s another reason i sold that i discussed this on the other channel financial education to recently basically i already have a lot of money into semiconductor suppliers that get a mass amount of their revenue and

Profits from apple so i’m already very invested in apple just kind of like indirectly i guess you can say and also my wife in her portfolio her biggest position is apple so needless to say like even though i sell out of all my apple shares here today we’re still kind of relying on apple i mean we own a lot of different stocks obviously you can just look at the

Public accountant is over a quarter million dollars in that account in like you know a lot of times is nothing to do with apple obviously but it lets us diversify a little less now some people are like you know are you calling a top here in apple stock or something like that do you think it’s done going up apple has just been on absolute terror okay apples the

Apple stock has been an absolute tear basically since i bought that day first off let me just address something that was super lucky okay that i was super lucky to have just bought that day and the stock never went down it basically went up in a straight line after that okay i wish i was that good where i could buy every single stock at the very bottom it doesn’t

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Work like that which is why a lower cost basis almost every stock i hold i lowered cost basis on several time except apple i mean literally i can’t think of another stock in the public account that i didn’t lower cost basis on several times alibaba cirrus logic l eli facebook sky works whirlpool all those stocks from my understanding i i lower cost basis on at

Least once if not several times so you know to further you know apple basically just i put money in that 5,000 bucks and it goes up in a straight line like that was just super lucky and so am i am i thinking like apple stock has done going up absolutely not but i will say apple in my personal opinion has reached a fair valuation it’s at the lowest end of their

Valuation but it has reached fair valuation now i do by no means do i think apple is overvalued not even close when i feel comfortable like if i had to put all my money in one stock and i and i just like can’t touch that money for ten years it might even be apple stock like if i was forced to to buy a stock right now today it might be honestly apple stock but neither

So say i think there are better growth companies for my money you know going forward and whatnot anna lets me diversify a little bit away from apple in this other stock honestly at the end of the day guys i think it’s just guys a lot more growth potential a little more risk absolutely an area that i would say a lot more risk than apple but this ever stock honestly

I just think i just think my money is gonna grow a lot faster with this other particular stock there and what stock did i buy it is tesla stock you some of you guys might have guessed it okay what did we end up doing here with tesla so i bought 27 shares of tesla stock i paid two hundred and seventy two dollars and seventy-five cents per share there i was able to

Buy seven thousand three hundred dollars or so i had some cash just laying around i think from some dividends i received in the past and whatnot plus i use all the proceeds from that apple trade to go ahead and buy those 27 and tesla shares there we’ll talk a little bit in depth about tesla here in just a moment but now if we look at the public account you know

Tesla hey tesla you need to get together well i don’t know what tesla closed that today maybe i closed it to 73 so maybe we already green on that one but tesla don’t be the one red one in this account man we need everything green in this account alright so there it is guys 27 shares we hold now $7,300 so it is the smallest position by far really in the count well

I mean whirlpool is also a pretty small position now three hundred dollars we have in whirlpool stock but tesla needless to say is the smallest position which i’m okay with because if you look at those stocks there alibaba cirrus logic elf eli facebook’s our solutions whirlpool i would say tesla’s prolly maybe the riskiest one of the bunch but i could also make

An argument that cirrus logic is pretty risky just for the mere fact that if apple ever dropped them as a semiconductor supplier the company would be screwed tesla is not relying on one customer tesla has mass amounts of customers and also if we look at tesla i kind of view this stock as the least risky it has ever been in its history okay well let me let me draw

This out let me draw out why tesla is the least risky it has ever been in its history now that’s not to say there’s not risk with tests of stock there is still risk with tests of stock okay there absolutely is still risk with this stock obviously they don’t have the best balance sheet in the world they certainly don’t have the worst believe me i can show you some

Balance sheets that are really awful but at the same time they don’t have the best balance sheet in the entire world and needless to say they just started to get profitable but this is a least risky time to invest in tesla literally and in the company’s history okay here’s why they have two straight quarters of actual you know profits okay they’ve they’ve never

Really been a profitable company and so they have two straight quarters of profits it is absolutely massive this is just one reason why it’s the least risky of any time in the past because in the past if you were investing in tesla stock you were investing a company that was generally losing hundreds of millions of dollars per quarter okay hundreds of millions of

Dollars in losses they were taking each and every quarter pretty much for the last few years so now if you’re investing in tesla it’s a lot less risky just for the mere fact that they’ve actually proven hey we can make some profits here okay so here’s the other thing you know model three has ramped okay not all three is ramped and they’ve proven now that they can

Ramp successfully a mass-market vehicle which is model three okay they were able to pull that off model s and model x you know they proved that they could you know be a car company and actually make a decent amount of cars but they didn’t prove they could get to any major scale model three in 2018 got to you know massive scale there’s never been enough electric

Car in the entire world that has sold the way model 3 sold okay so they proved that one they could ramp a vehicle heavy but not only that rip an electric vehicle heavy and let’s just think about this for a moment okay whatever car company in the entire world name one other car company in the entire world that has ramped successfully a mass-market electric car

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There are zero electric car companies in the entire world that have ever done that okay gm hasn’t done that for it hasn’t done that volkswagen hasn’t done that no one out of china has done that yet okay a true electric car that’s all electric no one has ramped a big number okay because the model three is the only one that’s ever done the type of numbers that you

Say those are big numbers okay there’s been nothing else a chevy bowl you know even the model s and model x which are usually the number two and number three most popular electric vehicles that are sold around the world even those you can’t really say those ramped majorly so we have tesla here right tesla is the only company in the entire world that has proven

They can successfully ramp mass production of an electric all-electric vehicle okay literally that’s something no one now i’ve never heard another person talk about this ever okay no one has ever taught i have brought up just the fact that no one has ever ramped a successfully an electric vehicle like this i think this isn’t it nice to be talked about in the tesla

Community and if you are someone in the tesla community and i know a lot of you guys who are probably watching this video right now make sure you guys are mentioning this okay because this is something that’s a really big thing that just most people aren’t even thinking about next up we have the shanghai factory okay the shanghai factory is coming along very nicely

And this should actually open in 2019 it’s going up so fast i thought there was no chance i know there was like a 0% chance that that factory could really open up in 2019 okay me a tesla bull i was super skeptical in the pace that that factory is being built in china i’m like i’m pretty confident i’m like i would say i’m like 6040 like confident now basically that

That factory will actually open and actually be in some sort of production in 2019 and i think in 2020 that will be at full production i think that factory can hit full production in 2020 which is just a massive thing for that for the whole asian market in the whole chinese market over there that really shifts tesla in a position of power in china selling electric

Vehicles we’re right now tesla’s kind of at a big disadvantage i mean you can if you want to buy you know a model s or a model x or even a model 3 in china you’re just gonna pay a ridiculously more substantial rate than what you would pay if like you live in the states or something like that guys so that’s a big factor in in leasing and you know this is another

Big thing and then we’ll get into why i just had to buy these shares now but leasing there’s a big big factor here you know leasing is not something that’s talked about very very often but let’s be let’s be honest a lot of car companies make significant portions of their profits and revenues from leasing vehicles not everybody’s know wants to actually buy a car

A lot of people just like to lease cars you look at the statistics around the united states or even europe for instance a lot of folks you know millions tens of millions of people actually like to lease cars ok so this is this is awesome that tesla’s finally be able to do this but here’s the another thing so i noticed something with tesla stock okay this is this

Is a funny stock it’s it’s one of the most this is why i love to cover tesla stock on the channel because it’s literally the most interesting stock and the stock market to me personally i mean just it’s just a crazy crazy stock there’s so much drama in the stock all the time and i noticed something thing with tesla it seems like with tessa there’s either two ways

Of stock goes okay or at least a sentiment okay the sentiment around any stock is always a very important thing for how that stock actually performs at least in the short term sentiment kind of drives a stock negative or positive but what i’ve noticed around tesla stocks specifically you know even way before i was ever a shareholder of tesla which i first started

Buying tesla shares in 2018 and that was the first time i ever became tested technically a tesla shareholder but i’ve been tracking the stock for many years way before i actually own the stock and here’s what what goes on with this stock okay it’s either at peak bullishness okay either at peak bullishness i call it or peak bearishness almost all times hey guys

This stock is either always at peak bullishness where everybody’s just so positive around the stock and the stock just seems like it goes up day after day after day or it’s at a situation where it literally has peak bearishness going around it where just everybody is is bearish on the company and all you see is very negative articles written out there and it’s just

Everybody’s doom and gloom around the stock and so if i look at tesla stock here i’m just like what what side are we on right now okay i would say we’re very close to peak bearishness on the stock right now okay all i hear is that model 3 might not be selling well you know that they have analyse because they’re desperate and just kind of the negative narratives

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Around that and who knows what’s gonna happen with a tesla shanghai and it just seems like nothing positive can be said about tesla stock right now and we’ve seen the stock literally the past like three or four months is just gone down and down down it like peaked out in i think at some point in december when all other stocks were doing horrible tesla stock was

Doing amazing it was up to like 370 bucks and now all of a sudden tesla stocks at 270 i bought it at you know 272 its basically dropped almost $100 per share in literally three or four months and it just seems like right now it’s just everybody is so bearish around the stock and you know that like the the whole euphoria about the type of numbers they were putting

Up with model 3 that’s in the past i don’t think that’s really in the past i think that you wait to see the numbers once they once they actually get that shanghai factory up and running okay wait to see the numbers once they actually get a european factory up and running okay i think these type of numbers are going to be huge and then you have something which is

A potential huge game changer for tesla which is a tax credit okay now they are talking about in the state’s you know bipartisan bill basically going through that we give a massive tax credit to anybody buying them all threes once again are not just model threes but let’s let’s say electric vehicles in general which if people are buying electric vehicles they’re

Buying tesla so we might as well call it the tesla tax credit okay because no one else really is doing big numbers and electric vehicles if this tax credit ends up going through it’s a bipartisan bill which means it has actually a pretty decent likelihood here’s the thing that happens in lawmaking okay if you have just one side trying to pass something through

A lot of times you know it gets shut down somewhere along the way but if you bipartisan bills go through they actually stand a much better chance actually going through in this tax credit would be huge for tesla because they’re talking about bumping it back up to i think it’s seven thousand dollars again which right now if you buy a tesla you’re getting a text a

Federal tax credit of around i believe it’s thirty five hundred so we’re talking about a two x there which would obviously boost sales in a big way again for electric vehicles specifically tests obviously and they’re talking about doubling the amount of vehicles that basically a company could sell to continue to get that tax credit so that can carry tesla for at

Least a couple more years in the states with getting you know everybody getting those big tax credits that’s something not a lot of people are paying attention to and that’s a huge wild card because if that goes through its that literally a game-changer for tesla then you have shanghai gigafactory coming on and it was just in my opinion we’re just at a point right

Now where this just peak bearishness around the stock everybody just sees it as doom and gloom everybody’s just kind of good talking about all they’re not gonna hit model three numbers o model three is not gonna sell well for the you know the next you know at least three six months blah blah blah it’s just doom and gloom and i’m looking at this and i’m saying you

Know things change very quickly with tesla stock very quickly it goes from peak bullishness to peak bearishness very quickly and you know and this is a type of stock that i wouldn’t you know i’m not gonna make any predictions on where the stock price goes but i’m just saying this is a type of stock that can go from 370 to 270 very quick it can go from 270 to 370

Or 470 very quick believe me this is the type of stock that in them in a matter of months can just completely change its trajectory so if i’m looking at it i’m like i’m seeing a price of 272 and i say you know i think this company’s significantly undervalued for the short term and especially when you look at the long term potential and that’s why i go ahead and

Buy it do i go ahead and stick all my money and test the stock absolutely not okay and i highly advise you know people not to do that type of thing because tesla is still a risk at this point in time but i’m absolutely willing to take a risk on seven thousand dollars or something for a company that i think has big upside potential and i do own some tesla shares and

Another one of my accounts as well so neither to say and i might buy some more tesla i may not be done buying tesla let me be very clear about if this stock continues to stay under $300 and especially if it’s around this you know 270 level i’ll probably continue to buy tests of stock for you know months to come me i would love it if tesla stock stayed around this

Price or even lower for at least in the next three to six months because i would love to build this into even a bigger position guys so that covers why i went ahead and sold out of apple today and stuck that money in tesla so anyways let me know what you guys think about that move in the comment section i would love to hear from you guys as always thank you for watching have a great day

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