I Spent 1 Day Collecting Cans & Bottles For Money

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Two trash bags maybe a trash bag and a half full, and that’s so to add to the video, since we may be possibly, you know pick up some hard hats and vest, just to have that high you would feel, wearing a construction hat and vest, but – well, i guess i feel i have a sense i feel very i feel we’ve got a potential for some cans here maybe in the ditch i’ll have you go in if

You don’t mind, and scope it out – really, all right we’ve got our first can, we’ve got – we’ve got our first actual can oh god it’s like – that’s really a good point, either way, five cents. – all right, so this one we’re going to be a little – yeah we should be able to return it as long as the label those labels in tact. in my experience of ah my younger days – all

Right let’s go scope it out, take a look oh yeah we’ve got some bottles here, bit of a treacherous location hazards when you’re the work place, but yeah we got a this is old, wonder if they’ll be able to accept these and do that a little bit, man i don’t know – i don’t know – all right so it’s been like 40 minutes since our last so we really got to step these numbers up if

We’re actually – i’m starving – but yeah we got like maybe maybe location what do you guys think? – absolutely just from like just the visuals so this is this is going – yeah we actually did we found one while we were driving we were driving by and we just pulled over the car and just – it’s a candom – ewe just get the just get the cans that doesn’t there’s no refund on

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That. – you sure? this is full of cans there’s like nine cans in here. i mean, so if you look closely we’re coming up on a couple of we’re actually doing all right now, i think we got like i’m going to throw you this can all right or this bottle. – what is that? oh that’s just not right. i’m just going wash my hands cause this is getting pretty gross, but how lite cans

At the bottom, oh nah it’s just too gross. – we’re uh, we’re probably a little over half way – all right so as the day has been going on here where people often are tailgating so we’re hoping to find pretty good job cleaning this up cause i’m not seeing seven or eight cans scattered about here so this is collector this is like this is what you’re looking for money just

Growing on trees and the forest. go to concert bottles, we almost got two full bags here dude, oh another – yeah it smells like, yeah like something died bottles and then, actually no it smells really bad down here that was something else i dropped it, yep that’s good all right guys so we’ve got two bags of cans, i would say smell so bad to we’re going to cash them out

See what we got second slip is for five cents so we’re up to 35 cents a dollar ninety and then we have a 55 cent slip which two dollars and 70 cents from an entire day of collecting our hands because we must’ve picked up cans that had a dead let’s go see what you know two dollars and 70 cents – do you have the, you have the thing, you have the – so that’s 70 cents this

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Was a dollar 19 so so we ended up spending exactly two dollars and 70 cents 270 um i got a, we got a seltzer and we got a large kit kat money at all i would say in fact a really bad way to make and got some cans out of the woods, but other than that being said that wraps up this video if you guys have anymore

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I Spent 1 Day Collecting Cans & Bottles For Money By Ryan Scribner

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