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Well folks no that is not clickbait i am planning on going all in the stock market in the month of december likely and i want to explain this video exactly why i’m planning on doing that because if you know me and you’ve been watching me for years i always preach 10 to 30 cash 10 to 30 cash well this is a little bit of an extraordinary situation going on in the

Market right now especially with small caps and i want to run through exactly uh what i’m planning on doing here and when i say all in just to be very very clear about that obviously i have to leave some money for payroll and businesses and things like that that’s like untouchable money right but in terms of like every dollar i could possibly allocate towards

Stocks it is likely going to be in in the month of december based upon what is going on here and i want to share that with you guys here today now first off i don’t advise anybody else do this this is me doing my own thing okay that’s all i’m going to say about that is me doing my own thing and yeah needless to say make sure you subscribe to the channel because

It’s getting wild out there and i mean absolutely wild make sure you subscribe to the channel if you haven’t followed me on instagram yet maybe go ahead and do so okay financial education jeremy find the real one okay and there’s a lot of fake accounts on instagram that impersonate me all the time but financial education jeremy and everything’s spelled correctly

Okay follow me on there okay so it’s getting nuts out there guys if you look at small cap 600s i mean it’s underperforming the entire market again down about two percent here today russell down 1.9 everything’s worse than what the nasdaq’s at the dow 30 the s p 500. i mean the the pain with so many of these stocks it’s like people are like when does it end oh

My gosh like when does it end we know there’s massive amounts of tax loss harvesting going on and guess what we’re just about to go into december so there could be more tax loss harvesting a matter of fact there will probably be a lot more tax laws harvesting right plus you have on top of that potential margin calls coming maybe options not getting exercise you

Have always compounding avalanche right right on to these small caps that they just get devastated more and more and more and this is one of the reasons i’m going to be going all in likely in december is just these stocks are getting into such insane valuations where their stocks are getting crushed they’re like way past 52 we glows now at this point it’s getting

Insane right if we go ahead and we pull up from yardini research look at s p 600 small caps this was going into this week okay this was going into this week you know we’ve been trading at the lowest we have pretty much since you got to go back to the 2018 uh late basically october november december of 2018 also got ugly for a ton of stocks out there that’s when

You have to go back to the last time now keep in mind you know guess what just happened s p 600 went down a ton more i mean we’re probably somewhere down here now if if all this tax loss harvesting keeps going on for the next several weeks guys we’re gonna be at the lowest levels we’ve been at in a decade since literally 2011. it’s gone nuts with the small caps

Okay these stocks are just getting absolutely obliterated like they’ve been obliterated and they’re getting obliterated even worse right at some point this has to end right when when madness is going on in the stock market at some point it does conclude and it does end right on the upside when stocks get into insane valuations eventually that’s going to end right

They’re going to come down right to a realistic level on the flip side when these stocks are absolutely just getting i mean decimated that’s going to end as well right we’re going to get to more normal levels and things will even out but right now that’s not the case they’re getting absolutely decimated out there you look at corsair gaming here today this stock

Hit a new 52-week low today 21.88 for this stock it’s going to close somewhere in the 22s here today but i mean you know this one stocks it’s like where does the bottom where is it like can we find it we can’t find this bottom anywhere for corsair gaming it seems like every day the stock drops it doesn’t matter if the market’s up down all around it doesn’t matter

What the company does for revenue i mean no this company’s gonna be at a price of sales ratio of of one and heck if this baby keeps going down in december it will end up being at a price to sales ratio under one for corsair gaming a leader in in hardware technology for the gaming space and the streaming space like a little insane but you know whatever so that’s

What’s going on with so many of these stocks they’re just getting decimated down to 52 week low after 52 week low after 52 week low right you look at something like tattoo chef didn’t hit a 15 52 week low today but it’s a big downward move for tattoo chef it’s a five percent move you know down to sixteen dollars and this is for a colt stock i mean this isn’t even

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Like this is some regular stock now at this point in time it’s it’s a straight up cold stock and even that one gets decimated five percent here today voyager digital down over eight percent today one of the most exciting growth stories i think in the stock market right i mean it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter tattoo chef is the most exciting a food related growth

Story in the entire stock market and look what happens to that stock right voyager digital is one of the i think the most exciting growth opportunity in all of the fintech space that’s a public company and look what happens that stock that’s these these small caps just get destroyed time and time again it doesn’t matter what they have going for them doesn’t matter

What their business model is doing doesn’t matter where this company is going to be in three or five or seven years none of that matters right now it is just everybody is selling selling selling putting more selling pressure on more selling pressure more tax loss harvesting causing more tax loss harvesting causing more margin calls that’s anybody’s margin down and

It just gets uglier and uglier and uglier with these stocks right look at this stock this isn’t what i personally own purple innovation prpl i mean this is like this is like a established business model that’s a thing with a lot of these companies use like established business models these are some like pre-revenue companies that it’s like oh man you know this

Is insane it shouldn’t even be trading at this these are like established like big beast businesses you know that have revenues that are you know substantial revenues right that are growing and you look at purple innovation new 52 week low here today touch 10 23 on this stock right 10 23 where’s the bottom for purple 5 nine dollars like this is this is getting

Nuts for the stock the 52 week high for this one’s 41 and look at that just breaks new 52 week low after new 52 week low and we’ve still got a whole month of potential tax loss harvesting and every single person is down in purple right and so this is where you’re looking at these some of these stocks and i’m even looking at a stock like purple i’m like man really

This stock might go under 10 like maybe it’s one for even me to buy and you know it’s just getting absolutely nuts look at lemonade stock right lemonade i got off that conference call uh i listened to the conference call on the hungrable app which you haven’t downloaded the hunger bubble make sure you do so on your ios and android store now uh you can list some

Conference calls right inside the app right i was listed at conference call last night and um you know their their latest q3 one because i never got a chance to listen to it so i listened to that i walked away from that so bullish on lemonade long term it’s not even funny like i think this is one of the most disruptive companies in any industry i’ve seen in a while

But especially the insurance industry in an industry that’s bright for disruption i walked away from that conference called so dang bullish on lemonade i’ll probably share more information on this company over time and what i can see happening there but i mean there’s no there’s no doubt the stock could go easily another 25 30 percent lower from here if you think

About all the tax house harvesting that can come right this stock almost hit a new 52 week low here today after the 52 has 188 dollars for this stock i mean there’s no question that this stock could be 45 to 35 dollars a share and a snap of fingers like like you know it doesn’t take that much more tax loss harvesting to go ahead and send the stock down and then when

Folks are tax loss harvesting you you’ve got the wash sale rule so you can’t buy back within the next 30 days right and so if you’re looking for buyers to come in lemonade it’s probably not going to happen until the back half of december or the beginning of january outside of some extraordinary thing happening in the stock market right and so you know this is one

Of those stocks that just has a ridiculously exciting business model in front of it for the next you know decade plus i mean this is one of those companies that if you’re thinking about a company it’s going to grow like a beast year after year after year for this entire decade it’s lemonade but uh yeah the company it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter right now the

Stock’s going down and it’s going down and it’s going down it’s going down it’s going down and at some point even myself i like to i like to you know find some disruptive companies in some industries right i’m huge in the plant-based food space obviously you know tesla was one of mine for for the ev and energy space and i’m looking at this and i’m like this is the

Disruptive company for the insurance space hmm and they made some compelling statements on that conference call like i said i got a lot to share with you guys in regards to that one that made me just say oh my gosh this is this is an extremely exciting company right teledoc tdoc this is one of those stocks another extremely exciting company that has growth as far

As i can see it doesn’t matter and this isn’t even a small cap that’s what’s interesting about teledoc this is actually you know kind of a mid cap right 16 billion cap it doesn’t matter teledoc’s going down right now everybody’s tax house harvesting left and right in the stock it’s a new 52-week low today 100 and 12 cents look at that this one’s flirting with going

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Under a hundred dollars a share now for tdoc it’s getting that ugly out there t-doc i mean you know this is one of those stocks everybody’s talking about this is omicron blah blah blah right okay so is teledoc not gonna benefit for that it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter what happens if if you know rona worries uh ramp up if romero worries don’t ramp up tel doc’s

Likely going down taxol is harvesting in a massive way on this talk and this is one of those talks that you know it looks like it’s destined to go under a hundred dollars let’s be honest and then the question is once it breaks 100 how far under 100 does it go right and so there’s another one of those similar lemonade i’m looking at this i’m like the long-term story

Is so exciting for a stock like this virtual healthcare in the physical space and mental space like i think this is just a massive growth industry i think there’s going to be companies that have hundreds of billions of dollars of market cap in this space over time and this is such an exciting company but it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter if you’re exciting right

Now if we go back in time if we go back to december of 2020 january 2021 all it was was it was about the excitement right and it was about it didn’t matter about valuation and at that time if we go back what were the stocks i was buying heavy back in december or 2020 right i was buying stocks heavy like jp morgan chase i was buying stocks heavy like walgreens boots

Alliance some of the most boring business models out there but it was because i looked at the market at that particular time and i said this is ridiculous a ton of these small caps are either overvalued or to be quite frank they’re fairly valued and it’s almost impossible to find undervalued at that time right now we fast forward a year and we are the complete

Reverse right now i’m looking at stocks countless like almost anything that’s a small cap and i’m looking at these stocks i’m saying they are fairly valued or undervalued or massively undervalued at this point in time and that’s how quick things can change in the stock market where you can go from undervalued to massively overvalued to massively overvalued to

Massively undervalued it happens quick in the stock market and that’s what is is basically transpiring and will likely transpire for the next several weeks in the stock market right look at paypal i want to pull up a large cap here for you guys okay even paypal is getting hit in a major way look at this one it touched a new 52-week low today 100 180 and 50 cents

I mean this is a company let’s not forget they own the number two and the number three most important apps in the entire finance category right this is basically a bank a massive bank at the end of the day with uh you know a lot more growth past that right that’s a super innovator and you look at this company in their value at 216 billion today you know this is

Hard you know paypal is one of those companies that’s probably gonna eventually be a trillion dollar plus market cap down the road right very exciting business model on so many different fronts but at the end of the day when it looks at paypal no one wants a piece of stock right now and this is one of those that’s been getting hit so countless people are down in

The stock countless funds are down the stock this isn’t like this is individual investors for them even though individual investors are also probably down this is more like funds are down on paypal now in their tax laws harvesting left and right and this is another one of those that if you’re thinking about stock that could go to 150 or so paypal’s definitely has

That potential with all the tax loss harvesting that could come in this one this is a stock a ton of people are excited about hymns we did a face-off friday in the private stock group where one of the seven-figure coaches um you know kind of i don’t want to say pitch to stock to me but they told me all about it we researched together okay what about this it was

Actually you know fairly exciting okay and when it comes to him stock a lot of folks are really excited about the long-term business model here it hits a new 52-week low today it just keeps breaking 52 week low after 52 week low after 52 week low another one of those that when does the pain end that’s what folks are wondering like when does this pain end down to

6 33 here today just ah just nasty now when it comes to hymn stock i have more research work to do in this one but it’s actually when i heard it i was like this is actually pretty dang interesting company for you know long-term shareholders and six dollars here today huh okay look at smile direct club i mean look at this one a new 52-week low here today 289 it’s

Just one of those stocks continues to get devastated day after day after day breaks new 52 week low after new 52 week low afternoon 52 week low i did buy some smile direct club it’s a it’s a stock that i can’t make into a massive position because it does come with big risks because of their cash flow uh has not been pretty at all so it’s a it’s a rather large

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Risk in the stock but the reward potential is disgusting smile direct club and this is one of those everybody’s down on the stock could be a lot more tax loss harvesting coming over the next several weeks in that one this is not one i track or cover but uh or own obviously but this is a stock i hear talked about a lot clover health investments clov a very very

Popular stock for a lot of retail investors it just hit a new 52 week low here today of 471. this is one of those it just breaks new 52 week low after new 52 week low after new 52 week low and people are like when when does it end like people aren’t even thinking about these from the the context right now of when do they go up a bunch a lot of folks are looking

At these stocks and like just when does the pain end when do i stop like going down on these stocks like that’s what a lot of folks are wondering in a stock like this ah it’s hard to see it going up in the next few weeks just for the mere fact that a lot more probably tax off harvesting is going to be going on right look at wish stock not a company i i like or

Not a business model i like but at the end of the day look at this stock just another one that a lot of folks own out there new 52 week low here today 355. stock after stock after stock look at the hood robinhood down another four percent here today at a new 52-week low well technically not a 52 week load almost it was within what seven cents of a 52-week low here

Today robin hood the hood just continues to get devastated seems like day after day after day when it comes to that stock okay so i looked on wall street uh journal uh basically on their markets page they have new 52-week lows 275 stocks hit new 52-week lows here today here’s the craziest part of that they missed a lot of stocks like i was going through the list

And i was like what about this stock this hit a new 50 tweak load here today oh they didn’t cover it oh this time so i don’t know what the actual number is i would i would suspect because like i said i saw a lot of stocks that weren’t even registering for them for a 52 week low i honestly think the the real number is probably at 400 or 500 stocks or at 52 week lows

Right now or just hit new you know new 52 week lows i mean it’s it’s insane right obviously you don’t see a lot of this if you’re not really into the market right all you see is really like apple and microsoft and in amazon and google and uh you know facebook and tesla and nvidia and stocks like that the big giants right and those big giants aren’t anywhere close

To 52 so people aren’t really paying attention to this but once you go beneath the surface and you start going to mids but especially once you go to the small caps those those you know under three billion dollar mark caps under five billion dollar mark caps it’s just devastation out there absolute devastation guys okay so this is why i’m looking at the market and

I’m in a position where i’m gonna likely go all in in december especially if these stocks continue to get hammered more and more and more and the tax loss harvesting just piles up more and more and more because i’m looking at this i’m like there’s so much money going to the sideline right now out of fear out of things like that plus i feel like there’s going to

Be a massive rotation of money from a lot of the large caps throughout 22 into a lot of the mids and smalls that will flow through then i’m looking at this and i’m like i’m gonna put my chips on the table and uh we’ll see what happens i’ve been doing this for a long time maybe i’m wrong in this scenario but at the end of the day a lot of these stocks are getting

Into such disgusting values that i don’t even think these stocks are going to be remotely near these type of prices in three years five years from now and if i think that right i have to put my chips on the table right at the end of the day as an investor and as a business somebody in business right i’m taking gambles i’m uh you know i’m just a glorified gambler

At the end of the day and you know as somebody that’s at the poker table i’m gonna put my chips when i think i got the the most attractive hand right and uh right now i think i’m looking at a situation where it’s gonna be like shooting fish in a barrel it already is like shooting fish in a barrel it’s going to be a lot more like shooting fish in a barrel probably

In december if there’s more tax loss harvesting wood coming which there probably is because so many stocks are down huge that um you know there’s just certain markets like that but it’s not all stocks i want to be clear about that it’s not all stocks it’s not even all small caps it’s just a whole dang a lot of them okay and so we’ll see what happens guys that’s my

Uh video for the day much love as always and have a great day peace

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