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Anything happening around the world has impact on India, so it’s definite to have an impact of US election on Indian Economy. Let’s understand whether it’s going to be good or bad for us.

Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls welcome back to finance tube your friend and finance guru musharraf kurt committed to improve your understanding of financial topics with each video this video we talked about the impact of recent us elections on indian economy wait a minute what are we talking about usa is on the other side of the world how can it impact indian

Economy to those guys let me tell you we live in an interconnected world okay anything happening anywhere around the world does have an impact we need to analyze by the positive or negative and in summary what does it mean now donald trump winning election there is a global debate some people say it is good it is bad we are not here to take sides we are here to learn

Okay he is a president so what next so next his friends we have to understand what is his stand and his team stands toward our country so let me give you the negative side firsts in effect i see two things happening one is the h-1b visas which he has talked about so many times in his election speeches that is unfair towards america now here we have a president who

Is very very america centric and he won the election just because he was able to read the american sentiment very very closely okay so he’s gonna pay her american so the h-1b visa if scrapped our 62 billion dollars exports to usa in terms of software becomes a big question secondly he has said that the corporate rate of taxation in usa might come down from thirty

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Five percent to fifteen percent now of course un we can’t speculate and argue numbers the whole day but we can’t decide he can decide so going by his election speech we can say that if that happens that hits us why because your ford and your general motors and all of them will rush back to america and try to make in america and our making india may suffer so these

Are the two broad negative impacts let’s talk about something positive okay trump has always seen pakistan as one nation which is semi stable and a safe haven for terrorists and because he is going to take very offensive move against terrorism we can say that the ties between india and us will increase on the defense front and the defense business between india

And us may go on that’s one positive secondly another space where trump has seen an opportunity where india can be developed because trump sees china in a very very so to say negative light because in his speeches he has always mentioned that china is a currency manipulator and number one adversary to usa so having said that he may look at india as a person or

As a country which can create a balance between growing chinese economy in the south asian region third area he has said that he has always been impressed by indian entrepreneurs and students so while employees going to usa under h-1b visa may become difficult but trump has always said that he would like to whom or students from india and more entrepreneurs from

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India so ladies and gentlemen this is my summary of what could be the impact of us elections on indian economy i would like to have your views on the same and you can post your use in the comment sections of this video and if you haven’t subscribed till now please subscribe today itself our channel finance to oil versus gold now many a times a lot of people when

They travel in the train in bus or when they meet each other in the flight there is a constant debate going on what is happening to the oil price what is happening to the bold price you

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