Hi guys doin was what’s up this is your boy rich from wish to be live another beautiful day in paradise blue skies the sun is out the birds are chirpin and your boys a platinum 1000 in i am mastery academy the trading academy guys i’m so excited started this academy five months ago i started as a new guy not knowing anything about the academy started doing it

Part-time rich tv live is obviously my baby and i started doing this academy part-time five months ago just learning the basics learning the ropes and i really didn’t do anything for my first month in december i started to you know do a couple of videos and we had a couple people join and some of them have actually done quite well so congratulations to all the

Members members like nikolas members like to money who to manny i did a video with on tuesday and he made $30,000 in the last 45 days trading so i would say the number one trader and our team so far and it’s been a crazy ride you know i’ve been to a couple meetings i’ve been to a lot of zoom calls i’ve been on lots of seminars and i just been learning and so keep

Soaking in all the information soaking in all the information just soaking in all the information learning forex learning how to trade gold learning how to trade oil learning how to trade indexes trading sp500 the u.s. 30 the nasdaq 100 the uk 100 it’s been a wild ride and honestly i’m i still feel like a new guy just getting started still so much to learn now

They’ve added bob procter to the mix the man that i watch at least once a month in the secret huge fan of bob proctor and he’s a part of the academy too now so this is the fastest growing academy in the world this is the future the future is people will be making money trading on their phone forget the fact that we’re in a coronavirus and yeah now’s a great time

To be making money from your home this is the only way to go from unemployed to self-employed this is the only way i know of where you can make $50,000 a month residual or more by helping other people learn how to trade i’ve never seen anything like it i’m now a platinum 1000 thank you to my team it’s not even possible without you guys joining the squad most of

You are from youtube instagram twitter facebook some sort of social media platform hey how you doing bro in vancouver what’s up man are you doing an l so it is a huge huge huge accomplishment to be making a thousand a month residual i’ve never made residual income in my life not like this like i’ve had rental properties but never in my life was actually making

Residual income this is the first time in my life where i’m now able to make residual income and i absolutely love it i you you can get paid right into your account you can get paid in bitcoin you decide i decided to get paid in bitcoin i believe the price of bitcoin is going to go up i think it has a chance to double so i’m very excited about having bitcoin in my

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Account and getting paid in bitcoin every single week in the academy and growing to the point where when we have 500 members worldwide i could become a chairman or you could become a chairman if you bring in 500 people and i would be making $10,000 us a month residual that is a huge amount of money guys huge amount of money so i’m super excited to be part of this

Academy and thank you to my team and to everyone who has helped along the way all the way up from the top the top chairmen all the way down to the platinum 5000 splat him to thousands platinum 1000s platinum six hundreds platinum 150 s and everybody that’s new none of it would have been possible without you guys i am super super excited about my future i’m super

Excited about my goals and i’m excited about your guys futures i’m excited about your goals and if you guys want to learn how to trade and you want to learn how to generate residual income just email me rich tv live at i’ll send you all the details so you too can create financial freedom and you too can learn how to trade bitcoin gold oil forex indexes

Stocks you name it we do it platinum 1000 next stop platinum 2000 i’ll keep you guys updated as it happens this is your boy rich from rich tv live if you’re not winning you’re not watching we bring in the winners we bring them to you first not second not third not bip not 55th and not only do we bring you winners we’ve brought you a trading academy that can help

You 10x your trading game so if you want to make money in the markets and you want a 10x your trading game holler at your boy email me rich tv live at i will show you how you can not only become a better trader and trade within an academy with a team of professional traders that you can literally copy trade every single day friday to sunday six days a

Week 24 hours a day well you can also build a trading academy and teach and help others learn how to trade and generate financial freedom while helping others earn while they learn i love it thank you guys i appreciate you guys none of this is possible without you guys i’m gonna go back to work i’m always looking for winners i’m gonna go find the next winner and

Then the next winner and then the next winner i got a lot of members joining so i’m gonna go spend some time teaching them educating them helping them understand what this opportunity is and how they can not only make money trading which can create lots of freedom but how they can also make money by teaching others how to join the academy and teaching others how

To trade and you just don’t know you have no idea who could be the next person that could join your team you could find someone like me that joined your team and it helps you get ahead you could find someone like nafeez who is the guy that’s running canada has over 700 people on his team and is making over $20,000 a month in one year residual what’s up cali how

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You doing anil thank you kylie i appreciate it and they’ll says you would need quite a few rental properties to put a thousand u.s. in your pocket after expenses this sounds way better rich correct yeah well you know what i think this is great i think rental incomes are great too i’m not here to say which one is better but i love this academy because it’s given

Our members a place where they can grow where they can develop and they can grow and to me that is the most important thing after the cannabis sector crash where so many members got hurt including myself i decided i needed to make a change this was the change the perfect change for me and it made all the difference in the world and i already see the results i’m

Way better as a trader i’m way more patient i’m way more of a sniper and a ninja trader i just take my time i’m staying in cash and i wait for opportunities it’s already made me more money and it’s made me ten times the trader i would love to work with you and help you become a better trader too and provide you with more opportunities if you like to join i’ll send

You my email address and i’d love to work with you guys and i’d love to train with you guys i’d love to trade with you guys and i’d love to help you build your business robert says hi rich it’s such a pleasure watching you thank you for everything you do for us hey men i just love life man i love life and i love challenges and i love attacking my goals and i love

Working hard i’ve never been afraid of working hard you know so joining this academy was a challenge and i’m not gonna say mission accomplished but i’m extremely extremely happy about attaining you know my third rank in the company now in five months my third promotion in the company now in five months $1,000 us month residual income which gets paid to me in

Bitcoin every single week and i’m not stopping there guys i want more and i’m excited about your goals i’m excited about helping you guys achieve your goals whatever those goals are i want to help you achieve your goals you want to become a better trader you want to make more money trading i want to help you you want to build the trading academy you want to build

A big business you want to generate residual income i want to help you so if that sounds good to you and you’re singing at home and your coach trying to play with your thumbs thinking about things to do join the academy guys it’s a no brainer okay it’s simple it’s like 200 bucks to join and it’s going to help you change your game and i got members in the academy

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Making thousands of dollars a day lots making hundreds of dollars a day some of them are brand new already making fifty to a hundred dollars a day brand new people you can too all you gotta do is email me i’ll show you how you guys can join and then we go from there then we get to work is your boy rich or miss to be live like i said if you’re not winning you’re

Not watching platinum 1000 next stop platinum 2000 thank you guys for your support thank you guys for everyone joining if you like this video smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere is your boy rich wish to be live i’m going back to work start to trade with the squad you want to trade with your boy you want to trade with the squad you

Want to earn while you learn you want to win you want to go from unemployed to self-employed let’s go mo peace analysis count me in bro you always call winners like a boss hey thank you bro douglas says sup for rich he’s blessed hey respect douglas thank you man elle racino says hey rich how you doing brother just joined this morning yes did you get my email so

I gave you an email on how to download metatrader for how to set up your money account and i need you to message me on whatsapp and on telegram so i can add you to all the groups introduce you to the squad and then i need you to call me when you have time luis and i’m gonna explain to you how you can start learning all the information in the back office i’m available

As soon as i’m done here by the way for you how to get all the information in the back office to start learning about forex how to get access to the harmonic scanner how to get access to your referral links so you can grow your business and how to trade with the metatrader4 so you can start putting in orders and as well we’re gonna have a training for anyone new

In two hours with rebecca smith in two hours we will have another training to help you guys get started for new people so anyone that’s new that’s just gone started like luis this morning i’d love to have you guys in the training it will be on in two hours so stay tuned and luis if you’re free give me a call message me on whatsapp message me on telegram i’ll add

You to the groups that would get you rolling my friend alright thank you for joining louise the rest of you guys let’s go man let’s go what are you guys waiting for all right i’m on for like the third time peace plan of 1,000 next stop platinum 2000 you can book it cuz guys like me you can’t hold a good thing down don’t even try cuz i’ll break through panem 1000 residual let’s go

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