I Spent 2 Hours Doing Surveys Online

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I would go on all these different websites out there you should be getting a $5 bonus just for signing up, so, i’m gonna sign up now and let’s go ahead and see so i’m going to be going under the alias of jim lemon about an otter that was being nursed back to health so, things are actually getting pretty interesting now. so, we’ll go ahead and get up to the two dollar sign,

If i win four cents, i’m gonna be honest with you guys. which means i’m earning roughly $1 per hour on this website. to a section of this website called 100% free offers, so, i guess this one appears to be just as illegitimate it turns out that i haven’t gotten my gift card yet apparently i will sign up and receive a free sample i’ve got this cat in the corner that is,

Like, purring, and i’ve already been on national consumer center, though, okay, so apparently the survey gods have blessed us here that allows me the chance to potentially win money. i have exhausted all of the good surveys on the site, which gives me a spin to win chance on billy’s wheel, i have to re-watch the videos i’ve already watched, these are pending, so maybe it

Takes a couple days. it is a great way to raise your blood pressure, though, and 75 cents was earned by completing online surveys. but anyways guys, that is the point of this series, and so, that’s exactly what i wanna do with this series in the next video.

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I Spent 2 Hours Doing Surveys Online By Ryan Scribner

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