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So no music for this video no fancy editing not that we ever do fancy editing nothing like that uh this is one of the very very rare videos i ever create where i’m just uh talking to my audience an open dialogue here um i released a video earlier today about you know five stocks i bought here today and whatnot and um i had a lot of negative feedback on that

Video i felt like like a lot a lot like just a lot of negative comments a lot of disbelief in me a lot of um just like i fell off like i don’t know how to pick stocks anymore like i’m not good anymore um that’s just like the better general gist of it without sugar coating it’s just like i fell off like um i’m not like good at this anymore and um you know it’s

Been 2021’s been um a tough year from a stock picking perspective for me there’s been no short-term hits at all for the most part like i can’t really think of any every stock i’ve gotten into this year and 2021 has either downtrended or not really done much right uh versus coming off 2019 2020 which were just super red hot years for me that was just unbelievable

Um and i just made crazy money got crazy gains and coming off those red-hot years into this year it just hasn’t been that year right and so i was even feeling a little bit down earlier today i was starting to even like believe them you know like believe people like maybe maybe i have fallen off like maybe i’m not good anymore um at this game and things like that

And i haven’t this isn’t like the first time i’ve gone through this cycle i’ve been on youtube i don’t know maybe five years now and i’ve gone through these cycles before where um there’s like a like a big disbelief in me then like an ultra belief in me and then a disbelief in me and an ultra belief in me and it’s a very very big shift from where things were 9

Or 12 months ago you know it was very common 9 or 12 months ago that i’d read through the comments and it was like i was a god-like figure right it was uh i could do no wrong um i was a genius i was the next warren buffett but a better version and and it was just so much positivity and so much praise it was it was extraordinary i mean you know crazy and then to

See the flip now and see the other side um it’s just it seems like with every cycle i get a lot bigger in those cycles so like an up cycle for me you know is a lot bigger nowadays than like a down cycle right that’s not the way i want to say it in this video i can’t even edit it basically at the end of the day like just i’m a bigger brand now and so every time

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Like everything’s amplified the loves amplified the hates amplified everything’s amplified that’s what i basically mean so um yeah i was starting to almost believe um some of those folks some you know uh maybe i did fall off and things like that so i think when uh when i come to these sorts of time periods where i’m like you know starting to even maybe doubt

Myself i like to just kind of go see things in the real world and just try to like say like maybe maybe i am falling off or maybe something’s going wrong here like what has happened i’m using the same investment process but just nothing’s clicking right now right and so left my house tonight and um went on over to target if you don’t know targets the um you

Know one of the hottest retailers we’ve seen in modern times so target stocks gone from 50 bucks you know back in 2017 to 253 just the hottest retailer pretty much out there that you possibly want to be in and i want to do a little bit of walking around target stores and i said you know let me let me check out some some honest products honest is a new stock i

Started buying into recently and i plan to build that into a big position i said let me just see like tattooed chef let me see ttcf products and so walk in the aisles and there’s a plant-based uh cheese pizza from tattooed chef now in the the pizza shelves there’s a plant-based pepperoni pizza now from tattooed chef in the the pizza area i’m over here there’s sea

Bowls there there’s a cold brew boat bowls there right in this section very prominent spacing two spaces for each one i’m like okay i go over here we got the the street style corn there we got the rice cauliflower stir-fry we got zucchini spirals we got organic greens all right there when i go down here we have so many different skus look at this an entire door

Just for tattooed chef now and there’s even this sticker that target puts on it just to help them out even more meet your new favorite plant-based meal products or planet grown and manufactured by tattooed chef italian ingredients la style i go over here there’s this product this product more skews more skus more skews and i’m just in the real world i leave the

Internet community and i’m in the real world and i’m like things couldn’t be better at this time last year tattoo chef might have had two skus or four skus in target right now let me let me ask folks out there do we think we know do does target know what they’re doing well considering they’re arguably the hottest retail stock in all the stock market and considering

The companies had the best execution of any retailer out there the past four or five years it’s not my opinion it is overall every smart investor’s opinion that target is arguably the the best most well-run retailer in the world and uh certainly for the past four or five years that is and so target knows what they’re doing target just doesn’t keep adding skus of


A company and keep adding new products and keep giving a company branding space and all that shelf space unless target is very very proud to have that brand in their store in in that brand has to move volume right how did target become this b stock well target became that b stock because the numbers they put up are great right and so for target to keep adding

Skus they have to be in a situation they’re not there to do tattooed chef any favors they’re not there to do anybody favors they’re there to move product and for target to now i’ve gone from two or four skus at this point next last year to now right now they have how many skus was that guys 20 skus maybe more than 20 skus in that target store how did things

Get to that place underlying massive execution the tattoo chef brand in the products moving on store shelves okay that doesn’t happen just by chance target doesn’t do anybody any favors bottom line if if tattoo chef isn’t moving crazy volumes target’s not going to keep accepting more and more and more tattooed chef products right and so i’m looking out there

And i’m seeing this in the real world and i’m like i think i think i still do have it i just don’t think stock prices are reflecting it i was in i was in tesla stock for about a year before that stock started to go up in any meaningful way the first year i was in tesla stock the stock honestly didn’t do anything if anything a downtrend did for about a year and

Meanwhile i would drive around in vegas and i would see more and more tesla’s it seemed like every time i drive around more and more model threes and i would say this brand is just getting more and more relevant all the numbers i read out of them the companies has amazing growth and i constantly looked at that company even though i had so many detractors and so

Many people saying there was a bad stalk and laughing at me as it went down and i made tesla videos over and over and over and over again calling me an idiot saying i don’t know what they’re you know i’m doing him and those sorts of things and all the stuff that was commonly said to me back then which was massive you know check out a video sometime um tesla stock

Uh is going to three thousand dollars a share i put out that video it’s probably in 2018. let me pause this let me pull that up for you guys here there it is folks i found it why tesla stocks going to three thousand dollars i posted that video on september 27 2018 and that was pre-split obviously the stock is quite a bit above uh three thousand dollars a share on

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A post split basis and um you know i gave myself a thumbs up on that video but a lot of people didn’t a lot of people laughed at me and said that was a joke right and obviously we know who was right and who was wrong in that scenario right and that’s just that happens it happens and it will happen again in the future and i think a lot of these stocks i’m getting

Into including tattooed chef which is my biggest one i’ve been buying right and i have continued to buy including today that’s in my opinion gonna be a 60 80 100 plus stock in the coming years and i think it will be conventional wisdom uh that you know i think everybody will think like that stock was going to be a big thing or act like it was going to be a big

Thing but it’s not like that today and the reason it’s not like that today is they have to prove these things out but more than that the stock price doesn’t reflect even when tesla was putting up nice growth numbers the stock the stock price wasn’t really respected it wasn’t until the stock price started going up that it started getting that that overwhelming

Respect sometimes the stock has to move first before the numbers i was seeing everything that was going on with model three i was seeing the numbers and yet the stock still got disrespected right people still laughed it off it wasn’t until the stock price started having success that also and everybody respected it and like tesla became this big thing and tesla’s

Such a big beast nowadays it scares off the biggest of the bad bears right michael bury doesn’t even want a piece of of going negative on tesla nowadays right and so i look at a lot of these stocks including tattoo chef and i think they’re going to be huge winners for me over the coming years i just have to weather this storm however much longer it lasts which

I don’t know whether that’s another few weeks or another few months i don’t know um all i know is it i just have to weather the storm of the negativity and the laughing at me and saying i fell off and i don’t know how to do this anymore and we’ll get through that we’ll make it to the other side and everything will switch again and then someday there will be a

New group of stocks and then it will be the same thing again and it will be i fell off i don’t know what i’m doing and those will have success and every cycle i’ll just thanks for joining me guys have a great day just random talking 10 o’clock at night peace

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