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Guys i have went on a massive shopping spree for stocks in the past ten trading days i’ve spent over $38,000 in the 10 trading days and so what i want to do here today is i want to go through all the stocks i bought with that money i want to show you the cost i bought those shares that i want to show you one stock i did sell off of there was one stock i did sell

Off of i want to show you what price i sold it out of those shares that this is the biggest week ever in my life for buying stocks like the last 10 trading day specifically i’ve never funneled as much money into stock market accounts as i have the past 10 trading days guys this is absolutely ridiculous okay some people love to go on shopping sprees for clothes for

Shoes for purses for things for their car me personally i love to go on shopping sprees for stocks when i feel like there are a lot of good deals out there guys so this was an extraordinary amount of money for me in the past 10 trading days like this is not normal okay a typical month for me is between 10 and 12,000 dollars in that is total into my different stock

Market market accounts like that’s a typical amount of what i put in a 30 day span somewhere between 10,000 and 12,000 dollars typical okay we’re a lot higher than that a huge month for me typically if i’m like really like old man i got to get into these shares i feel like this value here value there 15 or 20,000 is like a huge month for me so the fact that we

Put in you know 30 plus thousand dollars in 10 trading days it is really like a number i’ve never like even thought of before okay like that is absolutely ridiculous all right the few things i want to address a long term over short term so if you’re not very familiar with me or what not you’re new to this channel and you’re just seeing this video i’m a long-term

Investor i’m not buying these shares in these stocks i’m about to show you because i feel like they’re gonna go up next week or next month or maybe i can make a little profit on them and sell off know like i’m planning on holding these shares for a long time to come and hopefully make a lot of money over the coming years in these shares alright i always have a lot

Of money on the side sometimes people you know wonder why do you always keep a lot of money on the side it’s for extraordinary situations like we’ve had here in the past ten trading days there are always a few times of year during the here that you’re gonna get a massive dip in the stock market for whatever reason i’m not saying this is a bottom i’m not calling

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A bottom or anything like that there’s just it’s just happens guys three to four times a year you’re gonna get a massive dip in the stock market and just a lot of companies are gonna open up and they’re gonna be a lot of great valuations that you can get involved with okay this is why i do this this is why i always keep a lot of money just stored away on the side

And just ready to go in my accounts whenever i feel you know it’s the time okay i still have a lot i still have a decent amount of money on the side but not nearly as much obviously i’ve funneled so much money into my account recently that the amounts i have on the sidelines is much less at this point in time but i still have some in case so we see some more dips

Next week all right and last thing i want to address before we get into this is people say what if these go down more you may not have bought at the bottom i never plan on buying a stock at the bottom i never plan on buying a stock at the lowest price it’s just unrealistic i’m a value investor as a value investor that’s like a warren buffett type philosophy okay

Warren buffett never worries about am i getting this chairs at the very lowest price or can they go down again tomorrow or next week or next month or anything like that like the philosophy on this is is this company a severely undervalued when you look at what growth they should have over the next three five ten years if the answer is yes this probably makes sense

To buy it if it’s not then you probably don’t want to touch it okay but i never worry about oh did i get these shares the lowest price possible because it’s just unrealistic guys there’s no way you can possibly get those shares at the lowest price possible unless you get really lucky almost everything single stock i’ve ever bought in my life goes down in the short

Term or you know it’s just unrealistic to buy at a very very bottom there guys so that covers that i just want to kind of get across this part before we get into this today’s video so you guys kind of understand my thought process on this and like i said i got a little more money on the sidelines so if we get a bunch more dips next week i still have some some money

Out there to buy with it’s just not as much money guys so i hope you enjoy this hit a thumbs up if you do and let’s get into this already guys the first purchase up here is a good company you guys will know this is one i’ve been buying in heavily the last few months and i plan to continue to buy this one probably throughout the rest of 2018 and this one is facebook

All right so on october 2nd ended up buying some facebook shares ticker symbol fbi bought 25 shares at a price of one hundred fifty eight dollars and 98 cents that was around a four thousand dollar trade you guys know how much i believe in facebook i’ve spoke about it many times on this channel where that company’s going over the long term with you know the facebook

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Brand instagram brand whatsapp facebook messenger oculus just a lot of big things that companies doing in a super profitable company with ad rates going in the right direction alright the second stock i have bought is cirrus logic otherwise known as true z du z ticker symbol c r us on this trade this was on october 4th i bought 80 shares of cruz at thirty seven

Dollars and fifty one sentence that was just over a three thousand dollar trade cirrus logic as you know i plan on not you know holding that one for at least the next few years they have a lot of big things going for them in the audio signal chain in the voice of voice applications and things like that voice biometrics they have so many great growth vectors going

For that company over the next few years i absolutely love that company a bit of a smaller company only about two billion dollar market cap but i love it and i feel like its it went anything under $40 is a deal for me and in the end of the day okay on october 5th i also bought some more cirrus logic all right i’ve bought a hundred and thirty five more shares

That a great around thirty-six dollars even that was just under a $5,000 trade they’re in cirrus logic alright then on to the next trade i bought some more facebook shares ticker symbol fb once again i bought 35 shares there this one was at one hundred and fifty seven dollars and seventy five cents this was a for an amount of around fifty five hundred bucks there

In facebook alright now to a really really big trade okay this is a typically i don’t make a lot of five figure trades all in one day usually it’s like a three four or five thousand dollar type trades is what i usually do this was a really really big trade okay cirrus logic on october first i bought two hundred and eighty shares at $38 there that was over a ten

Thousand dollar trade there once again that’s a it’s a much bigger trade than i usually make i usually don’t make that many five figure trades all in one specific tree you know like that guy so that was a pretty big one there and like i said anything under 40 i’m buying cirrus logic at the end of the day next one up here is toll brothers so on october 10th i bought

Some toll brothers ticker symbol tol they’re a luxury homebuilder if you didn’t know about 165 shares i paid just about 31 dollars and ninety one cents for those shares though it was a round of five thousand two hundred dollars worth of shares in toll brothers there you know toll brothers a lot of people are talking about interest rates and how they can affect

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Toll brothers things like that what i’m seeing out of toll brothers when i go to their communities and actually talk with the people there on the ground is that sales numbers are very very strong right now despite any any worries about interest rates doesn’t mean they can’t weaken in the future i’m just saying what like the numbers that are coming in right now or

Have to be very strong and that’s kind of what i got a judge of business off of as of right now alright and the next one up here is alibaba so also on october 10 i bought some alibaba ticker symbol baba one of the biggest chinese you know companies out there i guess you could say massive massive online retailer and they’re into a lot of different businesses i bought

35 shares i paid 139 there are almost a $140 per share there and that was just under a $5,000 trade there in alibaba right now in terms of the stock i did decide to sell i didn’t sell this stock because i don’t believe in like it’s not a situation where i’m like oh i don’t believe in that stock anymore or it’s a massively overvalued or something like that the only

Reason i sold off this stock was just to have some extra money so i can go ahead and invest that money okay so it wasn’t because i don’t believe in this company anymore i think it’s a bad company or something like that okay i actually love this company and it made me quite a bit of money okay so i did decide to sell off some monster shares tip ticker symbol m&s

Tea i sold off a hundred shares this was back on october 5th it was a little over 5,600 bucks worth there and once again that was just to raise some more capital so i could invest more money in companies i felt like we’re a better value there so total and monster i made quite a bit of money in that in a short amount of time for considering how small a position was

I making a profit over 1,500 bucks so you know i would have loved to hold that one longer but at the end of the day you know there there are a lot of companies i feel like will outperform monster over the next three to five years so sometimes you just have to make tough decisions like that and sell a great stock that is performing very well and that one has done

Well for us made over 50 hundred bucks there’s nothing i can complain about with that one so i hope you guys enjoyed this today let me know if you enjoyed this you know just kind of sharing kind of the moves i’m making out there and kind of putting the money where my mouth is and whatnot so hope you guys enjoyed this thank you for watching have a great day

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