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Hello there ladies and gentlemen i just wanted to update you on a couple subjects guys one beam i just opened up a snapchat account like literally yesterday so i now have a snapchat so at the end of this video there’s going to be the little icon so if you want to take a screenshot of that or whatever i guess you can add me that way i’m like brand new to snapchat

So like i’m in like beginner beginner beginner stage like i’m watching like snapchat videos on youtube is only try to learn it i send no freaking clue what i’m doing on there but what the goal is i’m also got it in the description bar of the the name of my snapchat is called financial ed snack all one word financial head snap but the goal is with the snapchat is

Well obviously with youtube this is my main platform this is where i post all the content that’s really valuable and whatnot twitter i kind of like that platform i kind of like do more updates i kind of like show videos before they come out not like actually show the video but i’ll show like a screenshot of the video like a day before it comes out especially with

The big videos i let you know when it’s coming out what not on twitter and then the snapchat what am i try to use snapchat for is when i want to like do just like a quick video or something on a subject that i just want to talk call for like 10 seconds or whatever if i fee like some merger happen or something i could just snap chat real quick and let you guys know

What my opinion is on it or whatever you know things that i don’t want to like fill up this channel with bunch of 10 and 20 second clips and things like that so what i just want something to save the world i can do it on their guy so that’s to go with the snapchat add me if you want if not that’s cool if you don’t even have a snapchat and then the second sub that’s

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The main subject is the book the book is coming around really nicely finally it’s busy months in the making it’s a pain in the ass to write a book like straight up if you’ve ever written like a real book you know what i’m talking about i’m not hiring any publishers or anybody to proofread things i’m doing it all myself i’m doing a hundred percent of the work on

This book and as i told you guys my goal with the book is to make it the best value pop like like easily the best ten dollars you’ll ever spend in your life is this book like that’s what i’m trying to create here so i was originally just going to tell you my whole investing like my whole investing philosophy like in the book and now we’re going to cover the whole

Book and i think that’s a great value in itself you know if you’re curious about my investing style and what the modern long-term investing style is the one to three years and all the things i actually pay attention to it stuff that i can never cover in one video the video would be like a day long i mean this is this is taken me months to write this but i got that

In a book then i got another section then basically i’m going to talk about big issues and i’m going to go into depth on my opinion on some big issues facing the world and i’m going to share more in depth on this book and like actually tell you more things about it when the time comes for the book to actually be released i don’t want to go and tell you what your

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Stuff before the book even comes out and i delete stuff because i’ve delete the entire chapters i written an entire chapter took like a week to do and i deleted it because i thought it was irrelevant and i kind of gets me my other biggest point people wrote that write books like sometimes i think like the bigger the book to better if it’s a 200 page book all i

Mean it’s a great book if it’s 250 pages a great book i kind of think that’s bs if you can make a 50 75 page book which is what i’m trying to do and it’s great and it’s not a bunch of waste at pages in there that’s the best book ever because you’re not wasting people’s time she’s no different in this channel i can make 45 minute videos in our video my goal is to

Try to fit a ton of information in a eight minute to 15 minute video if i can do that then i’m succeeding and then the last thing i’m putting in the book the third section is actually a definition section so i’m going to cover tons of stock market terms like we’re talking probably 100 200 maybe 300 different stock market terms which is going to be super helpful

For you beginners out there in the stock market whoever you do if you buy the book all those terms will be covered in the book in that and i’m not just like in our copy paste definitions from the dictionary i’m actually going to tell you my definition of it and explain the word choice is going to be my word choice versus a dictionary’s word choice because what if

I what i’ve learned in life is there’s one thing i’m good at like its ability to explain a subject and people would be able to understand it when somebody else explains it they lost and when i explain it they suddenly get it so that’s my gift if i have anything like so that’s why i decided put in that section i think that’s just another great value to you guys and

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Hopefully you’ll be able to understand a lot of different terms and if you’re ever it’s all going to be alphabetical so if you’re ever like what is it what is such a such term where you hear a video on he was a pop open your book right there and you can look at and what not it’s going to be an ebook by the way so that covers that guy’s i’m trying my hardest to keep

The book as slim as possible trying to keep only relevant information in there i’m trying not to waste just right to right guys i’m like everything every word in that book every sentence every paragraph every chapter is literally going to be useful it’s not going to be just like me just writing to write because i want a 200 page book or whatever guys so that’s my

Goal i’m hoping i think it’s realistic i can have it out within a month i probably got a week to two weeks more of actually writing and then i gotta do all proofreading and checked out chapters and maybe delete things and delete paragraphs and sentences and things like that guy so that’s going to take another couple weeks and then i got actually good on amazon

Or whatnot so it’s a long process i’m expecting probably to have it done with that a month so we’ll see i’m going to try for that but anyway i just want to cover that with you guys today a little update video i’m on snapchat the books come in great and anyways not too much else to talk about the stock market news recap video that’s coming up tomorrow so i hope you

Guys enjoy that thank you for watching and have a great day

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Im on Snapchat! Book Update! By Financial Education

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