IDO by Qmall exchange – chance to make a profit!

IDO by Qmall exchange – chance to make a profit! IDO Token Sale Feb 15th Qmall Exchange | First Metaverse Exchange | RICH TV LIVE – February 11, 2022 – #qmall #exchange #richtvlive #trading #crypto #cryptocurrency #metaverse #money #investing #education #entertainment #bitcoin #blockchain

Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and you too can join the club at where you can learn how to win and trade hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv life and with a cryptocurrency exchange platform and review for you qmall that’s right the qmo token working on becoming the first

Ever metaverse exchange that’s right how big will that be everyone’s like rich what’s the metaverse well you came in the right place cumul wants to be the first metaverse exchange in addition to that they are a service token and its main use is to redeem trading commissions on the exchange in order to get a discount what do you guys think let’s take a look

At it in a little bit more detail shall we this is the qmol dot io website the first metaverse exchange transparent reliable own the qmall exchange will launch its own metaverse that’s right before the end of the year you can just go and sign in or sign up right here in the top right you can choose your language and scroll down from here use ibox terminals

To replenish the exchange balance you can see the different markets ethereum binance litecoin and bitcoin and their huge ideal announcement qmol cryptocurrency exchange is doing a triple launch ido with the partnership of blue zilla on the bsc pad eth pad and velaz pad trading of the qmol token once again trading of the q mall token will start on february

15th on the exchange q mall and on top three dex exchanges pancake swap uni swap and wag u swap q mall exchange announced the third round of sales of exchange token qmol don’t miss the opportunity to take part in the third token sale of the fastest growing exchange in eastern europe so this is the website it’s easy to buy cryptocurrency with qmall by bitcoin

And other altcoins in just a couple clicks no special knowledge required just follow three easy steps sign up on cue mall top up your balance select the desired currency and create an order really really simple please note that in order to be eligible for just participation in the ido you must follow the kyc guide for each of the corresponding launch pads

Bsc pad eth pad and vellus pad which when you scroll down you’ll get a chance to see more you can see here you can top up your balance now even easier and than usual with a card of any bank you can use i send or wallet and you can see the ibox via eibach’s terminal direct replenishment of your balance as possible through any of 10 000 terminals throughout

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The ukraine so this is here right here the kyc how to sign up and verify having trouble registering or going through kyc we’ve prepared for you a video instructions on how to do a five minutes kyc all you have to do is watch the video and heed the advice in it so just follow the instructions in the video so that you can get your kyc done which stands for know

Your customer and that is what all most for for the most part cryptocurrency platforms and exchanges need to do to verify your identity and once again there is uh ido with the partnership of blue zilla and we already mentioned where they’ll be launching on the bsc pad eth pad and bella’s pad we’re also going to take a look at the twitter page right here this

Is their twitter page and you can see bsc pad ideal announcement qmol exclusive launch on bsc pad plus eth plaid pad plus vellus pad qmol is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange bringing an ecosystem of products and work with cryptocurrency to a new level you can see the ido date on the 15th of february 460 and you can see all the basic info right there so

This is the tweets from qmall regarding the first and second rounds of their tour their token sale right here it says well friends the pre-sale of tokens for 20 million was completed in two minutes at the rate of 150 000 per second this is more than success we truly thank you for your support and faith in qmo and then the second tweet right here which was the

Second token sale ended in 12 seconds here it is the second round of q mall token sales out of sale in 12 seconds almost 450 000 tokens per second it is incredibly thank you for your activity and interest and this has obviously been translated so it might not be exact but these are the tweets outlining the token sales and how quickly they sold their tokens

In literally seconds and in minutes they blew out all of their tokens and you can find this right on twitter under qmall exchange this is their telegram you can see 11 755 subscribers on telegram i am part of their telegram and this is their facebook page you can like and follow them on facebook this is qmall exchange on facebook this is their instagram

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Page 48 000 followers on instagram this is their youtube i’ve also subscribed to them on youtube 9069 9690 members on youtube and last but not least this is their linkedin so i am following them also on linkedin all right so it’s time to hurry up and be the first the token offer is limited remember that the first token sale round ended up in two minutes 20

Million tokens were sold at a rate of 150 000 tokens per second that’s right these are their advantages and the second round ended in just 12 seconds where 5.3 million tokens were sold at a rate of 450 000 tokens per second that’s also featured on twitter so what are the main uses of the token it is used to redeem the trading commissions on the exchange

The qbox users will be able to put their tokens into mega qmol to hold tokens in order to get additional tokens voting on the platform token holders will be able to participate in important votes held on the exchange regarding important decisions on the platform token listings conducting ieos opening new features and to get feedback from the community to

Participate in exclusive events on the exchange and to buy goods and services on the marketplace platform so pretty cool you can see other products right here qmall provides tools that make your trading comfortable and profitable qmall launchpad platform for launching cryptocurrency projects buy the digital assets of a project first and get the benefits of

Investing early qbox the process of storing funds in an exchange wallet on hold or supporting a blockchain network to receive a reward earn money without sacrificing your time just provide funds to support the network and i send generate a unique identifier and send your coins to any user safely instantly no commissions and no confirmation you can download the

Application on google play or the app store stay tuned with the latest charts and markets using the android and ios application so it’s also important to understand the qmal tokenomics the qmall token will be issued in a limited amount which i like of 100 million tokens and will be distributed as follows 50 for private sale 10 for q box 20 for airdrop and 20 for

The team token sale is one of the main events of the project since it will only determine its potential value but also forms the future foundation for its development total value volume of coins offered for sale will be 50 million qmol 1 q mol will be equal to 1 uah at a price of 0.035 cents approximately and they will be unfreezing qmall tokens as well and

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They are definitely moving forward with their roadmap you can see ibox is their partner and we’re always in touch with you 24 7. we help answer user questions telegram online support and you can see all their social at the bottom here their facebook instagram link it in twitter and youtube once again if you want to go to their twitter just click on twitter

And it takes you right to their twitter i am now following them and i hit the bell for notifications so anytime they have any news i’ll be following them so on january 12th they ran their airdrop on the on this sorry on december 1st they ran their airdrop on december 15th they did their token sale launch on christmas day december 25th completion of token

Sale january 2nd they completed their airdrop and scaling the nft marketplace and implementation of implementing of nft internetworking in q4 2022 in q3 2022 launch of nft marketplace with qmol central token and q2 of 20 2022 extension of the blockchain network map for the qmal token january february 15th opening trades on the q mall uah pair and launching

Qbox for qmo so lots to look forward to and literally days away from launch literally days away from launch and the dex launch with qmol central token in q1 2023 so lots to look forward to and in q2 of 2023 launch of qma wallet with support from working with dex and nft store and q3 q4 of 2023 the launch of qmo wallet with support for working with dex and

Nft store so lots to look forward to here with qmol love to get your feedback now remember rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything we talked about or discuss here on rich tv live in saying that we think this is a project that is undervalued underappreciated and

Underexposed love to get your feedback if you like the video smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe and let me know what you guys think about qmo the first metaverse exchange everyone’s asking me about metaverse well right here right now qmo put on your radar put on your watch list the qmol exchange will launch its

Own metaverse before the end of the year this is your boy rich from rich to be live and i’m out you

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IDO by Qmall exchange – chance to make a profit! By RICH TV LIVE

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