I’m Dumb as a Box of Rocks they said…

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Well i’m dumb as a box of rocks i graduated high school with a 2.2 3 gpa it’s absolutely atrocious it’s a horrible gpa to graduate high school is amazing i even graduated high school with a gpa like that but i want to talk about myself in a few minutes what i want to address right now is i want to talk about a little bit about potential i want to talk about

Potential and why it means literally pretty much nothing potentially means nothing in my opinion we’re going to talk about two guys okay this is we’re gonna talk football for a minute all right so this is one guy’s initials are tv all right it’s a quarterback another guy his initials are jr all right and this is football nfl football we’re talking here so in the

Nfl draft there’s seven rounds in an nfl draft all right the first round is supposed to be you know i don’t see the best quality people out there right second ground you get a little worse third round you get a little worse for threw out a little worse fifth round even worse six round you are really getting down there the guys that probably might not even be in

The league in a few years seventh round it’s like these guys are like a you know hope it of prayer type guys right so this guy tv he’s drafted in the sixth round so pretty much not going to be expected to do anything in the league maybe he can make it in a league for a couple years maybe not maybe he’ll end up just getting cut in within the first year right this

Guy is not only drafted in the first round he’s the first overall pick okay so he’s the one that is thought to be by far the best player of any possession in the draft the type of guy that you can build an entire franchise around an entire franchise around you know someone that can potentially be a hall of famer one of the greatest to ever play okay that type of

Person when you’re drafted in the first overall pick that’s what you’re hoping for this that’s how much talent that’s how much potential they have okay this one got no potential man this one’s got no potential there’s six round pick nobody nobody wants them think about that 32 teams win five full rounds and saw him on the board and like hell no we don’t want him

Okay and then a bunch more teams in the sixth round past him as well until one team finally took them all right now one of these guys playing for they’re still playing to this date okay and made hundreds of millions of dollars in their career hundreds of millions of dollars one of these guys but i want to say which one one of these guys is was out of the league

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Within a few years okay one of these guys is so famous that even people that don’t watch football even people that don’t even know nfl football know of this person he married a supermodel he’s got so much money it’s insane he’s just so much fame one of the most famous athletes ever in our generation okay one of them it pretty much is not even known about evan and

I heart nfl fans who remember how much of a bust he was right one of these guys gets millions and millions of dollars for sponsorships one of them no one cares to have sponsorships with this guy which guy is it it’s gotta be this guy right he’s got to be the one with all that success right no no he was the one that was out of the league in a few years right this

Is the guy tom brady he’s the one that ended up with all the money all the fame being remembered as the greatest player ever in nfl history for quarterbacks guys he ended up he shouldn’t have been there he shouldn’t have been there he was a six-round pick all the teams said no this guy’s garbage she’s got no potential you know what potential means nothing it means

Absolutely nothing potential means absolutely nothing in this world you can see you can look at all these metrics you want right on what a person can do and what a person can become you can say well they’re this and then this is this and so for this reason they’re gonna be successful and guess what then you see a situation like this and you’re like how is that even

Possible this guy wasn’t even even remotely supposed to be a special person and he ended up becoming the greatest ever no that couldn’t be in this guy he’s the first overall pick and not only does he not become a super great quarterback he’s out of the league in a few years later like no this cannot happen this cannot be and guess what that’s the way the world works

Potential means nothing okay guys let’s talk about myself for a second right i shouldn’t be in the position i am and i shouldn’t right you know the things i’ve already accomplished in my life right i shouldn’t have accomplished that based upon what school told me okay in the eighth grade i shared this with my snapchat audience a few days ago right in the eighth

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Grade i the mathematic to category they did a standardized test in arizona right and by the way arizona is one of the worst places to go to school and i was near the bottom of the category in mathematics for the entire state okay i was approaching like mentally handicapped in mathematics right if there’s one thing i’m probably stronger at then than most people

Out there you would say it’s mathematics right yeah i’m pretty dang strong there i know how to add up numbers real well okay i was near the bottom i was in the falls far below category okay and not even like toward the top of it like toward like the middle to that end of the falls far below guys i was in the lower like like 5% of the worst eighth graders at doing

Mathematics okay i graduated high school with a 2.2 3 gpa which is absolutely horrible guys i don’t think i think you have to have at least over a 2.0 to even graduate so i was i was barely above there to know i even graduated guys and you look at me and you look at the positions i’m in you look at you know i had over $200,000 in a brokerage account at 25 you would

Have never thought that and we’re working at a convenience store now i know he couldn’t have done that and i did it and i because i had special qualities that other people could never see that they don’t give you in school okay that there’s not a standardized test for the type of qualities that make money out there okay which is what you’re graded on in success

What do we look at if we say someone successful in life what do we look at when as far as adults go we look at how their family life is or do they have a successful family do they have a successful marriage and kids and things like that or they have successful friendships and then we look at what we look at money are they successful in money do they have the things

That we would all want right the big house the cars and things like that i shouldn’t have either if you were basing upon my potential based upon what happened in school right but it works out a whole lot different in real life right so if you’re out there right now and you’re like what are those people that you know it doesn’t fall into the category of you being

Successful because of what school told you don’t buy into that do not buy into that because it’s not it’s not true okay you can be plenty successful without what what we all look at with what do we grade all children on from the time you’re born until 18 years old it’s all about if you’re good at school then your thought old man you might be successful you got a

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Lot of potential and if you don’t then you’re seen as your dom or you’re gonna be a failure in life and those kinds of things guys so if you’re in that situation where you’re like me and you didn’t have a high grade point average or you had a bad grade point average don’t feel like it’s all over for me because i wouldn’t go to school because guess what i’m pretty

Dang successful and i was horrible at school and guess what there’s a massive amount of other people out there that are highly successful in life that we look up to as legends as gods who guess what they were not good at school either and there’s a lot of people who were massively good at school right had perfect 4.0 gpa s and what are they doing today they’re

Just living a normal life and they might not even have very successful relationships with people and they might not even have much money or any of the things we grade people on today as being a successful person okay so don’t get caught up in what school tells you and that’s the bible in the school system tells me this and you know i can’t be successful in life

It’s just a bunch of bs guys don’t buy into that crap because guess what it’s not gonna make you or break you and and just because let’s say you’re you’re really good in school right now you’re feeling real great about yourself you think you’re going to be you know great in life you append me you can be like just because you have a high grade point average that

Means absolutely nothing you still need to work just as hard as you did in school at whatever you want to be in life and have the right strategy and then you can still be successful it’s not like olsen i made it i graduated college i had perfect grades and now also my legs there’s gonna be easy no you now the work really starts in your life now the works really

Gonna start so you can be successful out there guys so don’t buy into that crap because it’s just not true peace

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