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Yo you know i’ll meet you there let’s get set up get a table you know check this out did you guys see hey guys doing hygiene and g h and i got a thing sergio for ign g because without sergio there would be no ig mg sergio brought ig mg so thank you sergio ig and i sold my position today early on and then i went and bought it again so back in i got 45,000

Shares i didn’t really feel like i could live with myself if i didn’t get back in then i go back in and we’re winning again so it’s been fabulous so far it’s absolutely fabulous so far guys ever see vancouver pretty peaceful and pretty quiet right now the markets are just not fire kira had a monster date today – 30 % ig ng another potential rto that might be one

That you may want to put on your radar put on your watchlist ig ng an rto with a cannabis company doing a deal yeah ig angie for the win man ig and g is just absolutely on fire and oils is another artem let’s take a look at oils oh i guess oils so i owe it to sergio he’s the mad scientist that figured out these rtos and how that could explode after they do these

Transactions and it was at five cents yesterday ig ng was and then we did our video and now today it’s at thirty four and a half cents you know it’s exciting and i just one of the things sergio for his hard work in finding such a great opportunity because without surgery none of this would’ve been possible alright guys so i hope you guys are taking advantage of

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Ig ng and i hope you guys are winning if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching so a lot of people in our community in telegraph are really excited ig looking at looking at getting into so we should consider looking at oils put that on your watchlist and ign g has been doing very well so yeah i should look into that one let me know what you guys think i

Did buy back in i sold and then i bought back in cuz i thought to myself if this thing goes up i’m not gonna be a live for myself so i have a pi that hey so you guys should join our telegram or telegram is blowing up like literally members are joining all the time and yeah we’re just talking about stocks 24/7 in there so it’s good time i have a description in the

Link down below if you want to join her telegram and thank you guys for watching and hope you guys keep winning it’s your boy rich look at this we’re at the beach they’re gonna play some volleyball play some volleyball at the beach tonight yugi thank you sergio thank you sergio gonna send you and your wife on a nice trip buddy let’s uh let’s see how high goes let’s see how high it goes

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