Im not retreating…im buying

Im not retreating. Im buying the stock market crash.

Well folks it is a war out there yes it is a financial war in the stock market right now and uh the battle is getting fierce and uh i am buying and i’m getting the nukes ready let’s just put it like that okay um yeah we’ve seen what has happened today it is a dramatic day nasdaq at one point was down four and a half percent uh russell hasn’t been that bad to be

Quite honest it’s kind of like it’s a bad day but not like super bad right the nasdaq’s really been the one that’s been getting tore up youtube related stocks anything that is popular on youtube has gotten absolutely decimated here today and i am not retreating i am buying okay and i’m getting uh everything already in line uh to get already okay first off here

Bought two thousand shares of the chef here today eleven dollars and eighteen cents for the chef yeah you bought the chef for 11 here today look at this stock okay i mean this is extraordinary uh you know at one point today i believe it was under a 900 million dollar market cap for the chef like you know you know you start kind of being lost for words i guess you

Can say and that’s best way i could describe it uh yeah 10 94 technically 1089 was the low here today 10 and 89 cents for the chef the hottest food company in the whole world is trading at 10 you know you can’t make this stuff up that’s what’s going on right now in the market next to buy i placed out there 4 000 shares of hnst today uh that was filled at five

Dollars and 75 cents for honest it’s a stock that has been devastated recently um here today the lucky thing if we can call it that okay the lucky thing for honest is it’s not a youtube stock it’s one i’ve been buying for the last few months but it hasn’t become a quote unquote youtube stock yet and so therefore honest didn’t have to feel the wrath of the massive

Youtube stock sell-off here today which is why you see honest only down one percent here today now uh you know obviously i i bought it not at the lows but i got a you know what i believe is really really good pricing on this stock uh at the lows here today was at 5 54. but yeah you would expect with honest you would have thought with how much so many of these other

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Stocks are down 10 11 12 you would have thought honest would be down massively today but it’s just not and the reason being is once again it’s not caught up into the youtube cycle and so therefore it honestly saved on us today and you don’t want to know another stock just like that one that you know is is is in that same realm oh and by the way we don’t call it

Oatly anymore we call it goatly okay goatly it has been blessed to not have been caught up into the youtube space yet this is one i’ve been buying for the last month or two as it’s gone just through the floor um but it hasn’t really become a quote unquote youtube stock and that’s great for oatley because it it didn’t get caught up into this vicious cycle today i

Mean think about how bad the market’s been today think about how much the nasdaq’s been down and for the goat lee to be up up on that sort of day that is outperformance on out performance there okay it did hit 611 at the lows but look at that it’s green now green okay uh extraordinary from goatley there next one up here about 9 000 shares of the planet here today at

Two at two dollars and forty four cents yes two dollars and forty four cents for the planet the market cap on the planet here today hit 481 million dollars okay under a half a billion dollar mark cap that’s something i didn’t even think we’d get a chance um to i didn’t think i would ever get a chance to buy this stock under a half a billion dollar market cap again

I thought yeah i could see it falling under a billion i can see it getting a 700 mil something like that maybe 600 mil but uh yeah under under a half a billion is just pretty extraordinary when you consider the revenues this company has the profitability that’s going to build out for this business model and you know everything they they have going for themselves

It’s absolutely extraordinary okay so let’s spend a moment now that we know what i just bought out there let’s let me spend a moment just talking about why i’m not retreating why i’m buying um so my thoughts on this right is why retreat like like why sell because it could go down more like like this is this is the cycle you get into when the stock market’s down

Trending and when it’s going down right and especially when you get a capitulation day like today and let’s be quite frank friday was a capitulation day today was an extreme capitulation day you don’t see stock after stock after stock down 10 11 12. a lot of there were there were big stocks i saw they were down i think square was down what was it 12 13 percent or

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Something like that today look at paypal’s price action day look at tesla stock like look at the pricing action going on out there it’s nothing short of extraordinary to be honest this is a full-blown capitulation day where folks just said as soon as basically the market opened it was a run through the gates and like people had their you know selling everything

In mass and then i don’t know if margin calls happen or things like that uh you know the options market probably got really really messy today and meanwhile meanwhile in this situation right who loves this big huge money loves this right the folks that have billions of dollars and you know there’s always trillions of dollars on the sideline they love this man

I mean they get to pick up shares left and right at 52-week lows all-time lows left and right in who do you think’s buying all these stocks here today okay guess what for every time somebody goes and sells a stock somebody’s on the other side buying us that stock as well right and volume went crazy retail likely sold in mass today based upon the pricing action in

Certain stocks that are popular retail stocks right those ones way way uh basically underperformed the market here today and so retail ran for the exits from basically the open on and here we are with who’s picking up these shares i guarantee you it’s big money who thinks on the other side of these trades do you think that somebody goes in you know sells um you

Know a thousand shares of square stock there’s somebody on the other side buying it who do you think is buying it who do you think is buying it big money’s buying it and um it’s unfortunate because folks are just you know they’re selling and they’re asking questions later and it’s it’s it’s honestly sad to see it’s sad to see because you know everybody has been

Trained or most people have been trained by the depth right if you see a stock trading at a ridiculous price you buy the dip and what are a lot of folks choosing to do i’m down huge on this stock it’s dipped huge not only do i not want to buy but i want to sell and that’s a whole different situation and you know you can make up diff different reasons all i’m going

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To try to time the market get in get out blah blah blah okay there’s a million different reasons that you can make up in your head to basically not buy the dip right and so here we are at this moment a massive capitulation day and um it was a run for the exits it’s like you ever seen the the running of the bulls in spain where they they let the bulls go and they

Start chasing after the guys that are boom you know that’s what it was today in the stock market um but the question is you got to ask yourself like who who are the people in this situation they were getting stampeded by the bulls and who were the bulls right because like i said all these stocks the volume went insane on them today okay you know look at the planet

Over 2x of the daily volume guys we got three hours left in the trading day there’s three hours after the trading day as i’m recording this and we’re double up the average volume okay and it’s not every stock’s like that guys check out the chef here today 2.4 million shares have traded hands here today 2.4 million and once again we have three you know roughly three

Hours left in the trading day from the time i’m recording this i mean that’s nothing short of extraordinary so we we have a massive you know run for the exits and meanwhile there’s somebody on the other side picking up all these shares all these shares just buying buying buying acquiring acquiring and um yellow it’s unfortunate that’s all i got to say about it it

Is what it is man so anyways guys if you want some free stocks get some free stocks from moomoo you can get five free stocks valued up to thirty five hundred dollars from the professional trading platform there make sure you download hungry bowl on your ios and android store we’re we’re going into earnings season now and we we allow you to listen to earnings calls

Right through the app for whatever stock you want to listen to so it’s pretty darn cool make sure you download that much love as always and have a great day more content coming

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