I Spent a Night at an Internet Cafe in Tokyo

Spending a night at an internet cafe in Ueno. What it feels like. What it costs. What are the draw backs? Watch to find out.

Seven this be five towns twelve hours don’t know i got the royal milk tea okay i got the shower option would costs another 540 yen which is about five dollars and fifty cents and you get to take a shower for thirty minutes inside this internet cafe and you know you get a whole bunch of stuff you can see over here they provide a face top a shower towel a shampoo

Packet body soup a sponge a toothbrush and toothpaste and also a shaver all of this for about five dollars and forty cents and you get about thirty minutes to take your shower so i’m going to go do that right now and then i’ll get back to you so i will have to call that a wild success i stayed here for about 12 hours and i just packed everything up everything

That i have is on me right now i have my backpack i have my jacket and over here you can get free drinks so i already dragged my royal milk tea might as well just drink this weird whatever this is strawberry olay japan premium okay press over here okay apparently it’s a cold drink it smells very strawberry kind of like those strawberry ice cream smell i’m sure

It’s artificial but though what the heck it says it has 0.2% juice over here told me one something whatever say i do have to say about this place is that all those mats or vinyl um it’s not gonna breathe very well so i slept on top of most my clothes so that it breeds a little bit better the internet on the computer itself is super duper fast i think it’s about

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500 megabit up and about 600 megabits down i was not able to connect to wi-fi easily the wi-fi was really slow so talk about strange goal some people want to see the grand canyon me when i first saw this internet cafe thing on tv i was like oh i want to give that a try i want to go and stay in it for a night because it’s really cheap and then this is what some

People do and well talk about life goals finally hit one of them you

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I Spent a Night at an Internet Cafe in Tokyo By BeatTheBush

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